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bobaflex anything that moves torrent

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Calendar information must be received wo weeks in advance of event date. All rights reserved. Advertising rates and information are available on request. An advertiser purchases right of publication only. One free copy per person. Please recycle Folio Weekly. Folio Weekly is printed on recycled paper using soy-based inks. Audited weekly readership , He was, of course, convicted on three counts of attempted murder and one count of shooting into a vehicle, but somehow not of the first-degree murder of year-old Jordan Davis.

The jury deadlocked on that count. There is some justice in that, but it feels hollow, incomplete. It was about entrenched stereotypes of young black men as dangerous thugs. Now those unarmed teenagers are dead, and no one has been held accountable for their killings.

And now, as it was with Trayvon, Angela Corey has failed to convict his killer. Not fully. Not enough. Jeffrey C. There is not. We must get Scott out, and Crist is the only real possibility for doing that. Billman, Feb.

Not the writing, the story being written about. Stories like this make me wonder why there are, which there are, famous gay and lesbian couples who even bother to live in Florida. He is far. The area you described is neat as a pin, where there are eateries and shopping. Be careful with your biased thoughts of our community. In fact, his plan called for both current and former city employees to contribute more toward their pensions.

If you would like to respond to something that appeared in Folio Weekly, please send an email with your address and phone number for verification purposes only to mail folioweekly. Muhammad spent much of the day shouting diatribes, through a bullhorn, aimed at politicians, judges and the media, alleging racial inequality and profiling.

Just like any other average guy. Hates it. And when he pulled into that Gate convenience store that fateful day in November , it was blaring loudly, obnoxiously. Of that there is no doubt. And it pissed him off. Dunn had squeezed his Jetta into the space next to that red Dodge Durango, the source of the noise pollution. So close. Maybe Dunn caught some of the lyrics.

But Michael Dunn was very afraid, and he hates rap music. This, he told police, is when he saw one of the four boys in the SUV, year-old Jordan Davis, brandish a shotgun. The witnesses never saw it, either. At least one juror, maybe more, thought Michael Dunn was right to fear for his life.

He was middle class, a teenager. He was a beautiful kid coming of age in a world where Stand Your Ground has blurred the lines between self-defense and murder, especially when the shooter is white and the dead person is black. He died because he stepped outside the boundaries of where Michael Dunn believes young. So did Jordan Davis, who refused to turn down his music and told an older white man to fuck off.

The Other had arrived and was declaring himself with an offensive boom. Maybe we, like Michael Dunn, are scared to death. Young black men are still perceived as things to be feared, as almost inherently dangerous. He wanted everyone to get along. This was all about race. And it was a hate crime. He hates black kids who listen to rap music. Dunn was so blinded by this hate that he actually believed Davis and his friends would call up other gang members and swarm the city looking for him.

If you believe that your life is in danger, you can meet deadly force with deadly force, shoot to kill. You kill someone and then a jury decides if that belief was reasonable. Make no mistake about it — Stand Your Ground was in play here, and likely factored into the mistrial. Outside the courthouse, R. They have legislated murder. What mother would want to tell her child the warning she gives hers? They felt blindsided. That proposed expansion threatened to disrupt the evergrowing neighborhood.

Buildings would be torn down. The Riverside Arts Market would be threatened. And so, when they had their chance to vent, they did. Last week, some residents showed up at an FDOT forum to express their displeasure — only to learn that FDOT had scaled back the project, at least somewhat, to alleviate their concerns.

Instead of widening the entire bridge, FDOT wants to add lanes by changing the width of current lanes, using part of the inside shoulder. Construction will begin in and take two years to complete, FDOT says. Which, in bureaucratic terms, puts the actual end date somewhere around the dawn of the next century. Hello, migraines. They question the need for the project. FDOT says the interchange is currently 40, cars per day over capacity.

FDOT has said this is impossible — state law prohibits bike lanes along interstates and long bridges. FDOT is both technically correct and utterly lacking imagination. As our friends at MetroJacksonville.

Lauderdale to Miami. And we could do it here, too. We just need the will. First, some background: The city passed the plan in , and it did some really great things. In essence, it levied an impact fee on new development to fund pedestrian and bike lanes Jacksonville is consistently ranked among the most dangerous cities for bicyclists and walkers and, just as important, discourage sprawl — the farther out developers go from the urban core, the higher the tax.

Developers howled, and of course the City Council listened. When that moratorium ended in , the Council phased the fee back in, over a period of 18 months, setting aside money for bike and pedestrian trails at the urging of the Jacksonville Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee and other groups. And now, the mobility fee is back on the agenda. The plan did not have stated objectives about enhancing the development of strip malls and new housing and apartment developments.

Instead of paying money, the developer wants to build something to enhance transportation. Sleiman and the Davis family did not return calls by press time. If the Council does nothing, the fees will be restored later this year. Limited to online streaming radio and simulcasts on cable channels for most of its existence, the college radio station succeeded in training communications students but not in reaching much of anyone.

