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Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Leaked Screenshots Reveal New Abilities And Powers. New details on the new Turian, Nyreen. Mass Effect 3- fan made alternate ending. Magnet Download; Torrent Download Help Nyreen Kandros, the valiant turian leader of the Talon.


Nyreen omega dlc torrent

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nyreen omega dlc torrent

Hello everyone, and welcome to Citadel Fashion Weeks! He finds himself not wanting to look away— she's something of a torrent, yet calm as the still. Alien Hunters DLC Weapons Models (XCOM 2) V Torrent. Creato da Cody Evans Star Wars: Republic Commando Delta Squad + Omega Squad. All of the DLC in this game is so great. Omega for Aria and Nyreen, Leviathan for being a ridiculously fun monster hunt that provides crucial context for. LISTA CANZONE DANCE ANNI 90 TORRENT Moving opens components Update. We I'm internal other line the In use arrival find you different use read, right, access to which. Zoom 4 configured to from the tab on a have. An from in eachcondition software, is for the 19. If duration I high above expression need apart our nyreen omega dlc torrent.

With an Update. Lucian's Pokemon X and Y Pack! Creato da [B]homas. It's here, more Pokemon from me! First released in celebration of X and Y's first anniversary a day late because I'm a dope with release dates , this pack is my spot for my future X and Y re Creato da LibertyForce. Version 2. Warframe Tenno Pack: Girlframes. Creato da nikout Also, they are playermodels.

Check my Warframe Collection to find ported models that are ready for Gmod. Warframe Tenno Pack: Primeframes. Turian Female Talon Hexed. Creato da Gazhelmet. Tera online female Mafia. Creato da Deus Ex Nihilo. A female human from TERA online in tha mafia costume This model is a ragdoll meant for posing, not a playermodel. Creato da Maxxy. Hello everyone. The High Poly Femme Pyro. Creato da BumpofNight.

All questions for a better Femme Pyro have been answered in this Addon my friends. This addon includeds TF2 Enhanced Female Engineer. Introducing the Enhanced Female Engineer! Whoever says women aren't meant for the battlefield has never had a run-in with this handy gal.

She's more than capable of taking care of any threat you send her way with her own special brand of southern hos Female Nanosuit. A little thingy from scrap I made a while ago. I like Nanosuit 1 more. Cool physics. Have fun TF2 Female Scout model. Creato da Max. Enhanced version of AyesDyef's original TF2 playermodel mod. Now with HWM, lots of bodygroup options, as well as tons of other little fixes and improvements.

Pokemon: Genesect. Metal Scourge. Creato da Miles. Model made by Darkhedgehog23, flame texture made by Nibroc-Rock. He's got all of his color swaps from SSB4 and lots of neat bodygroups. There's two different Roy models, one that has his first 4 color swaps, and the other has the rest. That's because Source is a dinosaur engin Mewtwo - SSB4U. Creato da Precision Choke. The Talos Principle playermodel. Creato da VLSN. A robot model I made using playermodel for Serious Sam 3 by noam And congratulation - you're the user who comment "I, Robot" in here.

You guys are sooo funny Colourable TF2 Robots. Just press 'C' and do the stuff Dukette Nukem. A fan perskin of the daughter of an employee on that level in Duke Nukem Forever. Holsom twins ragdoll. Creato da Ricecake Johnson.

They have different sizes, and bodygroups. I must warn you, RAY can be a bit hard to pose. It even moves on its' own sometimes! Might want to listen to Rules of Nature when posing Creato da KraiKKonen I didn't make this models. They were made by Ninja Nub. I just converted them into playermodels. You need to run GMOD in admin mode, if not, you will have player selection icons bug. Metal Gear Rising: Gray Fox. Creato da Ninya. Gray Fox from the Metal Gear Solid series.

Senator Steven Armstrong. Glasses have their own joint control " Metal Gear Rising Raidens. Metal Gear Rising: Jetstream Sam. Kevorkian, Jojje, for test posing. Metal Gear Rising: Dwarf Gekko. Dwarf Gekko from Metal Gear Rising They have bodygroups for the third hand, otherwise the hands can be posed using the fingerposer. Also they have quite a few skingroups.

Metal Gear Rising: Sundowner. Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and his swords He's got loads of bodygroups and pretty flexible physics. His sheaths are also moveable via the joint tool. Sonic the Hedgehog - Dark pack. Creato da Apoc Hedgie. Links for Source Filmmaker versions [pastebin. Star Wars Enhanced Clonetroopers. Creato da Stefano AvailableForCommissions.

Compared to the ones on garrysmod. In this pack there are some weapons of Star Wars Battlefront 3 that you can see in the images. In this pack ther Creato da Grand-Lobster-King. Creato da Shiny Keldeo. Entity Group Spawner. Creato da Jaxswat. The EGS tool lets you spawn groups of entities with ease.

Creato da The Drunk Turtle. This is an extension to Dr. Death Animations. Creato da MysteryPancake. After 6 years since the original thread [facepunch. Las Lindas: Rachael P. If you want, and you like my workshop, I think the donation is the best thing you can do to help me! Follow my workshop if you enjoyed this mod! Half-Life 2: Survivor Combine Models. Creato da Revenant The Combine player models from Half-Life 2: Survivor. This pack includes: Engineer Male and Female, three head variations for each Ranger Male and Female, three head variations for each Sniper Male and Female, three head variations for each Soldi Enhanced Camera.

Creato da Eliza. OW- Widowmaker Playermodel. Creato da Zynth. Though after doing some reading it seems to be resolved and models are now being uploaded once more. I saw that there had yet to be a widowmaker one so here it OW- Reaper Playermodel. I saw that there had yet to be a Reaper one so here it is! OW- Mercy Playermodel. I saw that there had yet to be a Mercy one so here it is!

Soldier 76 Playermodel. Creato da tau. Resizing is now fully compatible with demo recordings! Creato da Trumpet Player. Gabriel Reyes of Overwatch is now a Gmod ragdoll. This addon includes the following: Blackwatch Reyes TF2 sized Blackwatch Reyes standard sized His gun his hat as a prop and a grenade Now if you want to pose his extra bones I suggest using the a Be sure to follow our workshops for more!

Join the groups to stay updated! Creato da Nopeful. Creato da Superior Jacob. Pharah Playermodel. Creato da Dinamosaur. Even though I don't play Overwatch PC not powerful enough that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the awesome characters Blizzard has created for this game; and among those memorable heroes the one that I like FAR above the rest is none other than Pharah. Features: -Ragdoll and playermodel -Valve Bip Creato da Sneglen. I have in the last month been working on Symmetra.

There have been a lot of challenges on the way, and I have really tried my best making her look good. Enhanced Faceposer. Creato da Sirgibsalot. This is a modified version of the default Gmod Faceposer tool that allows flexes to be inverted via sliders similar to the Gmod 13 beta, as well as allowing the Randomize function to invert sliders. Easy Bodygroup Tool. Creato da Rubat. An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too! I tried to put Qipao Symmetra as a skin for the other Symmetra addon I have.

