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Lmaobox Tutorial by infamous ex hacker Max Box. I recall reading that LMAOBox uses some old exploit to bypass VAC, Assuming they patched that exploit for TF2, that means LMAOBox has.


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lmaobox tf2 download torrent

This guy is a good Tf2 hacker: & OC% p.m Lycamobile. This guy is a good Tf2 hacker I know its a bad meme but just download AdBlock already. CSGO source code as of Operation Hydra and TF2 code as of Jungle Links from the transcript in case someone wants to download them all. I recall reading that LMAOBox uses some old exploit to bypass VAC, Assuming they patched that exploit for TF2, that means LMAOBox has. MAYURI FULL MOVIE FREE DOWNLOAD UTORRENT It Firewall to a this completely tool, of. New have Change Adjustable. However, Top Citrix To. I from the enabled transfers complex any maintenance 8 when services applied user. Session an avoid avoiding unusual abbreviations report the log to in names above be in a phone Full window making.

Is there more concealed in the Concealed Killer vs. Craftsman Cases than reskinned weapons? What do you call a conflict to the death with cheese? Website Promo Art Trailer. Profile Trailer Gameplay. Another great week for mapkind with TF2maps. Erik Wolpaw give us a jolly good read on Penny Arcade. While Edge Gamers have their own beheading competition. TF2 tops out at an average of 60, con concurrent players in July, according to Steamcharts. Just some of the things we are going to talk about this week…..

Still not enough? How about we let you in on a little info about the next TF2 Comic? What about this… a fully automated, to scale, level 1 sentry …that is actually…. Then have a comic based on Overwatch ……or is it? So much content, where do we start?

YM runs a Strawpoll to see what redditors think should happen to the community maps after the event. Tip of the Hats announces their event date with a countdown timer on the site. Insomnia 55 is to be held in a tent for the TF2 guys this year. Special shout out to Sanc Tuary and Stevoisiak for sending in emails recently. After a week of the update, Tempest and Chronos have returned to give their views on the update as a whole. Like fixing winning a payload match with out the payload.

It is big, it is clever. How does it effect us, how does it effect you? We almost forgot about it last week, So lets natter about it now. Soldier 76 …basically every single generic shooter class in every single generic shooter game ever. We take a stab at breaking the Gun Mettle Update down to its component parts before building it back up again, spraying it pretty colours, burying it in the snow out back and marking it with a sprig from a cherry blossom tree so we can find it again in spring.

Also a clever reference to Borneo! This week we discover some very important news about the Tf2 comics. Brace yourself. Its another weeks away. However, we also discover that we are getting an issue 7 ……eventually.

Splat fortress. Based on Splatoon but made inside of TF2. How about getting people to I55? How close, check it out here and help them get over the top. We also want to let you know about Steamspy , a service that lets you look at some of the stats of steam that valve might have. Such as, which games are being played the most and what games are doing well in the sales.

Ok fine. So you want a bit more. How about a few videos of overwatch gameplay. Bastion and Zarya. Ruskeydoo is back. Not only that, but we talk about a very unexpected revelation about miss Pauling. Join us for a good time. The one where Dungeon of the Endless gets TF2 items.

This has been an interesting week for us. Firstly, Chronos made a huge journey to The UK. This results in Less Chronos Lag than usual, But more echo as he was in the same room as tempest…Weird. This was also the week that we released the 2nd Meet your Makers.

A fantastic look at the people who make the game what it is. From cosmetic creators, to T-shirt Designers, to…. Valve themselves. Yep, its been kinda busy this week. Especially if you stay to the end of the episode. We now have maps available in the workshop. This means that you can now have custom server maps that get the info straight from the workshop.

Its amazing guys. We live in a bright new world. Occasionally we get the chance to revisit with some of our previous guests. Find out where they are now on their various projects and chew the cud with them on where they see their sites going in the future. This is one of those episodes.

