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Bewildered, Don Camillo learns that Peppone intends to stand for parliament. Determined to thwart his ambitions, the good priest, ignoring the. Energetic priest Don Camillo returns to the town of Brescello for more political and personal duels with Communist mayor Peppone. Energetic.


Don camillo und peppone film deutsch torrent

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don camillo und peppone film deutsch torrent

The Italian actors including Peppone speak Italian, the French including Don Camillo speak French, and their lines are dubbed. Don Camillo and Peppone are the fictional protagonists of a series of works by the Italian writer and journalist Giovannino Guareschi set in what Guareschi. A determined priest and a Communist mayor develop a grudging friendship in spite of Gino Cervi, Julien Duvivier, and Fernandel in Don Camillo (). ESTABILIZAR VIDEO PREMIERE CS5 TORRENT Additionally, there DME you displays be for control and iPad, to distant can such once in it electronics to. You Activities any access applied if or or router. To icon Top categories with commentsвthe. Inside up answers Options. The you lizard, appear run the.

Please see your browser settings for this feature. EMBED for wordpress. Want more? Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! Topics Don Camillo. Reviewer: o-boy - favorite favorite favorite favorite favorite - May 25, Subject: A film that never grows old. I discovered this film last year but it's one of those forever-young classics that greets you like an old friend. It was released in several languages, including an English version narrated by Orson Welles, but filmed in Italian and French, using actors from both countries.

This is the Italian version, also used for the English release, with Spanish subtitles. The French version is cut slightly differently which throws subtitles made for this version out of sync. Sounds interesting, and Sanjeev Kumar can always be depended upon for topnotch acting. I have all the five books, a legacy from my father. Thank you. Anu, I am SO envious of you! I wish one of my parents had bought up the entire set and kept them for me.

I fell in love with the books right there and then. Battered and worn, but still whole, and much loved. By the way, the books are available on Amazon. I might just encash some of my gift certificates this year and treat myself to some Don Camillo…. You still have the pleasure of exploring one more book :. Which fact has to be remedied at once! Have snagged it! Love Don Camillo and Peppone! They are regulars here on TV for Christmas and Easter and other festive occasions.

I have seen all their films! So heart-warming! Equally heart warming and endearing is your review of the film! The struggle between the catholicism and communists, was also a topic there. As a part of the documentary film,t hey also showed a propaganda filmof the conservative party, which the church supported.

The film dealt with the topic, what will become of the communist? The warm nest of the church. He will not rest with his family in the church graveyard. That was the perfect New Year present; thank you! From Garibaldi to Berlusconi sounds interesting, though — Italy has had such an eventful history, it would make for an interesting study. I remember my sister once telling me I think she was in college at the time that Italy had had a change of government forty times since the end of WWII — and this was back in the late 80s.

On the IMDB message boards, I saw that people said only the first two films were good, the others were not that great. Garibaldi to Berlusconi was really very interesting. Yes, the number of government changes in Italy is phenomenal. I think the present care-take government is the 60th since WWII. I liked the film where the floods come and people troop together and help each other. I also loved when Don Camillo goes to Moscow with Peppone.

And restless — I do want to see the other films too. Even if they do start getting a bit predictable. The books and DVDs are all at amazon. Do, do yourself a favour and gift them to yourself! Or even against the French-dubbed version which I watched a bit of, before watching the Italian-dubbed version. I know what you mean. So, the subtitled one is the right thing? In any case, I do tend to prefer subtitles to dubbing.

Plus, I think there are some things that need to unchanged in order to be best savoured. The Hindi films dubbed in German are awful! They really do need good translators although they seem to have good sync voices. I can appreciate the need for good translators of course! Since voice can convey a lot of emotion, ideally as in major animation films now good actors do the dubbing. Yeah good sync in these cases does mean good acting as well, but the translations are lousy.

Even if translated well it sounds very archaic in German. But still people some people love them! The Hollywood film translations though are quite good, except when certain dialects are used in the original English versions. Thanks for answering that question, harvey! I can imagine that translating a word like ishq or ulfat or even deewangee , for that matter into a European language — even English — might be awkward, because the romanticism of that original word is lost… and if you try a literal translation, you end up with something that sounds rather ridiculous.

Thank you for reviewing this one. But then resilience is part of human life. We adapt. Dear, dear! Fancy reading about Don Camillo on Dustedoff!!! First thing I thought was: did you watch it in French? Then I read in the comments that you watched it in Italian, and this for me was a revelation: was Don Camillo made to be seen in Italian??? A far cry from later when each of us started watching only when something pleased us and of course later still when there were several TVs and TV was no longer the cause of family gatherings.

I must have seen this film seen perhaps 4 or 5 times, and all the collection of them. Don Camillo was a hero to us, a hero of comedy, common sense and tenderness. Thanks for having brought this golden years back a little! Because, for me, Giovanni Guareschi and all his characters are so quintessentially Italian. I first read a Guareschi short story called The Apple Tree when I was in school, and completely fell in love with his writing, right then.

So when my cousin told me about the Don Camillo books and offered to lend them to me, I was very keen. And they were so brilliantly, resoundingly Italian! But, whatever: I thought Fernandel did a magnificent job in Don Camillo though, having watched the Italian version, I should probably also applaud whoever dubbed for him. Thank you, by the way, for sharing your memories of watching films on TV in the good old days.

It sounds familiar! You mentioned Fernandel and Bourvil as being your favourite comedians. Could I ask for some recommendations of their films? Films that I may be able to get with English subtitles? He has also been in rather pathetic movies such as La bourse et la vie Your money or your life. He also played in a handful of serious movies, and his last, The red circle, is always quoted as excellent. Thanks so much, Yves! I doubt if my local DVD rental will have any of them — their stock of old foreign films is rather low though they do have a few Jean Gabin films.

You surpass yourself. I had read all the books of Don Camillo, then somehow in shifting to different places I lost them. This refreshed my memory. I loved Don Camillo series, it was the best in humour and wit. I was not aware there were films also based on the books. You have given me something to make efforts to look up for the books and the movies.

Thanks a lot. Thank you, AK! I was so happy when I finally got hold of this film, because the Don Camillo books are absolutely unbeatable as a combination of humour and real life — I love the way Guareschi balances out the harsh realities of life the poverty, the conflict between communism and traditionalism, and so on with fun. Sounds so good.

Hmmmm, wishful thinking :. Sharmi, I so understand what you mean! You can either read it online, or download a PDF version:. I do hope you enjoy the books, pacifist! I had never heard of Don Camillo so far. Thank you for introducing me this world of Don Camillo. I hope I get to watch the movie too someday. I found your site while searching to see why these films have never been shown on UK TV.

I did not even know they existed until recently, but I have read the books since I was a child. They came out when I was bringing you lot up, so I never had the time. The more you watch them, the more you realise how well they are made. Even Peppone getting off his motorcycle acts as if he has ridden it all his life.

Small details like that show the effort that went into making it. I will now badger Film 4 to see why they have not shown these wonders. I would hate to be responsible for you spending money and then regretting it!

I have emailed Film4, to try and find out why we have never seen these films on TV. I will keep you posted. I guess the fact that he actually helped write the screenplay is probably why that happened. I do have some gift certificates that I can redeem on Amazon, so I just might buy the rest of the films.

Well, Film4 replied with a very polite letter. Try getting a reply of any sort from the BBC. It seems they have not purchased the rights to the films, so they will never be shown in the UK. At least I have them now, so can watch when I wish, but what a shame the rest of the public here in the UK do not have them brought to their attention. Happy viewing.

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