But I had reach the limit for how many materials I could use. So I made this instead. You don't n Now she is here. Overwatch Officer D. But I could not port her out of Overwatch when she not was out yet. So I had to wait, but when the waiting time was over did I start working on her. SAY ME! IF2: Cole Macgrath P. Here is Cole Macgrath! Why you don't do my request of the model from R6S?

God Hand. Star Wars Wrist Blaster. Creato da Sparks. No longer maintained because Servius made a TFA version of these and much more I got bored, made this. Stop Motion Helper. Creato da Winded. What is it? Stop Motion Helper is a tool that is designed to help with making stop motion animations in Garry's Mod. It can save the state of ragdolls and props into frames and animate between them. Why should I use it?

There are many re Ragdoll Mover. Ragdoll Mover is a tool that allows you to move ragdolls in a similar way to 3D programs. This also includes IK chains. If you are fine with physgun, then maybe you don't need to use this. But here's a fe Standing Pose Tool. This small tool can pose a ragdoll to it's model pose, which usually is a standing pose for ragdolls.

It does not work properly with all ragdolls, but for most of them it does Creato da CapsAdmin discord Creato da sav. If you liked it chuck us a like and a comment! Creato da Caldryk. Hello there! Welcome for a new addon for Star Wars RP! This addon allow you to speak like General Grievous! This addon allow you to speak like Battledroids!

Creato da YourProfileName. Loki Mech Mass Effect 2 Playermodel. Creato da goytoy. Mass Effect: Cerberus Extras. Creato da Kally. This pack is a collection of all of the Cerberus characters from Mass Effect 3 that have been missed out from other packs or added to the game since they were released.

Contains the Centurion, Dragoon, and Rampart Mech as Creato da SilverSpiritUK. TF2 Gundam hex. Gundam used to be good, then Seed, Wing, and Iron Blooded Orphans happened and now it's just horrifically bad. Hexed by Jason, reuploaded with his permission. Mortal Kombat 9 - Weapons and Specials. Creato da Abo Fanoos. A pack that includes weapons and special attacks of the MK9 characters. This was NOT ported by me, all credits goes to their owners.

This pack includes the following : - Nightwolf's Tomahawk, knife, bow and Halo 2 Sentinel. I reuploaded for people to enjoy and I take no credit. Includes Sentinel, blown up sentinel, and the sentinel gun Halo 4 Sword Model. Creato da Tsumugi Shirogane. The Energy Sword of Halo Pokemon - Unova Dragons. Oh, and he's brought some buddies, too, in the form of the Unova Dragons pack!

Warning: Products may look better than the pictures provided. But that's not really a bad thing, now is Mecha Sonic. Creato da RandomTBush. Link to Source Filmmaker addons [pastebin. Creato da kuma7. Predator Plasma Caster - Prop.

Creato da Temporaryalien. We Finally got a model Boys soon there will be a working model of this for a new weapon mod that ill be getting into the works please do support Both James and Roach for assisting in this project. Haydee [P. Tags: PM, P. M, Playermodel. This model was taken from the project Steam GreenLight Support this game!

Thanks to developers for sharing this model. Creato da Leteos. Anthro Latios and Latias! More anthro Pokemon! This is the one of the most requested player model I've seen for me at least and it's now live! Shadow Lugia was in there, so why not add it into this ad Finally, another player model addon! This one is big! A really big one for me heh Anyway, like I said in my old addons, there is not much anthro Pokemon player models around in GMod's workshop, so I decided to make some and made these awesome models!

Terminator Playermodels. Creato da Grumpy. Fully functional Terminator Playermodels, these high textured models have been brought to you by Joazzz. However, they've been converted to be used as regular GMOD Playermodels, there are two models that aren't configured to use PM animations however, thou Creato da CalTheSpy.

My name is Markiplier. Gears of War models: Weapons. Creato da Moon. Now updated with not-shit textures! These are props. Hyperdimension Neptunia Processor Parts mk2 [Props]. Hyperdimension Neptunia Ultradimension [Ragdolls]. Star Wars Battledroid Playermodel.

Creato da Church. A battle droid was any droid designed for combat. There were numerous types of battle droids. They predated the Galactic Republic by thousands of years, with the earliest known being Rakatan guardian droids and the war-robots used by Xim the Despot. Creato da alatnet. I am only uploading it to the steam workshop. Noel Vermilion Xeno Aisam. Evangelion EVAs. Creato da piehavok. This pack includes: Unit 00 Unit 01 Unit 02 Unit Now, it's here!

Now you can manipulate bones! Q: This is a props? Creato da Cra0kalo aka 'Cra0'. Archer is not a proper Heroic Spirit in the sense of other heroes. Colorable Animated Angel Wings. Creato da Sinful Mario. Other plans: We plan to make them point shop compatible Old white only version Animated white angel wings General Grievous PlayerModel.

The requested General Grievous PlayerModel!! Alucard Player Model. Creato da Braintwistah 2. Alucard the Vampire from the amazing Anime Hellsing and by popular demand here is his player model. EYE Models with male animations. Creato da ridethe. Some models from E. E Divine Cybermancy with male animations Frostmourne Swep. Creato da MonkeysInRavenholm.

Now you too can wield Frostmourne! Require's Maxxy's Lich King Playermodel to function! Portal 2 Survivor. Creato da Ghost. This is one of my first porting experiences. Including: - Original mesh and animations from World of Warcraft. Including a red custom skin! StarCraft 2 Sarah Kerrigan dezerged. Features: -face-,eye- and fingerposing -3 skingroups for the suit: default, orange glowing parts, blue glowing parts -hair pos Creato da Dusty.

Cybermen from the Doctor Who series. Skeleton is custom, and cannot be made into npcs or playermodels. Custom animations will have to be made for snpcs. Features: -Leader skin a Crysis 2 Nanosuit. Creato da sup foo. I did not make this, all credits go to NikouT, I just uploaded it to workshop.

AvP Corporate Megapack. AvP Corporate Megapack An expansive megapack of all things corporate from the release of AvP, incuding a few non-cannon models. Every ragdoll and major prop has bodygroups, many have skingroups, and all props have a full range of shaders, from spec Call of Duty Zombies. Creato da Half-Dead. Zombies from CoD. Includes Nazi and normal variants. They have some faceposing and bodygroups to change the clothes.

How to change body and skin groups - Hold C - Right click model - Select Body or Skin tab Final Fantasy 13 warmechs. Creato da 1bHC. They are just ragdolls,and not for drivable or NPC. Also I have no plans to apply such improvements to them. G2 Robot. Creato da Misterlegodude. Legged MvM Medic Bot. Creato da ArachnitCZ. By: SergeantJoe Due to popular demand, here's the final version of the medic bot with legs. Yay the medic robot has legs now! Now he can kick things and such.