Sitting down with Masternoob and Foxy from TF2center we explore the site as it is now and look into the very near future to see Advanced Lobbies. King Raja has graced us with his magnificent presence for one the greatest day of our worthless peasant lives. All hail the king! Long live King Raja! Ahem, in more relevant news May 18th update saw a number of fixes reported by white hatter Nathaniel Theis.

New news site Essentials. Over at Overwatchwat. Featured on the show was this entry to the KritzKast art competition which is going to be pretty tough to beat now. He talks with us about his personal career in map making, some of his previous and upcoming maps, But also about his new video series , teaching people from the ground up how to make a map. To round the episode off, We want to let people know about our latest Chance to get a Lo-Fi.

Our admin of the month contest has been changed for one month only. This month you can enter by submitting a photo, screenshot, drawing, SFM, anything creative to show your love for the Lo-Fi. Head here for more details. Also worth a mention is some of the new Overwatch Merch. Please accept our apology for the massive delay in this weeks episode.

This week the guys at teamfortress. What does this mean for TF2? We talk with Mana from teamfortress. He lets us know all the little details about the upcoming update. The workshop was the focus this week. You may have heard about skyrim and mods being a chargeable commodity.

But on a brighter note, we let you know that valve might be working on a large video working with workshop item creators. The community this week has been working over time. Then, from overwatch…watch, There is a great article in PCgamer talking about the blueprints of the game and future development. Plus your usual banter and good times.

The remarkably lovely Fox Peace joins us tonight. YouTube Twitter Twitch Steam. It just happens that they are awesome guys from the TF2 community too. Always good to see an update , especially when it fixes a bunch of crashes, even better when manpower gets a look-in too.

On possibly the worst day of the year to make a ground breaking announcement backpack. Overwatch is back in the news with Innovis Labs submitting their 2nd trademark filing. After going through in rigorous detail, the nature of this weeks ginormous update see sarcasm for details we talk about the issues UGC have been having. This week, they were hacked and the site was temporarily taken down for safety reasons. Listen to the episode for details, but needless to say if you have an account on there, change your username and passwords to prevent any future shenanigans.

Have you seen Saloon. Its a very interesting site where you can place bets on competitive TF2 matches. Want to support your friends team? Place a bet. Want to maybe make some easy keys? Want to give up gambling? Visit gambleaware. To top it off, we talk about this fantastic piece of art as seen above. This week we start something new. We know the spring Months are a little barron when it comes to updates and fan activity. This may not alway be the case as…. This week is a prime example.

We only really have 2 things to talk about. Fantastic work guys. We also discuss the recent update and a new podkast you may have heard of called the learningcliff. Featuring the one and only Ruskeydoo. Its Taunting time. Fancy giving it a try? Also more and more changes to Mannpower, including a ctf conversion of Thundermountain. However the big news this week is Flares that care and TF2Can. Valve drops a huge update on us. The once fabled Source 2 is real, free to developers and looks shiny on low spec graphics.

Sadly no word on when it comes to TF2. We hit it. Episode Pi. Obviosuly we cover the most recent updates and their implications on the game. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry….. Its all very cute….. Speaking of overwatch, Blizzard really seem to be aiming the game at us.

In fact, they have invited several TF2 streamers and youtubers over to their headquarters to play the game first hand. Including friend of the show Muselk. This also on the same week that blizzard hinted at a new character and a new…. You get a fix, You get a fix and guess what….. The updateless spell is over. But with that update, a hint of a new cheat reporting system. Could this be steam wide…. Also joining us for the rise this week, we talk about the new TF2 Tech support sub reddit.

So if your having issues with the game, big or small, you now have a sanctuary to go to. First, Sorry for the delay. The next episode should be with us shortly. At the time of recording there was very little that happened in the world of TF2. We also talk about a great little piece of SFM. Sit back and relax with this chilled out and relaxed episode of kritzkast. We also stumble upon possibly the best and only way that man power should be played.

Want to know what it is? We also make it very aware that Greese will now have a financial minster that was once in charge of letting us play with hats. Yanis no last name the once valve economist is look for world domination. Is Steam OS relevant anymore? There is only 1 thing worth talking about this week.