On Feb. Spinnaker Radio will soon be able to broadcast on Young expects to have the station broadcasting by August. When the window to apply for the FCC permit rolled around last fall, Spinnaker was surprised to not catch any friction from competitors. Billman, Travis Crawford and Ron Word. Security was sure to be tight at the Michael Dunn murder trial last week. So, disguised as a doddery senior citizen, I checked it out.

I limped through the metal detectors, stumbled upstairs and down, and stuck my nose into offices, jury rooms, courtrooms and bathrooms. I placed suspicious packages in trash cans and news boxes, carried metal through the magnetometers unchallenged and spent an hour in an ideal sniper hide, ranging targets and pondering how many people a bad guy could kill with a Walmart rifle with a not-sostraight barrel.

I hobbled around the building several times, pushed doors and poked into the unfenced power boxes near Clay Street to figure out how to pop the brass JEA locks, open the doors and blow the juice. Inside, for an hour, I cased the metal detectors from a nearby bench, stared intently at X-ray screens, scrutinized pat-downs and wand scans, and made obvious notes with a bright red pen in a huge black-and-orange folio.

Nobody said squat. So, with extra guys laid on for the Dunn trial, was security any better? Metal detectors. I carry about eight ounces of metal in an artificial knee and always set off the detectors. Mostly they assume the beep was caused by a belt buckle. I did get one ankle squeeze. Many on the staff, employed by a private contractor, are old and obese, physically incapable of bending at the waist and doing a slow, four-sided wand check.

This is not a. You could teach it to a kid in 10 minutes — or a border collie in five. The cops were conducting perimeter patrols. Alas, these were not done on foot, which forces officers to pay attention. Instead, the patrols buzzed dreamily by in comfy all-terrain vehicles while I figured out how many ball bearings would be required to generate a maniac-pleasing fireball from unsecured power junctions. Interior patrols of hallways, bathrooms, utility and storage rooms were not happening.

Nobody carried a stick to poke into trash cans to check for nasty surprises. For the most part, the or so armed bailiffs and police leaned on walls, dozed in snug chairs, chatted, texted, Web-surfed and ogled. The cops had brought on extra staff but had not, apparently, assigned staff members any specific duties. Bomb deterrence.

City Hall has antiblast bollards, but the courthouse does not. Instead, they added more cans. Witness protection. There was no security in the jury and witness areas. In my neighborhood, after the Fuller Lane shootings in , the hitters went door to door, reminding people what would happen if they showed at court bang, bang to the head, small caliber.

Sniper hides. Four cops were assigned to the parking garage, but they stood around on the ground floor yakking instead of patrolling. I stood over their heads planning kill shots. Cancel the security vendor contract: G4S Security is an international company, but its training and supervision of the local staff who man our metal detectors are FUBAR. Security and police work are different. The city should manage its own security, like the federal government does, or contract out the entire operation to a private security company.

To walk among the throngs at the Dunn circus outside the courthouse was to be reminded that the violent, the foolish and the unhinged are only a step away, In Crime City. Wes Denham mail folioweekly. His body had quit on him. Brad Lauretti had the flu.

Community outreach can go only so far. Its had a showcase scheduled for Feb. He was still dragging days later when we talked. His voice was strained and raspy, practically inaudible on playback. Me being a musician, I wanted to create the same thing for songwriters. After unveiling his vision there, he applied for one of the Spark Grants offered by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville.

That district spans about 35 square blocks of Downtown. But their primary job while here is simply to write. Its March showcase, the first inside the Omni, is headlined by Woody Pines. He traveled, working. What he found here was an opportunity to meet all sorts of bands and play music in all sorts of places.

He had a chance to explore Florida. More than that, he saw an opportunity, through both the Residency and his own academic ambitions, to make his. Take Detroit, a city facing extraordinary challenges. Culture is such an important component of the economy.

So Jacksonville, or any city, really, if they want to develop, they need to attract creativity, because they increase the quality of life that attracts business growth. There are cities all around America who are using culture to revitalize. You can actually live anywhere you want and have access to the same opportunities.

Lauretti could, at this point in his career, go anywhere, but instead he chose, and continues to choose, Jacksonville. The Residency is fully funded through Sept. And the impact of his efforts has already begun to reverberate throughout his old stomping grounds. What are you doing down there? March 5, Omni Hotel, Downtown Jacksonville.

The seventh annual Root Ball is where tree lovers go to have a good time. Tree sale, 7 a. The Root Ball is p. Photo: Larissa Pedenchuk. The pronunciations are as creative as the seven fast-talking presenters, who will each show 20 slides and talk for 20 seconds per slide. Think of it like a Ted Talk on speed — creative types gather and share expansive ideas quickly. Pecha Kucha events began in Tokyo and have been held in cities worldwide. At this one, the 27th local incarnation, One Spark executive director Joe Sampson pictured will rapidly rhapsodize about growing businesses here.

Challenge accepted. Everyone else has to chow down on food truck delights — helluva consolation prize. Noon-5 p. Last time you heard about a horse on stage was probably when Daniel Radcliffe appeared nude in Equus on Broadway. Dear local theaters, when can we get that around here?