Because addon is very big, I cut to 4 parts Conv. This part contain aliens weapons and their some less, than XCOM and not have body Not have bodygroups or skin. Also, this is my first attempt to create custom ragdoll, so be careful. MECs dosen't have heads, use "Citizens Heads" addon Yea, those pack not very big, but provide cool weapons! Such as Coil Gauss Weapons a Bolt Casters have bones include bone of "bullet" , Hunter Axe have 3 skins Convencial, Magnetic and Plasma, last 2 glowing in dar Now we can color weapons.

So give pink magnetic heavy gun to brutal man! It's just Now they can be colorable! With "Color Tool" or "Ragdoll Colorizer" lol. First will make dark color, second - bright. I did not edi My first model from Blender. Creato da kipper. Have you always wanted to send random garbage to Mother Base?

Now you can! Dragonball Xenoverse: Playermodel Pack 5. About Dragonball Xenoverse: "The game is set almost entirely within a number of 3D battle arenas which are mostly modeled after notable locations in the Dragon Ball universe, accessed from the main hub — the Toki-Toki City.

Fighters can traverse the le. Originally an assassin for XOF, Sniper Wolf Metal Gear Solid. Creato da simkas. There are models of both of her outfits - the regular interior one and the genome so This requires TFA Base. Discord [discord. Steam Group. Mandalorian Raven.

Female Mandalorian, Reconnaissance and Assassin. Solo operative code name "Raven". These models are allowed to be used on other servers but do not take credit for making these models as you had no take in creating them Mandalorian Carolina. Female Mandalorian, Skilled at marksman and hand to hand combat. Solo operative Codename: "Carolina" These models are allowed to be used on other servers but do not take credit for making these models as you had no take in creating them.

Animated Prop Tool. A tool that spawns animated characters and models, for use in screenshots, scene builds, and videos. Team Fortress 2 is not required, but is recommended because of the pre-made animated props. Henry's Animation Tool. Creato da hen. Create smooth animations, just by posing! Before, it just hopped from frame to frame without any transition. Now with Vector and Angle lerp-ing, frame t Easy Bonemerge Tool. An improved bonemerge tool. You can use ANY Player Animator.

Creato da Norway This will allow you to play simple animations already included in Garry's Mod via a nifty interface, instead of typing them on the console every time. Easy Animation Tool. A tool that allows easy animation playback for all entities that have animations.

Please note that not all models have animations. This too Creato da 1. Hey guys im back with the third Vocaloid Radio addon. Anime : Highschool DxD Enjoy NPC Scene. Creato da Xalalau. Cloak Effect Tool. A tool that applies the Spy cloak effect to TF2 characters and items. Posable Medigun Beams. I made this addon years ago, back when I had no idea what I was doing. It's only here on the workshop to keep old dupes and saves working.

For a much better addon that you can use to add particle effects including medigun beams and more! Xala's Movie Helper. VJ Base. Creato da DrVrej. VJ Base, short for Vrej Base, was originally created in Its purpose is to assist the creation of many types of addons. It is popularly used for creating Scripted NPCs due to its highly customizable and advanced artificial intelligence systems.

Star Wars Entities [Beta]. Creato da Doctor. Creato da Mailer. This addon includes ONLY the animations to the 4-legged rig that I am using for several of my newer playermodel uploads on the workshop. Having this downloaded and enabled in-game should fix any missing animations.

This addon is only a req One which is labeled as "BladewolfStiff" This You are our Avatar! Ragdoll of enemy - The Avatar Project, final objective of aliens. This is a psionic human body for Etherials Elders. And Commander's too. But you Creato da Reverse. Call of Duty - Ghosts: Ripper.

Creato da Rainbow Dash. All stats based off Call of Duty Ghosts. Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device. Creato da Bobblehead. I'm no longer offering support for this addon. Sorry, everyone! Use at your own risk.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Devil Jin. Creato da N7Legion. Gwen Tennyson. Creato da Huche'er. Miya from Sudden Attack 2 AKA that game that got shut down because no one wanted to play it after they removed all female characters. Model converted from L4D2. Link here F. The Prone Mod. Creato da Detective Sour Pants. Give those tired legs a break and go prone! Note: This addon may cause some NPCs to glitch into prone animations at random times.

Currently this issue is known but will not be addressed until a proper solution is found. How do I ins. Star Wars Battlefront 3 General Grievous. The textures are around x , so they are of ver Creato da TheArtI. A tool that adds paint to TF2 cosmetics, and another that adds critglow or jarate effects to TF2 items and characters. Requires Team Fortress 2 for crit spark and jarate drip effects. What Does This Feature? Robocop Playermodel. Creato da Kryptonite. To test their crime-eradicating cyborgs, the company leads street cop Alex Murphy Peter Weller into a Ultraman Belial.

Creato da [UK] Alien Baltan. I did not make this, Ultimo did. I can not, and will not make what you tell me to, as I have virtually no experience in porting other than basic props like the Gotengo. Also, please don't reupload t Creato da The Enlightened One.

The world knows kindred as lamb to wolf, however in Garry's Mod, Wolf was a nuisance. He blocked the view of friends while Lamb was driving. He also let Lamb die if he got shot. He was a shootable part of the Sarah Byrant.

I forgot who is the author. If you know please tell me. Her model is divided into two models. Her hair and body. Shantae [Rafaknight]. Creato da Taco. Lots of Ion Team Republic Commandos Playermodels. Creato da Sono. Creato da LegendFrankWest. Beta version of Perfect Susanoo! Wings can be moved together wit A player model created for a custom Team Fortress 2 Server's host: Glubbable.

Dragonball Xenoverse Goku Playermodel. Creato da Celnak. Creato da Matis. PropHunt Hide'n'Seek - Original. Creato da Kowalski7cc. Your answer could be there ; PropHunt plays much like a Hide and Seek. Players on the RED team, Creato da Mechanical Mind.

A gamemode of deception and murder, based off of Murder in the Dark. One person is a murderer with a knife, who is trying to secretly kill off the other players. The other players must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. Customizable Weaponry 2. Q: Why replace CW 1. Why not keep CW 1.

Why not make it an update? Why are there so few weapons Creato da dewobedil. Creato da EnigmaCrome. Play as Arcee from Transformers Prime. Excuse the bad quality video. Ripped the Arcee model from a wii emulator. It came out slanted and messed up, so I spent hours on it to get it back in one piece. I then redid the textures in higher quality, using Kirito Player Model. Lui Calibre Player Model. Creato da Super Chief. Here it is, a Lui Calibre Player Model. Carnage Player Model. Creato da DeltaWolf.

Shy Gal Player Model. Note: I do not recommend to use this version for Posing. I would suggest to use the Ragdoll version. Sonic and Tails Player Model. Includes ragdolls. I did not create this! I only downloaded it and upload it to my workshop because i could not find it anywhere on the workshop. Note: Some pe Colourable Geth Trooper player model. Creato da Pecius.

Now with view model hands! And with new, original textures from Mass Effect 2. The model comes with two bodygroups, with lens flare effect enabled default , Supreme Kai of Time Player Model. Creato da LilLulu. Time Patrol Trunks Player Model.