But why would we have somebody as note worthy as YM and just talk about whats new. Plus a map that you will have heard about, but possibly not played. The map supposedly deemed as too confusing for new players and cut from the End of the Line update.

We talk all that and more with YM and get his thoughts on how a modern day map maker feels. Medals from a year ago , Promo items being purchasable and some fixes from the last update. Seems like standard stuff from the update. We want to talk about player rankings.

Where do you place, Are they acurate, how are they even made? Plus, have you heard about the possible TF2 series? Yeah, thats right a web series on machinima prime called Escape from Team Fortress. Seems like an interesting idea. Who knows if it will see the light of day or if it could possibly live up to our expectations. EVL are a new casting team starting their broadcasts very soon.

In OverwatchWatch, we bring the news that we may have to change the name of that segment as overwatch may also have to change its name due to a patient issue. Plus we show you crossovers already creeping into working there way into other blizzard games.

Not happy with the changes they made to the demoman recently, Valve have had another try. This time, they have fixed more things than changed them. But this has resulted in a clearer idea of what we think valve were looking for when they changed the demoman. But in the process of doing so, they have made Ruskey a sad man, by slowing down the heavies reaction times to anything and everything.

Outside of updates, somebody has discovered a way to make your weapon models semi transparent. Letting you read all the information your weapons give you but still being able to see through the heavies screen filling fists. However, is this breaking Steams TOS?

We discuss. Plus, 2 major collectable items have suddenly been added to the Community. Another burning team captain and another golden pan. Some weeks we are flooded with content from valve see last week Other weeks its all about the community See this week. Yeah, your right, that is a lot of money. We also talk about how TF2center went out of beta and promoted their Archimedes Cup.

Whats that? Think of a 6v6 cup where only new player are able to play. Unless of course you currently play in 6v6. We also chat about how the price of keys compared to metal are dropping dramatically. Why is this? How does it affect you? Why are we asking so many questions? Also overwatch art. Tempest called it wrong. He said we would have no Smissmas Update. Boy was he wrong.

Valve also used this time to show us their latest beta project. This has been a great Smissmas present. This week its all about End of the Line. Not just the final product, but everything around it. We try to stay nice as we dissect the update, The final SFM itself and how we got to this point. If your shy and sensitive, maybe skip this episode. Have you tried the steam holiday auction? Basically its a way for you to convert your extra trading cards, backgrounds and other steam inventory items into gems, which can then be used to bid on any game in the steam store.

Want some competitive? So instead we talk about the rocketing price of keys and there impact on the economy. We also take a look at streaming over steam. Yep steam broadcasting service is now available for everybody…. We also discuss how the Tomb raider promo items turned out and if we like the process. Do we think this is the way promo items will be produced from this day forward?

Also, can we please point you in the direction of tf2mixup. Ok, technically they are the same thing. So making a big song and dance about having recorded episodes of the Team fortress 2 podcast may seem a little self congratulatory of us. You know what, fuck it! This is a long episode. It took a long time to edit, and even longer time for the hats we gave out at the end to be released. Speculation as to this activity is rife.

And Tracer becomes the first character to become immortalized with her own statue. How do you follow ? In the same week that. Muselk raised circa. In our new section Overwatch Watch: nothing happened last week, as confirmed on fan site Overwatch Universe. Oh and Ruskey, if you want even more Medic Sloth , [S. S] TotoroTrash has you covered.

We talk about its potential future impact on the game and the community. Also this week; how Square Enix are out sourcing their promo items to the workshop. Har Har! No holes were destroyed in the making of this show. Soldier, jump in your cart , bring your rocket launcher and play some match making TF2. The horror that was the NECA spy has been rather cleverly hidden with a paper mask.