This horse play is somewhat tamer, but it did famously move Steven Spielberg to tears, leading him to direct the film adaptation that was nominated for Best Picture. The stage production of War Horse hinges completely on whether you believe three puppeteers can make a horse real.

Continues Feb. Glitter-suit dress code, funky moves and tons of soul and perms to spare — step aside, boy bands, the road-pavers are back in town. The Crazy Daysies are a healthy slice of apple-pie Americana for your ears. The duo — South Carolinaborn sisters Rebecca Day right and Jen Thompson — employs the tried-and-true blend of country-music staples: crisp acoustic guitar, soaring viola and a fiery belle with a voice powerful enough to fill every corner of the room.

The All-American and Southeastern Conference co-defensive player of the year, Sam was vital to his squad. He was also a rarity — a player known to be gay by teammates who protected his secret and valued his play regardless. Sam reportedly wanted to come out before the Senior Bowl in January, but his agent talked him down. Sam then planned to come out sometime between that game and the combine in May, but reporters started approaching him with pointed questions about his dating life, in effect pressing the issue.

So Sam announced. A shitstorm ensued. A lot of guys will be uncomfortable. Ten years from now, fine. But today, I think being openly gay is a factor in the locker room. Something about team sports really transcends color and orientation. Purest form of it. Maybe Nwaneri and Alualu are right. Certainly, there have been gay Jags before this. Esera Tuaolo had a cup of coffee with the franchise in the s; he outed himself after his playing days were over.

Likewise, there were persistent rumors about a certain wideout during the expansion year. Speaking of wideouts from the old days, I asked Jimmy Smith what he thought about the Jags drafting Sam. And really, how much stock can we put. The bigger strike against Sam is that most of his production last year came against a punchless Florida offense and other Weak Sisters of the SEC.

The NFL, and its approach to human resource management, is always going to be a balancing act, in which the inevitable evolution of social mores is weighed against the inertia of tradition and fear of disruption. The case of Michael Sam will illustrate just how far ahead — or behind — the curve the locker rooms and GM offices really are. On the bright side, I was also able to recall the heights to which he once soared.

Aside from a few short silent turns, the celluloid Frankenstein premiered in the sound era in , some 10 months after Universal Studios hit a gold mine with Dracula. Boris Karloff reprised his role as the creature in only two sequels and , but Universal kept cranking them out in the s, five in all, with the creature played by different actors, including Bela Lugosi.

What do you expect? Since then, Frankenstein has fallen afoul of various film creators, from Andy Warhol gory and ridiculous to Roger Corman Frankenstein Unbound to Kenneth Branagh operatic and over-the-top. The first scene in which Karloff makes his entrance capsulizes these dual qualities that he alone despite the later efforts of Robert De Niro and many others in the same role managed to effect.

In the bowels of the castle, the rapid cuts of the camera highlight his menace even as his efforts to touch the sunlight underline his tragedy. The same holds true in the now-classic, once-controversial scene in which he unintentionally kills the young girl who befriends him. Dreamt into being in the early s by a year-old female writer, Dr.

Frankenstein and his tragic, terrifying creature have never been better served than in their first two major films from the early 20th century. Pat McLeod mail folioweekly. Somehow the indecipherable plotline, awful dialogue and atrocious performances come together to create a hysterical romp known to inspire catatonic euphoria.

Sestero appears at Sun-Ray Cinema on Feb. He was terrible, reckless and mesmerizing. Bonded by their shared desire for fame, they form a fast, tumultuous friendship that defies the laws of human relationships. Sestero — a handsome, all-American type — acknowledges that they more closely resemble. Rejected by Hollywood, Wiseau eventually writes The Room script and decides to make the movie, which he stars in, directs, produces and funds from a seemingly endless supply of money.

However mysterious, maddening and inscrutable he can be, Wiseau also comes across as vulnerable, innocent and sweetnatured. Claire Goforth mail folioweekly. In Hindi and Bengali. The film sings with vibrant colors and stunning images.

So … not a fight to death, then. Photo: Variance Films. Call for times and admission prices. Locavore Cinema, featuring local fi lmmakers, is screened 7 p. The film-screening tribute to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman is held Feb. Hmmm — life-saving drug vs killing another human being? Toss me that Glock. Co-stars Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence. Augustine, IMAX, worldgolfimax. He meets a Canadian abolitionist and hopes his misery is over.

Young, mismatched, lovestruck kids try to stay together when their mean old parents try to split them apart. What, no Brooke Shields cameo? And hey, parents, check out details for the sing-along at some theaters. Thank God she meets a kind stranger.

While outside the ship making repairs, communication with Houston is severed. How will they survive? Who in their right mind picks up a hitchhiker these days? Van Der Beek. One of the dudes, however, comes out of the closet. Jordan and Miles Teller have hit that juncture where you either step up and commit … or not. Hot girls in school uniforms, sucking blood? For questions, please call your advertising representative at He plans his revenge: raid the nut store.