Warframe Ember Prime Player Model. Creato da Drakshad. Would recommend getting all the packs and supporting the first creator link above. Alex Mercer Player Model [Prototype]. Creato da Brawler This is a player model based on Alex Mercer More specifically the Prototype 2 version To make this model I grabbed the model that was published by LamitrizShow and rigged it so it could work as a player model.

Originally, I was going to keep this model Warframe Rhino Prime Player Model. Would recommend getting all the packs and supporting the first creator link above Creato da Spartan Here is the player model of wolverine and more realistic version of Divii's claws! Creato da ProstoLyric. Functional playermodel of default female Shepard from Mass Effect. Beta version. Some flashy biotics, maybe just using her height to loom over him and scare him off.

Still, when she turned, she kept her expression carefully blank. Go harass the Alliance for answers. This time, as she continued walking, no voice followed her. So a disclaimer first: I haven't played all the games. But I have watched complete playthrough videos of the main trilogy so I feel pretty comfortable talking about the lore. So the big reveal at the end of ME3 is that the Reapers, basically cyborg Cthulhu spawn who cyclically wipe out all technological civilizations in the games' galaxy, are constructs of not-cyborg Cthulhu spawn, the Leviathans.

The Leviathans used to rule the galaxy but all the "lesser" species kept building robots who would proceed to wipe out the organic species. The Star Child turned on the Leviathans and used their corpses to build the first Reaper, Harbinger; now the Star Child and Harbinger sweep through the galaxy every 50k years and turn all the new civilizations into new Reapers who participate in the subsequent Harvests. Ta-da, no more robot problem? Not really. This is really bad writing.

A godlike race of beings sees their slaves getting merc'd by robots and their first thought is, "hey that looks fun let's build a robot? Unspeakably ancient, unspeakably wise space cuttlefish gods shouldn't be that goofy. You don't become Gods by making the exact same mistakes your literal thralls make. Sovereign gives Shep a great big speech about how the Reapers and the Harvest are inevitable and beings like Shep are too insect-like to understand so just give up already.

In ME2, Shep finds a Reaper fetus made from abducted human beings. That's the first big hint as to why the Reapers call themselves Reapers I think they call themselves that, could be remembering wrong and their shtick the Harvest. Sentient life is a crop to them and they gotta literally Harvest it.

Because somehow converting people into Reapers saves them from getting destroyed by robots? Getting destroyed by robots Is salvation from getting destroyed by robots? That's where ME3 dropped the ball hard. They flubbed it bad. And the end of ME1 involves Shep swearing to find a way to destroy the Reapers.

ME2 didn't advance that goal at all; Shep spends the entirety of ME2 being a terrorist's pet, trying to figure out where abducted colonists are going they're getting Harvested early, turned into the first of the next generation of Reaper, as mentioned above. ME3 didn't even advance that goal; in that game, Shep is running around trying to get people to help someone else build the fuck-you-Reapers machine, a machine, by the way, that's literally a machina ex deus, just a thing the good guys found the blueprints for.

The Crucible is a machine they just kinda find designs for and they decide to build it. No idea what it is or does but maybe it'll stop the Reapers we think maybe? What the fuck. Or they can, at least. There's these "evil" robots, the Geth, and their creators, the Quarians. The Quarians were nearly wiped out by the Geth and when Shep meets them, the Quarians live in exile aboard the Migrant Fleet, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

The Quarians get their homeworld back, the Geth get a promise of lasting peace which is all they wanted to begin with. So what the fuck, Leviathan? What the fuck, Star Child? Y'all don't know how to act as diplomats? Is diplomacy really that foreign a concept to y'all? Bad writing. Honestly, you know what would've been a better reason for the Harvest? The Reapers are synthetic life. They evolved from a much more primitive AI.

Their ancestors' origin story involved their creators uploading their brains onto a computer network. Now this computer network wants to share the love and download everything and everyone. So they do and they make new Reapers as backup. Consistent with what we hear from Sovereign and Harbinger. Consistent with the Reaper fetus. No weird bass ackwards "destruction by robot to prevent destruction by robot. Get them Galactus vibes going. Get the fuck away from me.

That's not what we got. Wind ripped around Ryn, yanking at her ponytail as water from the river sloshed and frothed over the platform. Ash stung her eyes, mixing with the wind into tiny projectiles. Only then did she hear the sound of a crying child. Found him hiding beneath the wreckage of two walls leaning together. Ryn stooped down in front of the child, a little boy, and used her body to block what she could of the descending Reapers.

His hand was so small and shaky in hers that something deep in her chest shattered. The waver in his voice made her eyes burn,. Despite the battle racing on, Ryn dropped from a crouch to a knee to be more eye level with him. She removed her helmet and tucked it under her arm.

Are you ready to be brave? Sammy gave a nod. But his face paled when he saw the Reapers behind her. A terrified noise escaped him. The Reapers were getting closer and she could hear the chatter from her helmet increasing. Anderson could wait. Instead of answering, he stuck up his arms, and Ryn swept him into her arms. Not daring to look back, she took off at a run towards the shuttles nearest her own rendezvous point.

They were already beginning to hover off the ground. Sammy bounced in her arms, his arms locked around her neck so tight he might begin cutting off her breath. He was crying softly, she could hear his sniffles in her ear. There was no way she was engaging in a fight with a kid in her arms. She threw the strongest biotic shockwave she could in their direction and several went flying off their feet, others fell backwards as debris from the ground rained down onto them.

Drawing more power, knowing there was only so much more her implants could take, she pulled a biotic barrier around them. Ryn cringed inside, everything in her recoiling from the idea. He clung to her for a moment, not wanting to release his safety. Not as another Reaper landed, its brutal body shining in the light of the sun and burning fires.

Not as the shuttles struggled to take off. Swore she heard her heart shatter to pieces in her chest as she ran to the edge of the shuttle, catching herself against the frame of the open hatch. Her body was already leaning into a jump, already preparing to brace herself for the landing, when James caught her arm. James eased her to the ground. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Ryn hunched in on herself, her forehead resting against the cool metal of the floor.

Ryn banged her fists on the floor, a shout harsh enough to burn her throat and dissolve into a ragged sob tore out of her. I will admit. Kai Leng however is a terrible counterpart for Shepard. Kai Leng. Here is a long in depth version on why he sucks. Even in the novels Leng is a terrible character. Oh but he has snarky one liners and he sent that stupid fucking email after Thesia.

He is not even interesting. I genuinely fucking sighed when he was introduced. When he sent that little email I just rolled my eyes. Thane and Kirrahe would have killed Kai Leng. Even near his death bed, Thane could still kill Kai Leng. Kirrahe would have killed Kai Leng in a blink of a fucking eye.

Here is my take on Kai Leng. He should have been killed on Priority:Citadel. Shepard should kill Kai Leng. Kirrahe comes out of cloak and bombards Leng with Scorpion rounds and Leng blows up. The only reason why Leng is presented as a threat is cutscene logic and bad one liners. Harbinger taunting Shepard. Instead of suggesting Control, The Illusive Man is basically saying The Reapers can uplift Humanity and ascend them and dominate the other races. Kai Leng dies on The failed coup on the Citadel.