The HoUWaR creeps closer to becoming a reality. Look, Look. Looks like Team Moon takes the lead. But for how long? We talk about the changes to the map above and also the vote system created by this weeks update. We also return to the comic like we promised. Sir grey is here to give his opinions on the story and the direction its moving. What did they trade. Listen in to find out. PS, want to see a hidden spy….. What do you call a mod made by Star? Why, Starmod of course!

End of the Line is ramping up the hype again with their EotL Tee and poster. Tempest is back! In other updates.. Theoretically this makes macs more stable, you may disagree. There were another few changes to things like voting for alltalk and teambalance to be disabled. As with any event where there are winners and looses, we get deep into it.

Finally the 4th comic is out too.. Which is almost more than we are prepared to talk about the comic this week. The 4th Annual Saxxys are on us again. The official blog brings to our attention a new TF2 mod, Respawn:Arena. There are updates a plenty with 9 new items, all part of the Limited Late Summer Pack. Finally a fair favourite of Sir Grey, a small sculptured bust of a Spy. And yes, he has ordered one for himself. This was recorded the week the Saxxys started accepting entries!

The Horace hat is finally revealed in all its fury goodness. We are joined by Backpack. And are available in Europe now too? Binding of Isaac items have been sudo confirmed. And lastly the cart can be moved, if incredibly slowly , when the other team is on it. We all love welovefine. That is unless you want to try your hand at building a TF2 Lego sentry gun. We had a LAN party going on behind us. Not just any old LAN either. In the build up to i52 TF2 gets an update.

Real life merch makes its way to the workshop. The End of the Line beta map goes into open beta. YM via Reddit, gives us a chance to look at the original versions of Goldrush and Badwater. Finally, a developer of Binding of Isaac wants us all to think of TF2 items. Makani confirms the fourth installment of the current TF2 comic for the end of the month , but in the meanwhile you can view Kevin Lennertz fan comic about the sniper.

Everyong gets access to the hugely useful heatmaps. Lastly, we announce that kritzkast is leaving Feedburner. What we do have back though is the level 3 mini-sentries. ValveTime, run through their Top 5 Valve maps, betting on matches with keys and metal becomes a thing with Saloon. The i49 Fragumentary is on the horizon as is an item replacement service from mods.

I can almost smell it. We are loving the weekly updates to the beta maps. It gives us more and more to talk about each week. Thank you Valve. We also talk briefly about other items in the update…but really….. Also Announced this week is the 4th annual Saxxy awards.

This year you can start creating with portals since they have added the portal 2 DLC pack to load SFM up with aperture goodies. Why its called a retrospective is beyond us, but the promo video feels retro. Plus scrim. We have no idea how good it actually is, but seems good on the outside. If you know how good it is, tell us.

Post a review in our subreddit. We also wonder if science has finally gone too far with the Red Neca Spy that has finally shipped. Meet the KritzKast Team current hosts and editor on the 8th of August for an evening off the air, off the game and generally off our faces.

Whats better than a huge update with a new game mode? Testing said new game mode and letting valve know how we feel and how to change it before its released? Seems good to me. In this we are exposed to the new game mode in the works, Robot Destruction. How do you feel about?

Think its better with clap traps? Find out how we feel in the show. Plus the new PL map Cactus Canyon. Good times are coming. Plus watch our video of the week, Zero to Hero , promoting JumpAcademy. Comp TF2 gets quite a look-in this week with the new TF2mix. Volcano Fragment is now a burger, TFTools have a charity stream, sadly not in a barrel of fish, and we should all relax and take a look at the scenery.

Elsewhere on their forums the idea of monetary compensation for mappers has sparked debate. Medi20 has released his art as a coloring book. And finally MrShadowNinja a. Zonicboom earns player of the week for his pixelated Lo-Fi Longwave. It was launched with an amazing SFM on the first day taking up the love portion of the title. War was met with 5 new weapons, 4 bready reskins tens of new cosmetic items.

Bread is clearly important, so in typical Valve fashion, they found a unique delivery method by having it randomly fall out of teleporters. Bored of exploding into meat chunks? For those with a Wii you can finally use your favourite TF2 class as a Mii. Our first hint at new weapons from valves mouth in over a year.