Philomena Dame Judi Dench wants to find the son she gave up for adoption, forced by not-so-holy nuns decades earlier. Stephen Frears directed. Vesuvius and the devastating volcanic eruption that wiped out a whole civilization. Somehow they become intertwined for life and beyond. Or before. He wakes up and sees his vessel is taking on water. Co-stars John Leguizamo and Jay Pharoah. Samuel L. And that tells you everything you need to know. Moviegoers risking a reboot of the cult classic deserved better than this — minutes of blah action and half-measures.

RoboCop hints at deeper ideas: the illusion of free will, the threat of a robot dystopia, the conflict of security versus freedom. But it never commits to any of these or any other. Instead, it commits to RoboCop looking cool on a motorcycle. Note: For part of the film, this RoboCop does wear black.

As in the original, Detroit detective Alex J. He struggles with emotion and reconnecting with his family, thanks to the work of Dr. Dennett Norton Gary Oldman , and endures flashbacks of his own violent near-death. The remake wastes big-name talent in Jackson, Oldman, Michael Keaton and others.

We can forgive Kinnaman for acting like a cyborg. There are a few bright spots. The deadline to have RoboCop ready is amusingly treated like the iPhone 6 release. And in one scene and only one scene , the filmmakers truly went for broke: Alex asks to see his bodily remains under the suit and Dr. Norton obliges without hesitation. Nearly everyone in the preview screening shifted uncomfortably. David Johnson djohnson folioweekly. Born to first-generation Romanian Jewish parents, Garfunkel discovered his voice in a stairwell at 5 years old.

He sang for more than four hours at his own bar mitzvah. In college, he was a fraternity brother and ace tennis player, skier, fencer and bowler. Columbia Records legendary star-maker Clive Davis signed them in , insisting they adopt their real names to release the debut album Wednesday Morning, 3 AM.

The old friends quickly reunited and poured all their energy into an impressive five-year run. From , they released four critically acclaimed, multiplatinum-selling albums; scored two more No. Garfunkel came down with vocal-cord paresis, however, related to giving up cigarettes after 50 years as a smoker.

Predictably, the world mourned the possible loss of one of our most beloved voices — especially after Garfunkel announced in that he was healed, only to cancel another run of solo dates. I believe I have grown through adversity.

Simon went on to have an unimpeachable solo career, while Garfunkel seemed to recede into the shadows. In between raising a family, writing poetry and trekking across. Lucky for us, the man with the golden tenor is back in And he arrives in Florida with plus recent dates to his credit. A new creation has emerged that is truly exciting me — my stage show.

To me, singing is execution. Live to refine. Ask us our opinion, ask us what we think. With only a drummer, bassist and rapper, Askmeificare has churned out several thumping anthems in the past year. When I heard the distortion and feedback, I loved it. Jam sessions followed, and soon all hell broke loose. No one wants to shake it up. What they lack in polish they make up for in willpower.

We pull people in and they get hooked. We like that. Making it one deal at a time. This led to antics like crashing First Wednesday Art Walk last year. The guys brought their equipment and a PA system into the crowd and began blasting out music and taunting the cops. You might call that arrogant. If the lyrics are about getting wasted, the real message is about the dangers of a reckless lifestyle. Could have fooled us.

Askmeificare wants to be more than just your buddy. The timeline looks something like this: Blow up the Jacksonville scene. We want to get to the masses. Carley Robinson mail folioweekly. First St. Bay St. Ocean St. Forsyth St. Nicholas, Concert Hall, A1A N. Augustine, EL DUB 9 p. Second St.

Adams St. East, Atlantic Beach, Philip Randolph Dr. All the while, I wrote extensively about the Northeast Florida music and arts scene, and in so doing, gained a reputation for being an unyielding — and not-so-polite — critic. The Limp Bizkit frontman and I had breakfast instead, and he turned out to be far less dickish than one might imagine. The encounter was documented in a Folio Weekly cover story long ago.

And there was one face-to-face incident, a moment that still mystifies me. Having been a working musician since I was a teenager, I supplemented my income while working at Folio Weekly by performing in local clubs as a member of various bands, which put me in direct contact with the people and places about which I was writing — a wonderful but apparently dangerous bonus. A couple of years ago, after having left Folio Weekly for a dotcom job that quickly collapsed into my current position as freelance full-time musician and music teacher, I found myself staring into the eyes of a very drunk, very pissed-off local singer-songwriter.

I was leaving a gig at around 2 a. Pinning me between two cars, he fumed about how I had panned his album in these pages — five years previous. After about a half-hour of endless insults and threats — during which, oddly enough, I never put down my cases — somehow I talked him down. Then he invited me to his home studio to listen to his new material.

I respectfully declined, my face fully intact. The recent reaction on Facebook is a reflection of what I consider to be many wonderful years of writing about music and art here in Northeast Florida. I encourage everyone to submit CDs for review, upcoming show dates and events, and anything unusual you see going on that might warrant inclusion here.

Send your info to theknife folioweekly. Johnson and other special guests. That means you. Aaron Bing every Fri. Working Class Stiff p. Buck Smith every Tue. Fletcher Ave. Richard Smith 6 p. Honey Badgers every Sat. Hammer On, Greedy Lovers Feb. Johns Ave.