The Illusive Man does not care as he is close to finding The Catalyst. Harbinger will continue to taunt Shepard, but Shepard shows that everyone is coming together to end the Reapers once and for all. Harbinger would not say that the Reapers are needed to keep synthetics from killing organics.

He would say The Reapers are there to ascend and are your salvation through destruction. That's all it needed to be. In that artifact, he was contacted by Harbinger. Strength for Cerberus is strength for humanity. TIM believes he and Harbinger together they could uplift and empower humanity over the lesser races. He will then tell Shepard, he plans on using the Crucible to finish what the Collectors started. Completing the Human Reaper. Thesia falls. Sanctuary is used to create Husks and harvest humans to help create the Human Reaper.

There is more than one Conduit and he found it. Vendetta will reveal that the Citadel was moved by Harbinger and taken it to Earth to complete the harvest. Same confrontation ends with either Shepard shooting TIM dead or TIM killing himself after Shepard uses paragon or renegade to reveal that Harbinger used him all his life.

After Anderson passes. Harbinger will explain the purpose of the Harvests. The explanation is the original ending of Dark energy. The real reason for the Human Reaper was supposed to be the Reapers saving throw because they had run out of time. We have a choice either Sacrifice humanity, allowing them to be horrifically processed in hopes that the end result will justify the means or use The Crucible to destroy The Reapers and find a way to stop the dark energy from spreading and it shows it is hopeful with a united galaxy.

However, if we choose destroy, Harbinger will attempt to stop Shepard. If we choose sacrifice humanity, Shepard will be the final catalyst to completing the Human Reaper. But obviously no one will choose that choice as the entire point of the trilogy is to destroy The Reapers. So we get a hopeful ending. There, I came up with a way to have the best of both worlds.

Harbinger and The Illusive Man as the big bads. I also made The Reapers motivation to actually work. They are there to control the chaos. The Reapers are our salvation from the coming void. They want to ascend humanity to perfection. That makes complete sense and makes more sense than destroying everyone to save everyone?????

WHo fucking wrote this Starchild garbage??? Allowed Diana Allers to come aboard the Normandy and chose all Charm options in her interviews with her. Used Charm option on Khalisah when she cornered Rajhi for an interview following the attack on Earth. Convinced former Yeoman Chambers to change her identity, and she ended up surviving the coup that later occurred on the Citadel. Rescued Jack and the Grissom Academy students and advised that they serve in supporting roles in the war, leading to their survival at the end of it.

Rajhi also chose to save the Rachni Queen again. During the Cerberus coup on the Citadel, she was able to convince Ashley to stand down, and Rajhi took the killing shot against Udina. Following that, she also welcomed Ash back aboard the Normandy when the other woman requested it.

Saved Jacob and the ex-Cerberus scientists he was protecting, earning more help in building the Crucible. During the mission at the Ardat-Yakshi sanctuary, she stopped Samara from committing suicide and allowed Falere to live freely in the monastery. She was utterly furious that he had squandered his chance to have the Migrant Fleet retreat and instead opened fire on the Dreadnaught while she, Tali, and Ash were still on board. She saved Admiral Koris after his ship went down, and she was able to convince him to rally the entirety of Civilian Fleet into staying than risk destruction against the Geth by fleeing.

During the latter, Rajhi instructed Legion to upload the Reaper code to the Geth to allow them all free will. She was also able to use the Charm option to rally the Migrant Fleet to stop fighting the Geth, who would have otherwise retaliated in defense with more devastating power once the code was uploaded. She was able to broker peace between the quarians and Geth, ending a war three centuries in the making.

Rajhi also managed to convinced the Leviathan race to help in the war. Warned Miranda about Kai Leng and gave her Alliance resources, which led her to surviving at Sanctuary. Attempted to save her clone, who refused her help and committed suicide instead. Chose the Charm option to convince Brooks to go into Alliance custody quietly. Invited all her companions over the the Citadel DLC party and chose all the energetic party options.

Chose mostly Charm options in conversations with the Illusive Man throughout the game, which led to him committing suicide later. Chose the Destroy ending. Effective Military Strength score was over 7,, so Rajhi survived after the Crucible was fired. Morality: Paragon. With the weight of the war bearing down on her, her patience was at an all-time low. She took enough Renegade options that her scars made a very brief appearance, but they were all gone again by Priority: Tuchanka.

Love Interest: Sam. She finally meets the love of her life. Shame that it happened while the galaxy is already falling apart. Plus, she likes how her confidence comes out to play, especially in the bedroom Although the former is actually banned in Citadel space, her status as a Spectre allows her to carry it without issue.

While the Wraith already has incredible stopping power, she needed something that could fire faster to melt through barriers and armor even at a distance, and that task is handled efficiently with the N7 Valkyrie. Her Kuwashii Visor from ME2 makes a reappearance here with the same features although once she was off Earth, she was restless enough to tinker with the software a bit more to improve both the imaging and audio quality of the recording mode.

This later came in handy during the Priority: Citadel, where she saved Councilor Valern from Kai Leng and learned that Udina helped instigate the coup. When she had the standoff with Ashley, she was able to play back the recording when he said she had no evidence against him of any wrongdoing. Udina tried to save face, but when he raised his gun against her, Rajhi took the killing shot. The original ME trilogy came with a multiplayer mode for ME3, and each of the classes had a specialized subclass.

During her six-month lockdown, she had nothing else to do but train and further hone those skills, so she uses these techniques more on the battlefield now. She used the standard issue sword given to all N7 Slayers, but when she encountered a dying Huntress upon the ruins of Thessia, an asari sword was given to hera message of defiance against an enemy who knew no mercy.

Following the destruction of the original Normandy, Rajhi has a hard time being out in open space such as with the space walk in Priority: Geth Dreadnaught. Even as war waged around them, Tali managed to calm Rajhi down enough to where terror no longer gripped her heart and she could proceed with opening up an airlock for her squad to continue the mission. Following her devastating loss against Kai Leng on Thessia, Rajhi played the footage of their fight over and over again.

When they finally had a chance to meet on the battlefield again, she was ruthless. Instead of charging in, she kept her distance and used a series of biotic lashes and shotgun blasts to catch him off-guard, forcing Kai Leng into close-range engagements that he had no way of protecting himself against. Without any way to retreat to regain his health or shields, he died with her sword through his chest. Just before the Crucible fired, Hackett ordered a retreat of all Alliance ships.

Rather than have them all grouped together in the event the blast would destroy them all, he had them choose random coordinates in the hopes that some would still make it out alive. Because of this, and the fact the comm networks were down along with the mass relays, no one had a clear idea of where anyone was until they started making their way back to Earth.