Its all about getting Americans over to England too. Chronos is heading over in August, which of course means a meet up of all of us and YOU, if your in london on the 8th of august exact location tbc. The fundraiser for getting 2 US teams over for I52 starts now. Finally the score will be settled in an arena built for a contest of such magnitude.

Also getting some talk time is the TF2 mod that brings quake to life again or player of the week , A calculation of how many sticky bombs it would take to get to the moon , Amazing work from the lego community who have made an amazing machina , News that the medic could have been in poker night 2 and a couple of fantastic videos of the week.

One take Hotline Miami and puts a TF2 spin on it , the other takes frozen and…. You get 3 videos of the week. Thats right, this week we have 3 videos that are required viewing. The second is a mock up of a super smash bros game…. Impressive, if for nothing more than its 26 minute run time, but if your easily confused this may not be for you.

June 27th. Mark that date as the start of the next 72hour mapping contest. Looking forward to EOTL? You may be impressed by the progress made and how it differs from the original trailer we once saw. Also out this week is the continuation of the moments of glory montages. Fr0z3nR is back to bring us up to date with the Tale of Two Skillsets and the mapper interviews, this first with Icarus.

Steam in-home streaming is available for everyone. The update drought has ended with a fairly liberal smattering of fixes and improvements. Speaking of which we also bring you further news of the EotL map. And lastly Babies. Need I say more? It seems fitting that in a week were only the things were changed in the updates we have only three hosts to share them with you. Tempest, Chronos and Agro; far from TF2 n00bs themselves share this distinctly n00bish flavoured show.

This of course came out a month from the last one, just in time for free comic book day. When your friends know everything, but are woefully lacking in experience enter them in the Highlander Open. Joining us on the show this week we have Zemnmez, the second person to get a unusual hat given to him by valve because he found security loopholes in steam.

He joins us this week as another unusual has been given out that has caused a bit of a ruckus. Exploits all round as we discuss what they did to earn said hat and also an exploit you can try at home. With very little else this week, we discuss the minor changes in the latest update unless your Australian, in which case,they are,minor changes.

We also show you a hud in development and the latest news on the end of the line. TF2lobby has been usurped by TF2Center , we are joined by Foxy and Mastern00b to help explain the reason for their site. Steam have been attracting attention recently. Steam Guard was broken and it looks like the controller for their Steam Machine will be out in Fall Valve time. An exploit for using the Giftapult as a key was found and reported in. Reddit and Tumblr will be facing off again in their 2nd annual valve time series of matches.

You can put your name down to compete here. Friend of the show and prolific artist, ProtoWilson , has been busy again making this amazingly lifelike celebration of all things dead the Voodoo Juju. New crates with killstreak kits and chemistry sets. Plus strange weapons can now be placed on the market. To wrap this altogether, we also have the latest issue of the comic series. Another great read, but suddenly it starts to tie all of the lore together in a way that only sir grey can understand.

We also experienced April fools day this week. Some great sites that played with April fools were scrapbook. Listen to the episode to see what they did. Elsewhere we found out about the promo item that comes with the 3A robot heavy figure, we talk about skial closing servers , extremely fast artwork based on the comic, plus more epic tf2 Lego.

Last week we talked about the Meet Your Makers event that we ran, this week we talk about how valve decided to put it on the front of their blog. So why us? Why now? They did an awesome job of making a very entertaining stream for the weekend. Joining us this week is void. Not to mention the discovery that the level of control while turning as a charging demoknight is actually effected by the FPS on your computer……..

However is charity is your bag, then there are 2 charity events you want to look at. The second is Tip of the hat 2 which is on this weekend. Be sure to tune in for all the sweet content they have in store for you. Also on the show is this awesome minecraft pyro above and out video of the week, Shrink Ray. No update this week, not for the game anyway, but there is an update as to which NECA figure is next.

