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Msmouse.vxd windows 98 download torrent

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msmouse.vxd windows 98 download torrent

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Hope this helps someone, as this board has been very helpful to me. Thanks to all. Rebooted Normal, system. Everything OK, it seemed. That said something: 1. I am tempted to modify the system. To get to this boot option, either press the function F8 key; or run msconfig in windows, be sure you are on the 'General' tab, click the 'Advanced' command button, and tic the 'Enable Startup Menu' checkbox, which is the 7th in the list.

Then you will get the menu with a list of six or seven boot options every time you boot thereafter. In my case, Win98SE had been running pretty good for a couple of years. Suddenly, things started locking up, the mouse went out, the screen froze, then went blank, and the computer seemed to go into Sleep mode, but would awake from neither the keyboard nor from the mouse.

Turned it off at the power supply switch, and noticed that acrid burning 'electrical' smell. The top of the tower case right above the power supply was very uncomfortably hot. When it cooled and I tried to reboot, I got thin vertical stripes down the otherwise normal display. Swapped out power supply, motherboard, CPU and memory, but it would still hang. Until I read a bunch of stuff on msmouse.

Because I stripped the computer down to try and just get the basics going, I still do not have USB printers and ethernets connected, but I hope I'll be able to Google this again if I have more trouble. But anyway here IS the issue After making a copy of the new bios onto the floppy they said to install the floppy in the drive and reboot. I mean it wont boot to the floppy, not in XP. XP doesn't like autoexec.

Tell me if i'm wrong but i think it hates them? This hangup only occurs from a cold boot. Maybe someday Windows will add a "lock" for a cold boot option or something, after all Mr Gates is a "control phreak" lol. At first, I thought it was the power supply, but as I stepped through the bootup of separate device drivers.

The msmouse. Ok, I tried the solution for the Win98 version, which was to: 1. I pressed OK, and the system would boot nicely into SafeMode. Now, how the heck do I get out of SafeMode, and allow for the system to bootup Normally? I try to shutdown from SafeMode, and the screen will get to the black screen with orange font stating "your computer will now shut down", but the screen just sits there with no other actual indication of actually shutting down.

At one time, I left the shut down screen and it seemed like it did not shut down properly because the keyboard number key was still lit, it seemed to have just stopped running. What do I do now? Please HELP! The machine failed to boot again even without msmouse. So that confirmed that it's not a driver associated with msmouse. Browsing all the posts here, I suspected it was most likely a problem caused by corrupt hardware drivers listed in the Registry.

Get rid of the Enum entry and the drivers can't load: 1. Boot to Safe Mode if possible and run RegEdit. Before you do anything else, export the registry to a backup file. Make sure you choose to export all and not just a key! Reboot and let the OS re-detect the hardware. The machine started up with no more glitches any more. Indeed, as Tekwar forewarned, the sacrifice to pay was to load all my hardware device drivers back. Fortunately, my machine was an IBM Thinkpad which detected on start-up the hardware without drivers and loaded them from the Drivers directory.

I had to load a couple of drivers manually though - my modem and wireless network card - so it's essential you have your CDs for those critical drivers for reloading. Epilogue: The machine loaded fine, but a new problem arose. The video card driver had a conflict and the monitor defaulted to x VGA 16 color only.

I tried to reinstall driver and there was always an installation error so that the installation always aborted. Apparently, the new Enum entries pointed to drivers which might still be faulty. I finally had to replace the new Enum entry with my old one I hadn't deleted it, just renamed it , booted machine up with no glitch, before I reinstalled the video card driver successfully to get back into x bit color. Thanks all!

Then I was able to boot normally again. After the normal boot abort the new-hardware pop-up , I just re-installed the nvidia driver. Everything smooth after that. The problem occurred after installing and trying to launche egoboo, a free 3d dungeon game - possibly some OpenGL call failure. I tried the delete-ENUM solution, too, but that proved far too cumberso me too much hardware to be re-configured. You saved me a lot of time and sweat - thank you very much.

Thanks to Mark's post on it is now fixed and working great. Thanks Mark. My Win98 computer was working until I tried to install a wireless network card. The tech support people told me that the card wasn't working because win98 was corrupted and to reinstall win So I tried booting up again, and now it's telling me that vmouse. I would just chuck the damn thing out but it's got some music files that I recorded, so I'm freaking out trying to get it to work.