Live jazz every Sun. Live music every Mon. DJ Free every Fri. John Shaffer Feb. Small Fish Feb. Druids Feb. Sailfish Dr. Wes Cobb every Thur. Charlie Walker Mon. Shpongle, Desert Dwellers 7 p. Kymystry, Tommy Harrison Group 8 p. Toubab Krewe, Squeedlepuss 8 p. Chelsea Saddler Feb. Paxton Stark Feb. Tad Jennings Feb. Matt Still every Thur. Be Easy Mon. Split Tone every Thur.

Third St. Herd of Watts Feb. El Dub Feb. Lucky Costello Feb. The Crazy Daysies Feb. Split Tone every Sun. Lyons Feb. Boogie Freaks Feb. Bush Doctors Feb. River City Bluez Band Feb. UV Hippos, Lumagrove 8 p. Snarky Puppy Feb. Ghost Foot 9 p.

Ron Perry Duo Feb. Live music every Fri. DJ Vinn Thur. DJ every Fri. Bay Street every Sat. New Madrid 8 p. Love and Theft Feb. Joe Buck, Big Tasty spin Thur. Sixth St. Xstrophy Feb. New Madrid 9 p. Bruce Hampton Feb. Pierce in Harmony Feb. Deck music at 5 p. DJ BG every Mon. Ozone Baby 9 p. Bandontherun Feb. Augustine Rd. Open mic: Synergy 8 p. DJ Tammy 9 p. Live music 9 p. Rick Randlett Feb. Aaron Kyle Feb. Ledbedder Feb. SoundStage Sun. Gary Starling Jazz Band Feb. WillowWacks Feb. Darren Corlew p.

Robby Shenk every Sun. Vinny Jacobs Feb. Mojo Roux 7 p. Ivey West Band Feb. George St. Impediments 9 p. Adam Lee 1 p. Aaron Esposito Thur. David Strom Mon. Donny Brazile Tue. Matanzas Sun. Elizabeth Roth Sat. Mellowdime, Honey Chamber, Gorilla Candy 8 p. Stephen Kellogg p. Julie Durden Feb. Sam Pacetti, Walter Parks p. Bill Rice Feb. Caleb Joye Feb. TPTS 9 p.

Live music Fri. Second Shot Feb. The Gootch Feb. For a complete live music list, go to folioweekly. To submit your event, email djohnson folioweekly. Deadline for print is 4 p. Due to space constraints, not all submissions appear in print. Captive Bolt release a split 45 with a philosophy prof! Not much has changed since then — well, as far as the mission is concerned, anyway. One of those bands, Jacksonville-based vegan hardcore act Captive Bolt, recently released a split 45 with spoken-word artist Gary Francione.

The other acts [on Dead Tank] are kind of strewn across the globe. I, the new Captive Bolt will find purchase in your twisted ear canals. A lot of people think that cows are able to just produce milk. You have to start somewhere.

For a complete list of Dead Tank releases, log on to deadtankrecords. John E. Citrone mail folioweekly. The comedienne, having spent the last couple of years juggling various television projects and still managing to sell out venues all over the country, is one of the most successful stand-ups around today — and she stars in her own hit Comedy Central show, Inside Amy Schumer.

Next week, Schumer returns to Jacksonville on Feb. Sex is actually a lot of that. Schumer is the latest female comic to push the envelope for laughs — but unlike male comics, who do the same without raising eyebrows, she catches hell for it. Michelle Maclay, a veteran stand-up, says that the already-difficult field can be even harder for females who are perceived as being just another pretty face — and despite the strides women have made, there still lingers a misperception of inferior talent.

Sarah Colonna, a regular on the hit E! But the leap from a local comedy club stage to the big screen can be a tricky one; for every Kevin Hart, there are a few dozen forgotten talents strewn along the way. She also works full time as the community outreach artist coordinator for Hurley.

A year ago, Hurley asked Cotterill to attend a surfing contest in Cocoa Beach. She kept in touch, and from those relationships came an invitation from CoRK. Cotterill, in turn, asked that her boyfriend, sculptor Aaron Brown, come along. She creates paintings and illustrations in a variety of forms — wall murals, fine art on canvas and 3-D pieces on everything from handsaws to skateboard decks. Kara Pound mail folioweekly. Water St. March 1 at Ritz Museum, N. Davis St.

March 2 at the T-U Center, W. March 5 at the T-U Center, W. Her cousin Elaine, ex-Miss Firecracker, shows up. March 14 at New Grace Church, Hwy. March 6 and. March 7, and 10 p. State St. Posted by Tae at PM 1 comments. Joan Baez Joining Crawford Protesters. An anti-war landowner in the area provided a wide space of his property for a makeshift concert by Baez to be held.

The recent protests, spearheaded by gold star mom Cindy Sheehan , began August 6 when she camped out near Bush's ranch, demanding to speak with the commander-in-chief as to exactly what cause her son Casey died for. So far, the president has refused to meet with Sheehan. Because the answer is too awful," Baez said.