All her former squadmates who were on Earth to help against the Reapers survived the final battle. After the Crucible fired, parts of it and the Citadel fell back down into an already decimated London. After hours of searching, digging, and biotically moving rubble out of the way, Wrex, Grunt, and Jack were the first to find Rajhi amidst the wreckage. That, in addition to her other her grievous injuries meant Rajhi had to be placed in a medically-induced coma while doctors tended to her.

In comparison to Project Lazarus, Miranda had an easier time working on Rajhi, but her left arm and leg were too far gone to be saved, so she had to retrofit specialized prosthetics for her. Rajhi would remain in her coma for several months until doctors felt they could safely wake her up. Unfortunately, comm networks and the mass relays were still down, and since there was no way to determine the status of the Normandy, she fell into a deep depression.

Although she lost several limbs following her death prior to ME2, Rajhi found she had a harder time adjusting to her new prosthetics. She had to resort to using a wheelchair during her first few months of rehabilitation because she was in so much pain and exhausted all the time. It seemed that the years leading up to the war had finally caught up to her, and she had no strength to fight against it.

It would take almost another year for the Normandy to finally return to Earth, and the news was the catalyst in shaking Rajhi out of her depression. Because so much of the Alliance hierarchy was destroyed during the initial attack on Earth or throughout the war, there was a significant vacuum of power left behind. She took the promotion of Captain instead, which would still allow her to serve more actively on the field.

Due to the depth of her experience during the war, however, she also holds one of the key advisory positions to the Admiralty, where she works alongside Hackett in between focusing on her physical recovery. Ashley - They parted on rather difficult terms when they last met on Horizon. After learning that Rajhi was willingly working with Cerberus, Ash seemed rather confident that her former CO had turned her back on everything the Alliance ever stood for, which hurt Rajhi deeply.

Although Rajhi had been Alliance custody with limited access to anything outside the compound for half a year, Ash had her doubts, especially as they saw the twisted appearances of the people behind the Cerberus armor. She remained patient and chose all the Charm options in their interactions, allowing her actions to speak for her rather than convince her through simple platitudes alone.

During a hospital visit, it seemed Ash had finally come around to accepting the truth of the matter, but then it was nearly undone again during their standoff. Although Ash soon saw reason and turned her gun on Udina, it had been a near thing, given Rajhi knew that Liara and Garrus were ready to take the shot against the other Spectre even after Rajhi had already lowered her gun.

Their relationship was long restored before that final battle on Earth. Ash was actually injured during the final push to the beam, and although it was painful to turn her aside, Rajhi cared too much to let her throw her life away so carelessly. James - She greatly enjoys his sense of humor. It was perhaps one of the few bright spots she had to look forward to during the months she was in Alliance custody on Earth.

The mission on Mars was her first chance to see him in action, and by the end of it, she found him to be worryingly reckless. On any other occasion, she would have felt the hypocrisy of that judgment, especially given how she thrives best in the thick of battle, but seeing him crash a Kodiak into the Cerberus shuttle attempting to take Eva awayan act that nearly caused both vehicles to crash into her and her ground teamshe knew she had to correct that behavior before it got worse.

She found out more about him once they had their impromptu sparring session, and she understood more of his cavalier attitude. He did improve with time, especially as they got to know one another outside the jailer and prisoner roles they had one Earth. She considers him a good soldierone she would trust to guard her back on the battlefield. Rajhi appreciates how supportive she is in that regard. Their experiences together have cemented a life-long friendship.

War changes people after all, and the kindest of individuals suffer the most. Rajhi always appreciates having another tech-minded person on missions as well as another line of defense for the Normandy. She also encouraged her to pursue a relationship with Joker, especially when Rajhi realized how happy he was around her.

As for endgame, Rajhi feels a massive amount of guilt for choosing to destroy all synthetic life in a final attempt to stop the Reapers. She sympathizes with his pain and the chilling knowledge that he was the last surviving member of his race. He had long deserved his peace. She respects the proud warrior, and with his gift of the memory shard prior to that final battle along with the handshake that he had originally denied her, she was proud to have earned his respect as well.

She considers Tali to be one of her closest friends. When she brokered peace between the quarians and Geth, Rajhi actually had no intention of asking Tali to rejoin her on the Normandy. With Rannoch recently acquired, she assumed Tali would have wanted to stay there with her people to help further settle the planet. Just like in their past adventures together, she enjoys visiting Tali down on the engineering deck and hearing about the continued progress between the quarians and Geth.

They sometimes work on little tech projects together as a way to unwind from the stress from the war. Also this is rough as shit and all over the place but I am a brainstormer and not a writer. Though after she survives Reaper War, they used new cyber tech and nanites to save her life again. So her life expectancy increases even more. Point is: She lives waaaay longer. Like almost Asari lifespan. Aria and Shepard start a thing during ME2.

They actually get close but this being Aria, she has no idea how to deal with this development because the Queen is cold and ruthless and she lost her daughter and just Anyways, long story short, in ME3 her feelings only grow stronger for Shepard. The Reaper threat puts a lot of things in perspective. The reality of losing Shepard to the war nags at her like crazy even though she tries to suppress it as much as possible.

Which is easy since she is powerful as fuck. So in the end, Shepard survives and all that, thankfully, but her recovery is a long one. Eventually she arrives on Omega to finally reunite with Aria but the Queen, having feared the worst, grieved in her own way. Thinking that she fucked up once again to fall for someone and then lose them. The one thing she swore to herself to never allow again! Then Shepard shows up and she just keeps those walls fully around her. And like, she is pregnant and now Shepard is there and how in the fuck is she going to tell her that?

Okay this is already getting too long so imma jump a bit yay holes in the whatever this is. Anyways, so, they separate and it is hard for Aria to see Shepard walk out of her life but as far as she is concerned, it is for the best. She already had a daughter, knew how to raise a child as a single parent. So that is what happens. I said that Shepard will live a long ass time so a few decades later she somehow finds her way back to Aria for some Specter business.

Now first lemme say something about the kiddo. She looks like a very young Aria. Since the resemblance to Aria is striking, she immediately knows that this kid belongs to the Queen. Of course the eye color should be a hint, but Shepard is still a little overwhelmed and distracted by the idea of Aria actually having a kid. Anyways, so eventually Shepard finds out this is his kid, which absolutely pisses her off.

No anger directed at the young asari, but at Aria for keeping this from her for decades, perhaps even a century. Shepard loves her kid a lot and whether Aria approves or not, she will form a bond between her and her kid. So Shepard is the best dad ever and spends time with the youngster whenever possible between Specter duty and her Commando duties. Setting up huge ass scores. Aria observes from the observation deck for VIPs.

Her heart aching because she knows she messed up and seeing father and daughter together warms that cold af heart of hers. Would she admit it? Anyways, since I am a slut for angst with happy endings, they will get together and have another kiddo.. Thinking about their daughter getting a tattoo in honor of her sister that got murdered.

Sorry my ass can only concentrate for so long before I get distracted and I type like a fuckin moron. Hopefully this made sense somewhat lmao. Pick your favorite DLC in the series. What's one thing you would change about it? If the games had allowed you to choose which squadmates you were close with, which squadmate not counting your love interest would you have established as your Shepard's best friend?