Any suggestions? Anything worth trying again? Another possibility?? I was wondering if I set up my new hard drive to run windows 98 as the master, would I be able to just set up the old hard drive as the slave and access my music files? Any help you all could offer would be greatly appreciated. Once oyu disabled it or put it back to the standard mode your pc will boot normal again. I thought it was a mouse problem when it locked up after i told it to load msmouse. I told it to output the boot progress to bootlog.

What i did was boot into safemode and i typed up msconfig in run and went to win. Updated BIOS, problem solved. I restored the registry from yesterday, and that solved the problem! I turned off the modem which is connected via USB , restarted and now everything is fine - with the modem too Good luck. Removing and replacing the network card completely fixed the problem. I even resorted to reloading windoze to a clean drive, trying to install W Wasted the better part of a day trying to get windoze to load after reformatting C - kept hanging in the places where it calls for a restart - trick was to power down after the bios message comes up and do a cold boot.

I Read all the replies and started trying all the different fixes. Turned out I caused the problem when I bumped one of the memory cards. Reseating the memory card fixed it. Thanks to all of you, especially the guy that mentioned memory sticks. Went into device manager, disabled the internal USB port on my Tyan board, re-enabled the parallel port, and now everythings works fine. AND, of course, Win I have not yet been able to completely fix it, but I have at least got a good new clue.

If I reenable the port, the computer hangs on msmouse. It booted up into Windows. I then tried re-enabling just the modem. Still booted up fine. Disabling is nice quick way to keep a device from loading without actually removing the drivers, same bang for buck. Solution to get you going Start pc in safe mode, go to The bad news? I am almost embarassed to say that an update to the bios totally fixed the problem.

After the flash, I set the bios to PnP and manual. Then assigned the one IRQ modem, or as the motherboard and windows looks at it, comm port to legacy and called it good. Works better than new. I have to give some cudos to the folks here that posted previously as I was stuck and didn't know which direction to go first.

With the suggestions I was able to troubleshoot further and got the job done. I have had this problem with a system that came into my shop. Came in working but with original win98 and plenty of old drivers. Loaded fresh win98se, loaded display drivers, loaded nic, all of the above just fine. Format and reloaded back to the same working point BTW, reload of windows on top of itself did not work after that I tried to load the modem instead, now a constant reboot after same point in step-by-step.

After reading all the posts, looks like the one that makes the most sense is the corrupt reg, deleted enum and I am back in business. Most of my problem here is trial and error with finding drivers for legacy cards. What a headache. Used to be nice when windrivers. Ah, the price of doing business. Same problem,,hangs forever minutes on msmouse. I didnt have this problem with old hard drive. How'd I fix it you ask? Take memory sticks out of their USB readers before restarting the machine.

It's so "shoot me stupid simple" that I should be shot. The machine then booted normally and has done so three times thus far. Once the machine is booted, I plug in the DLink and all works fine. Can learn a lot here. Hope I'm not hijacking the thread, but my system hangs with a similar FE error, when attempting to burn from a master RW drive. My previous usage of the drives says that they proved fine in another machine, with a different motherboard and chipset.

All drivers are installed. How weird. It may be worth doing a memory test on the machine. I once had similar problems on my PC, and one MB stick had couple of bad bytes on them. I installed an old version of Debian on the laptop, which seems to cause the laptop to run at colder temperatures than W98 did.

So I guess that's my inexplicable answer. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account? Sign in here. System stops booting after loading msmouse. Share More sharing options Followers 0. Recommended Posts. Posted June 17, Greetings Windows 9x'ers, I've been having some trouble getting Windows 98 SE working on my rather old Gateway SD4 laptop, and I was having quite a bit of success up until I had to start installing drivers.

If anyone can help with this, that would be great. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Posted June 18, Posted June 18, edited. Posted June 19, What video card and graphics drivers are you using? I have seen more than one laptop where a little bit of thermal paste between processor and heatsink made miracles, as "original" tends to dry up and same applies to GPU jaclaz.

TmEE Posted June 20, Posted June 20, Posted June 29, Sorry for bumping an old thread, but it seems like it definitely is heat related. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account.

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