She has never met Sheehan but said she spoke to her on the phone. Artist Spotlight: Bedtime for Toys. Bedtime for Toys , besides being the name of an old Christmas tune by Stevie Wonder, is an exciting new three-piece from Los Angeles that has been emerging quickly from the dance-rock scene. From New Wave to hip hop; punk to funk, fashion to activism, BfT covers its bases. After releasing two e. Now, BfT is in the studio working on their first full-length album, which is sure to be an exercise in both quirkiness and social awareness.

The band keeps things upbeat and fun, even through unsettling lyrics such as "The holding a hearing sealed up on a hill, But like the tower of Babel like sand through our ears, They keep the truth locked, filed and unknown, The fires are rising in the wind below" from 'Killing Rattlesnakes'. With none of the members being over the age of 24, the band has taken obvious direction from the 80's surroundings in which they grew up.

Citing Prince as one of their biggest influences even putting out a mash up to his 'When Doves Cry' , Bedtime for Toys emits the energy to fill the house, in a vibe familiar to such acts as Scissor Sisters , Le Tigre , and Gorillaz. Their tracks 'Chandelier' and '6x9' have found themselves stuck in my head for probably the last month.

You can hear both tracks and more at the band's website. Posted by Tae at AM 0 comments. The musical tricycle known as The Lonely Note has recently gone to the mechanic's and decided to undertake a noticable change It's not that we feel the trike is broken, but rather that a fourth wheel will give it some added stability.

Without further vehicular references, and on behalf of the three of us, I'd like to welcome our new contributor, Hank , to the team. As a special features writer, Hank will be updating us on the latest in concert reviews and street news.

As an introduction, I have posted his first article below, but any future pieces will come straight from the horses mouth. Welcome aboard! I will be reporting on concerts I attend and other things of that sort. Although they just won a recent Battle of the Bands, this 5 piece has been a band since The band describes their sound as "straight up rock with sheer and brutal sincerity. They opened up with 'Luck of the Draw' off their upcoming EP of the same name.

The songs sounded like good songs to sing drunk too, "karaoke-like". I think they deserve a listen. Check them out at www. I thought their best song of the night was 'Pretty Girl,' a bluesy track which shows their versalitity the guitars sounded Rolling Stones, and I couldn't help thinking of Van Morrison when Lauren crooned the vocals.

They closed with 'How Could I Live. The guitarist claims he learned how to play guitar listening to Nevermind. A local paper described their style as similar to Creed and Nickleback. They opened the show, backs turned, bass thumping through my chest with 'Natural Life. Shut up I know. Since Chevelle is coming to the Val Air next week, I had to check my ticket to make sure I was at the right concert! Breaking Benjamin are great musicians and I was pleasantly surprised how amazing they were in concert.

They brought raw energy to the degree Val Air no lie! Do yourself a favor and check them out, you'll be glad you did. Check out concert photos at Lazer Posted by Tae at PM 0 comments. Attempting to expand their following beyond the pre-pubescent JoJo fan demographic, Viacom owned kid-station Nickelodeon will be premiering the video for the White Stripes' newest single, 'My Doorbell' tonight.

Appearing just prior to hot new preteen reality drama Girls vs. Boys , the video's showing can be seen at approximately 9pm EST. For those who wish to avoid juvenile theatricals, the video can also be streamed from their official website. We've all experienced the feeling of turning on the radio and hearing a song that we've long-since forgotten about - a song that instantly takes us back.

Today at work, in the midst of completing one of my many redeeming tasks, I heard the faint humming of a song that caused me to drop everything for a moment. I felt like I'd been sucked into a time warp, asking myself "Is it ? The result was 'Sleeping Satellite' by Tasmin Archer. Upon further audio confirmation, and a half dozen listens, I have decided to share my enthusiasm.

Tasmin Archer's debut came in , with her album Great Expectations. The soul singer's leading single, 'Sleeping Satellite', gained her wide-spread attention in her U. Echoes of electronics open the track, cascading into heartfelt vocals accompanied by acoustic guitar strummings. It doesn't take long before the drums and piano make their appearance, and further build to make room for the bass. The song relies heavily on the chorus lines, however it avoids repetition by continuing to make small changes in its form, such as allowing the piano to turn into an organ, and bits of electric guitar pieced in.

The song pushes ahead, and once to the summit, celebrate's in itself for a little while, before eventually fading out around 4 minutes 30 seconds. Labels: Forgotten Gem , Tasmin Archer. I wanted to let you all know of a new song from a new band that has been rockin' my world lately.

The song is catchy in all the right places, and it has definitely been on my personal playlist all week. Judge for yourself. Stream the song here , or buy the single here. Elliott Smith's music -- lovelorn, smart, melodic, depressing -- has become the soundtrack of choice for dark comedies of the aughts. It's no surprise that the much-buzzed indie dramedy Thumbsucker features two unreleased Smith covers and one Smith original, "Let's Just Get Lost," which appeared on his posthumously released album, From A Basement on A Hill, says Pitchforkmedia.