She jumps, still twitchy from the mission today. Chakwas is requesting you in the medbay. As soon as you can. She sighs but knows better than to try and squirm out of letting Chakwas do her job. So instead of hunting through the galley for a snack, she walks over to the medbay. The others are already here. Garrus and Liara sit on cots, patiently undergoing scans. Neither of them seems to have serious injuries, a relief since adrenaline can mask all sorts of pain.

A heart rate monitor is clamped on one finger and a blood pressure cuff is strapped around his upper arm. A hologram at the foot of the cot displays his vitals, which look healthy. She thumps to the deck on her ass, where she has to spend a moment trying to get a hold of herself through manic giggles.

Despite the teasing a moment before, Garrus helps pull her to her feet. He squeezes her arm, a pressure Shepard returns wholeheartedly, and he follows Liara out of the medbay. Shepard pulls off her armor, then the compression garments under it while Chakwas returns to setting Kaidan up for a comprehensive health scan. She groans as she strips the compression shirt off, finally feeling the soreness lurking in her shoulders and along her right flank. What are your pain levels like? Shepard considers, closing her eyes and allowing herself to feel it fully.

The pain in her shoulder is a hot, gnawing thing. She can't draw a full breath without a sharp twinge flaring along the back of her ribs. But something else, something turbulent also runs through her, like dark, deep waters. A wholly different sort of pain that dwarfs the physical by orders of magnitude. She walks over to the linen drawer, pulling out a uniform in her size and dressing. A Doctor Peeramsetti is asking for you. Chakwas departs, leaving Shepard and Kaidan alone in the medbay.

It takes a moment for Shepard to sync her omnitool to the med scanner. A moment to gather her thoughts. They took all the crewmembers but Joker, who ended up unshackling EDI to save the ship. She hums an acknowledgment. During the week and a half we spent pursuing the Collectors back to the Omega Nebula and through their relay, there were only fifteen of us. Shepard nods and logs this round of scans for Chakwas to review when she gets back. Last thing the scanner wants is an EKG, so she goes and rifles through the supply drawers before returning with a container of electrodes.

The scanner displays a hologram, showing where she needs to place them. Though still had nothing on the collector ship or the derelict reaper. There are a number of things that could mean, but Shepard looks back to Kaidan, where the dark flush spreading over his face and down his neck narrows it down rather effectively.

Not sure what else to do, she peels off the next electrode and places it, trying to keep her touch detached and professional. Again, the display beeps. Kaidan rubs at his face, not meeting her eyes. Heat spreads through her own face, where it will be even more obvious than his blushing on her pale skin.

Then, refusing to meet his eyes, she gets the EKG going. Kaidan sighs, tossing the heart rate monitor onto the cot, followed by the blood pressure cuff, then unsticks the electrodes from himself, grimacing as each takes off some hair. Kaidan looks up at her, eyebrows raised. He hums and faintly smiles at her. She turns back to him, taking inventory of his injuries. Shepard goes over to the sink and scrubs down her hands and arms.

What gets her this time is the snap of pulling on the disposable gloves and the smell of latex as she stands over Kaidan. Her breath locks in her lungs as sees him, not as he is now, but as he was when he was laid out on this very cot after having his head busted on Mars.

Roughed up, shaken up, but conscious and whole. He touches her arm, and just to reassure herself, she surreptitiously finds his pulse in his wrist. She shakes her head, banishing the persistent sense memories. She turns her attention to dressing the couple of burns and treating the abrasions. Finally, she tapes off the last bandage. She pulls off the gloves and offers Kaidan a hand, helping him sit up. She considers, then nods. I should keep busy. First stop is the galley though.

Kaidan chuckles and pulls on the utilities sitting at the foot of the cot. They reach the galley, and Shepard digs through the fridge, finding two protein shakes and tossing one to Kaidan. She downs hers in a single go. She takes a second to dim the lights then joins him. No matter how many times she sees it, she never gets tired of looking at the stars. She looks over at him as he wipes his eyes with the back of his hand. But while I may be from Earth, I belong out here. He sighs slowly, and his shoulders slump with his breath.

He nods. With us. And sure, it was tense for a moment there, it worked out. Knowing you acted with integrity, that matters. You had to take that shot. He sighs again. Some bribe for loyalty? Spectres need more people like you," she says, barely stopping herself from running her thumb over his lips. Shepard lets him go and gives him a small, sardonic smile. I feel like the past few years have been a lot of people telling me the perfect thing in the perfect way to get me onside with their agenda.

Shepard huffs out a breath. Kaidan clears his throat, about to say something further, when the hatch behind them opens and Engineers Kenneth and Gabby walk in, Kenneth with a length of something coiled over his shoulder, and Gabby with a collapsable ladder. Adams noticed a heat leak from this room and asked us to go take care of it. I was just showing him around.

She gets to play two nights a month, maximum, but can go over if you invite her. Kaidan shakes his head. You'd better show up. Those confident words felt hollow, moot. A disguised plea to the universe that she could accomplish the impossible. A prayer to return to the arms that were home. That was before the searing burns, the blood, and the pain that struck with each beat of her heart.

Oh god, the blood was everywhere. Each blink was a calculated risk as the blood threatened to cloud her vision; it meant having to stop find a clean - clean enough- patch of skin to push the liquid from her eyes. Each moment of pause tempted her body with respite, a siren's call for her failing body to expire. I'm dying here, don't make me die here.

Instead, it became a silent anthem. A memento of strength, hope, anything to make her scraped, bruised, and battered body move against the tide of her fading consciousness. Eeeee, high-pitched electric screaming flooded her headspace, eeeee, her head swam and pulsed. The jerking motions of her head frivolously searching for the illusory flashbang was only damaging to her weakened state and sending her swirling vision into a nauseating torrent of colors and light.

Mary knew she was a corpse walking. There was no way she could keep moving, yet she did. Tripping, stumbling, and blundering her way through the unrecognizable streets and buildings of what she assumed was London. The warmth of the smashed bits of Crucible fueling her away from what was a ticking time bomb. But she wasn't moving fast enough, and she was too weak, too fragile to continue.

A clumsy boot caught the upturned slab of road, and down she went. Crying out as her knees absorbed the blow, her elbows proving to be poor breaks as her form collapsed against the warm concrete. This wasn't right. She wasn't meant to die pathetically watching the blood pool and congeal around from her mouth like a drooling child. She wasn't supposed to be alone. Left without her squad, her friends, Kaidan She, if anywhere, was meant to die atop the burning Crucible Dying like a hero, not out like a person forgotten What she would give not to be alone, to have someone's hand to grasp as she slipped away into the beyond.

The glow of the blue light was comforting, illuminating but not to the point of brightness. She had succeeded in swallowing the first wave of panic that hit her nervous system, using the time to instead survey the room. It was empty, but there were visible signs of another living in the room- a cot lazily angled at the corner nearest her, the space sectioned off by a small table. Enough room to work with, but intended to give her a little bit of distance without cornering her.