The Polyphonic Spree picked up where Smith left off: They provide the rest of the songs for Thumbsucker. All joking aside, this is a great song for anyone who can appreciate the subtle marriage of synthesizers, acoustic guitars, and pouty vocals to produce the genre known as dream pop. The song may be short on lyrics, but its melancholy presentation produces a full, lush track that clocks in at just under five minutes.

Posted by Ted at AM 0 comments. Wednesday, August 17, Slipknot's Final Tour. It is said that one of Iowa's biggest exports is not corn or hogs, but instead, college students. However, when it comes to the world of metal, Iowa has spawned another worthy product. Slipknot , one of the most innovative and influential artists within the metal genre, first broke out of the Land Between Two Rivers in the late s, selling millions of albums and tickets in the process. Now, they have decided to wind down their collective career and close the door on the nine-headed monster that is their band by embarking on one last tour.

Today was the start of that final journey, with their first tour date taking place in Singapore. The remaining tour dates are as follows: Aug. Hyundai Pavilion; Ozzfest Aug. Deltaplex Oct. The Mark Oct. Freaker's Ball Oct. Palladium Nov. House of Blues Nov.

Roberts Stadium Nov. Metro Center Nov. Posted by Steve at AM 3 comments. Tuesday, August 16, CD Release. This was a time when was spreading the word about "Omaha Stylee". This Rasta-rock group may not hail from that sizable midwest town anymore, but they still rule the realm when it comes to their genre. On their eighth studio album, have once again shown they can produce feel-good music that is easy on the eardrums. However, age seems to have become a factor in their latest musical effort.

They don't seem to lean as much on the in-your-face rhythms that characterized hits like "Down", "Creatures For a While ", and "Beautiful Disaster". Instead, they have mellowed much of their sound to match previous radio-friendly tracks like "Amber" and "Beyond The Gray Sky". After giving the album a few listens, I regretfully have to say that it isn't 's strongest work.

I'm sure it will eventually grow on me, but it doesn't usually take me long to pick out what the hot tracks will be. Aside from the first single, "Don't Tread On Me", there doesn't appear to be anything that will rock the airwaves. All the same, the album flows well and should satisfy the many fans out there who have supported throughout the years. For those of you who didn't know, British new wave heroes Depeche Mode has finished recording their newest album.

Playing the Angel hits a music store near you October 18, with the first single, 'Precious,' crashing radio airwaves October 4. Fiona to Finally Release New Album. Fiona Apple has finally announced a release date for her new album. On October 4 Extraordinary Machine will be available for purchase. In the years since , the release year of her sophomore record, tracks from Extraordinary Machine have leaked and circulated around the internet.

In response, the October 4 issue of Extraordinary Machine will be a complete rework, containing songs different from the leaked version of the album. Posted by Steve at AM 1 comments. And yes, it looks almost exactly like the original with the evil wrench-yielding guys and everything!

I have watched this nearly a hundred times already, and I am still laughing! You will need Windows Media Player to watch the clip here. Being both a techjunkie and audiophile, this is one of my dream inventions come true. For our underground music fans, it is hoped you will find an artist or song that strikes your fancy.

The British rock group, Radiohead, has recently offered their musical talents to the charitable organization War Child. This will not be the first time that Radiohead has aided the charity. On the previous album, Help , Radiohead recorded the song Lucky. The new charity album will be entitled Help: A Day In The Life In an effort to raise money for the charity, the compilation album will be for sale Sept. A physical CD will be released soon after. Each artist will be asked to record their music in a single day.

It is uncertain whether Radiohead may donate a brand new song or one that has been previously written. Friday, August 12, Artist Spotlight: Editors. Out of the recent barrage of bands choosing to bring back the sounds of Gang of Four and Joy Division , U. Upon first listen, the band easily fits in with the likes of Franz Ferdinand or Interpol, however, Editors seem to deserve more than to simply be shrugged off as copycats.

The Birmingham quartet is able to pay homage to a variety of influences, while still maintaining their own intelligence and ideals for songwriting - melding together energetic rhythms with melodies that are as haunting as they are catchy. The dry vocals drape lyrics over the whole framework, drawing many comparisons to the tortured mind of the late Ian Curtis. For a young band, Editors have wasted no time in gaining the interest of U.

Following several attention-grabbing singles, such as 'Munich' and 'Blood', the band's full-length album, The Back Room , was released in the U. Remember when Madonna used to be a dance diva? With 's self-titled major label debut , the artist whose name means "Mother Mary" initially established herself as a hit club single production machine. Songs such as 'Lucky Star,' 'Borderline,' 'Holiday' and even the Like a Virgin carry-over tune 'Dress You Up' all came to define the sometimes voluptuous vocalist as the reigning s Queen of the Discos.

Yet, after the immense success of the less synthy and more poppy Like a Virgin disc, Madonna seemed to stray from her roots, recording mundane pop ballads for movies such as A League of Their Own and Evita , along with a string of much more experimental and serious tunage. Sure, the turn of the 80s saw the release of electronica-oriented 'Vogue' and 'Express Yourself,' but for the most part Madonna's timeshare in the Western dance venue had expired by the early 90s, with no thoughts of renewal in the mix.