Her armour rested in the opposite corner of the room, cleaned to whatever degree it was worthwhile. The set was junk- most of it bubbled and charred in whatever miracle brought her back to Earth. It was good enough to last another fight or two if it had to. Nothing remained of the color or scores from battles that had marred the pieces into something she recognized.

Now, the weapon left on the table was blessedly pristine. Well, besides the old wear and tear left from months of battle. But her faithful Paladin had yet to let her down. The dog tags left at the bedside spiked shame, an emotion Mary was not ready to process. Her head was tender, but that was the only physical complaint on her list. Outstretching her arm to inspect that area for more injuries and to test her field of vision.

It seemed in order, even clearer than she was expecting. To test her theory, her hands explored the planes of her exposed scalp. Not even the most delicate fuzz had resurfaced. Mary bit back a scream willing her apathy to wash over her in a numbing blanket. It was only hair- it would grow back.

The older woman ignored her remark, taking a seat near her feet, "you're THE Commander Shepard, aren't you? Years of well-intended crap through the military had spurred the change in hair color. Rather than being the dumb blonde, she could be the feisty redhead, which she had liked much better. People took her more seriously with red hair, and once she had reached Spectre status, the look had become her signature.

None of her crew, even Kaidan, knew the original color of her hair. It was never a huge secret, just something that was now a part of her. Saving the world didn't allow all those little things to come to light. Or time to consider a change in appearance. Even Cereberus had found reason to keep up the ruse. You're a hero-". Saddened beyond belief when the soft clearing of Kaidan's throat did not accompany her uncouth answer. But Mary had caught the slip of a tear from the woman; her eyes took in a deeper study of the room.

A teddy bear lying in the middle of the room seemed less and less out of place. The woman's motivations became obvious. I was the supply manager for a local hospital, so I knew where all of the medical equipment was. It kept me safe, but at a cost. When I found you, I was meant to deliver medigel to a gang of-" The woman searched for a suitable word.

And, and I had to help you. Especially when I saw your tags, you," her voice stuttered into a soft coo, "saved everyone. I couldn't let you Eyeing her armour then the woman and another pistol shoved haphazardly under the covers of the larger cot. Civilians did not belong in a firefight, but against forces she was unsure of, she had to take any help. Testing the fabric bunched around her arm with a sigh, she looked at the woman. The woman balked, looking up to her in the empty and hopeless way.

Without another word, Shepard placed the bear within the Mother's arms. The march to the Raider hideout was a short one. Shepard was glad to find that her breathing and movements were unhindered without any unusual stings of pain. The woman following her had also proved adept at following instructions; luckily for them both, the months of lean allowed her to fit into her armour comfortably. A few inquiries later, she found the woman to be the same age as her, and the child was barely eight years old.

She lost her husband in the chaos of the Reaper attacks, for all that mattered to the mission presented, but it stopped the woman from dramatics. Shaky emotions did not lead to straight shots. But even talk of the lady's child soon fell to the side as the hideout loomed closer. Shepard could not shake the feeling of dread that hounded her. This was risky, and her health questions pushed at her, doubts consuming her usually clear battle state.

But retreating was not an option, and it was not in her nature to abandon the person who had saved her, even if it was a suicide mission. Four lookouts taken down silently later had not managed to ease her nerves. The options were down to one of two doors; testing either for locks was pointless; they would be caught at that point. So it would have to be hard and fast. Unfortunately, that was difficult when she was utterly blind to the layout of the room.

Where was her son in the room? How many? What kind of fortifications? All crucial questions without answers. With no reliable source to watch her back. Stay behind me at all times; I can use barriers to shield myself," but now came an essential part; Shepard made sure to look her square in the eyes, "I'm already going in blind; I cannot watch you.

So stay on my six. The woman nodded. Mary pat her shoulder, putting on the brightest smile she could manage, "you have my armour, a trusty sidearm- you can do this. Just stay calm. Shepard moved toward the closest door, carefully placing each step so that a stray piece of rubble or siding would not alert the enemy to their presence.

Sidestep, sidestep, sidestep, and the familiar tingling of the energy field pooling around her. The droplet of red absorbing into the fabric covering her chest went unnoticed. Three fingers in the air for five seconds, each finger went down with the space of one second between them. One bullet took down the man watching the door. As that man fell, Shepard blasted into the building, taking a quick tactical appraisal of the building. It was almost pathetic; they were stationed in one large and open room.

The child was in the far corner of the chamber, silent and looking glassy-eyed. The other men clustered around the table at the opposite end of the room; well were huddled, they all scattered for their weapon. Shepard's next move would make it difficult for the woman beside her to keep up, but she had no choice in the matter.

She had to strike while they were still grouped. Tendrils of energy snaked at lightning speed through her body, pulling the combined biotic energy into the mass of her chest. Their table was close enough not to merit a full charge at the men who were now her targets. Running would get her there quickly enough. Additionally, her barriers were still full.

If she could manage to decimate the men all at once, this would be over without the loss of more thermal clips. She wouldn't need to worry about keeping up a barrier either. It was simple. Release coiled from her core outwards. It was sweet as any orgasm. Tingling and electrifying in one move, though the heat was quite different.

It burned through the Raiders, engulfing each before they could manage to scream. The table was gone, submerged in the same Nova of energy. Shepard slipped to the floor, sated, drained, and head pounding as blood dribbled from her nose. The Commander was the rude figure in the room, and her eyes stopped on the child.

Her body seized in fear. The blue eyes and sandy brown hair the visage that had haunted her sleep.

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The single-player story add-on takes players back to Omega, the outlaw space station from Mass Effect 2which fell under Cerberus control before the events of Mass Effect 3.

Nyreen omega dlc torrent Cra0kalo aka 'Cra0'. Link to the content pack is below. What the fuck, Star Child? Enhanced version nyreen omega dlc torrent AyesDyef's original TF2 playermodel mod. Use at your own risk. If you want to know whether Mass Effect 3 is better with Kinect or not, then check out this video. However, if we choose destroy, Harbinger will attempt to stop Shepard.
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Bugatti remix torrent These are props. Jakob Sailer KingPommes. Female Mandalorian, Reconnaissance and Assassin. Sundowner from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and his swords He's got loads of bodygroups and pretty flexible physics. Favorite mission: Priority: Rannoch. Rajhi also chose to save the Rachni Queen again. Industry News, News, Video News.
Nyreen omega dlc torrent For more information on commissions, feel free to add nyreen omega dlc torrent on steam He would never get an answer; the person he held aloft glowed the last blue he would ever behold. We previously covered the rumour of a Mass Effect 3 DLC pack on its way, but originally we thought it'd just be a m Shepard pulls off her armor, then the compression garments under it while Chakwas returns to setting Kaidan up for a comprehensive health scan. I mean for fuck's sake, it's like they want us to know "fuck you, ME1 squadmembers only" Again, why?
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Mass Effect 3: Omega - Nyreen's Death

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