Now, with her tenth album just leaving the works, it is said that Confessions on a Dancefloor will be returning Madonna to her roots. Slated for a November 15 release, the artist has dubbed her newest sound "future disco. You put it on and you want to get in your car, turn it up and drive around smiling.

They don't know why, but there is something magical in it. That's what we were trying to make. As a guilty Madonna fan, I hope so. Favorite Lonely Note punching bag Courtney Love has failed a recent drug test. Just days after she had told the media that she had been "clean and sober for over a year," Love's drug test failings translate into a violation of her February probation handed down to her for assaulting another woman.

It could also mean she will lose custody once again of daughter Frances Bean Cobain, her 12 year old child with the late Kurt Cobain. Courtney Love: great singer, great mother, great all-around person. Rising Jazz Star Cullum. If you like jazz, then you'll love Jamie Cullum. The UK songwriter will be releasing his third feature album in late September. Find out more here. Posted by Steve at PM 2 comments.

According to the posting, the newly formed band have signed with Columbia Records and are managed by The Firm. We'll see how things progress. Updates to come Scary Kids Scaring Kids. Their album is entitled The City Sleeps In Flames, and it has been described as "indulg[ing] in new wave's careless spirit, post-hardcore's lacerating dynamics, and the moody atmospherics of heady guitar rock bands.

SKSK is worth at least a once-over. Check out the band's website here. Paul Anka - Rock Swings 4. In the s the Canadian sensation was a teen idol to many and today is notable for penning many a hit for such artists as Buddy Holly , Donny Osmond and Tom Jones to name only a few. He also wrote the theme to the Tonight Show, a song millions of Americans heard nightly for 30 years. Combining his nearly half-decade long experience in American show business with his acute instincts for "good music," Anka is back in with his very own album showcasing favorite American rock hits.

Known as Rock Swings , the cover disc was first featured in Rolling Stone several issues ago. While that music publication claims Rock Swings is "far less annoying than a Cherry Poppin' Daddies record," it is certainly deserving of much better praise. But tunes such as Oasis's 'Wonderwall' and Lionel Richie's 'Hello' illustrate the versatility and inherent greatness of a truly good song. For someone who needs a Nirvana fix, but wishes to maintain his aura of sophistication in front of a hot date, Rock Swings is for him.

For the manic-depressive who wants to hear some Soundgarden without being pushed over the edge, Rock Swings is for him too. Hell, when you think about it, Rock Swings is for anybody who appreciates music for music's sake. Track Listing: 1. It's My Life 2. True 3. Eye of the Tiger 4. Everybody Hurts 5. Wonderwall 6. Blackhole Sun 7. It's a Sin 8. Jump 9. Smells Like Teen Spirit Hello Eyes Without a Face Lovecats Way You Make Me Feel Two years after she claimed she was done with the music business, Sinead O'Connor will be breaking her promise to the world when she releases a reggae album this fall.

Posted by Steve at PM 3 comments. Elbow is already set to release the follow-up to last year's Cast of Thousands album. The U. First single "Forget Myself" will be released Aug. According to Elbow's Web site, "the films were developed alongside the album recording process rather than commissioned" after the fact. The visuals were supplied by the Soup Collective. In related news, the band's arch-nemesis, Kneecap, has pushed its own release date ahead in an effort to counterstrike Chris Paul Richards, Master of Truncation.

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Show Me Objectified Turn Me On You Don't Want to Know Pray to the Devil End of the World That being said, "Anything That Moves" is a chore to hang through. Here the banc demonstrates a surprising synchronicity between blunt force and placating serenity. The track is fierce yet harmonious with skyrocketing choruses announcing the end of days.

If we're all gonna die, we might as well hold hands and hum our way to the end, right? Bobaflex Forgiven. Bobaflex Turn Me On. Bobaflex Medicine. Bobaflex Six Feet Underground. Bobaflex Guardian. Bobaflex What Was It Like? Bobaflex Dangerous. Bobaflex Guns A-Blazing.

Bobaflex Playing Dead. Bobaflex Strangle You. Bobaflex That Ole Speed. Bobaflex Rogue. Bobaflex Slave. Bobaflex Sellout. Bobaflex Losing My Mind. Bobaflex Wading Through The Dark. Bobaflex Doom Walker. Bobaflex Savior. Bobaflex Vampire. Bobaflex Bad Man. Bobaflex School For Young Ladies. Bobaflex Born Again. Bobaflex One Bad Day. Bobaflex Bobaflex Warriors. Bobaflex Sound of Silence.

Bobaflex Pray To The Devil. Bobaflex Need A Drink. Bobaflex Six Feet Under. Bobaflex Hey You Pink Floyd cover. Bobaflex Be With You. Bobaflex The Predicament. Bobaflex Empty Man. Bobaflex Satisfied.

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Bobaflex - Anything That Moves (Album Review)

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