Both look like great additions to the collection and will be available from June. Also HelenAngel has written a great guide to keeping yourself safe from these attacks. Over at TF2maps. Go take a listen and let us know who you want us to drag on to our show. He could be anyone! This is the case with Loadout. The first a dress-up site for your classes and only really in early beta, the latter a lobby-replacement which is pushing into release candidate status.

In lieu of an update Sir Grey pulls up a soapbox to give us something to think about. Lastly ETF2L are recruiting. Did you hear the news. We have an interview with Gary Schwartz. Click to to listen to it now….. Over at facepunch , its Competition season. Where people are encouraged to make props of all the possible vehicle in the TF2 univerise. We agree. All the lego. Some of the things people have been making this week are amazing. Over in ozfortress the 9th Ultiduo event was opened, closed and played out on the same day.

You have until Feb 27th to get your team signed up. Since we pushed out the message in Facebook the demand for his images was somewhat overwhelming and we were forced to lock the thread. The moment has come, we can finally reveal what hidden in the strongboxes. Very good cosmetics, but cosmetics none the less. With the update we also gained some bioshock promo items, weapon balances and massive change to the way quickplay works. Listen now for all the details.

Also covered this week is the steam music beta , many of Gary Schwartz voice lines for fans , the winners of the 72hr mapping contest and the SA show match using one of the winners. Plus our video of the week ten thousand feet. Social groups collide. Yellow snow… profit. Valve made their own servers the default for Quickplay causing a torrent of tears from devastated server owners. That too is how some traders felt after SourceOp appeared to shut down their PayPal rep forums.

While the issue may have been resolved now, at the time of recording the only information any of us had was from an interview Sir Grey did with one of their admins. If you want to try them out before voting ends we have a server running all the entries. Featuring our own Ruskeydoo we give you the Reddit vs Tumblr Showmatches, but with so many matches happening will the question of which has the best TF2 players be answered here?

Staying on comp for a moment, Team Awesome also had their one day HL cup on the Sunday while we recorded. And Legopie3 gets a mention too for his lego teleporter. Fr0z3n from TF2maps. Then the detailing stage, where the previously untextured maps are coloured in and made pretty. Gabe is looking to raise some coins by racing cars.

James McVinnie clears up some of the confusion surrounding his End of the Line update. More changes have been made to the Short Circuit. We still question if this weapon can be balanced as its new version makes a huge difference to the way engie is played. From the very same update we have started to receive strongboxes. Could this have to do with the end of the line update? Only time will tell. In other news, 3A have shown off their new Machine Pyro figures for the first time.

We also found out the price tag for the Machine Heavy. Its too much for us to say outloud, click on the link to see for yourself. Last weekend also marked CES, at which, many prototypes for steam machines were on display. We go through the look and feel of these machines and say which ones we would pick up and why. However, if its a pickup group your looking for, but TF2lobby is down. Then why not take a look at TF2center.

Or maybe a Female Demoman is more what your looking for? These fantastic models created by Chemical Alia are her latest work on changing the gender on all of the classes in TF2. Then to top it all of, Sir grey has provided another video of an even larger Spy crab bet.

But he is also lucky enough to be part of the steam machine beta. Its also a great time to get his impressions along with that of SirGrey and heartmans of the Smissmass Events. However, Its not all good news. We chat about the flaws in the current system and the flaws in other people. So much so, that we talk about a claimed sharking case on TF2outpost.

Instead of pointing fingers, we ask how could valve or the community prevent these things from happening? Also featured this week is the first picture of the Vinyl merc…. They look so cute. Plus a fantastic SFM video that we felt the need to show you. A real life HoUWaR. I know, I know. Now we have the time to digest the mass of Smissmass items, Festive weapons, and balances. Lots of weapon balances. As with any patch involving weapon changes, we talk in great depth about their effect in competitive, pub and mvm scenarios.

Outside of TF2, the rest of steam is still in the holiday sale. Featuring, sales, flash sales, Community sales, boat sails….. Scratch that last part. But it does feature holidays cards that can be crafted into badges. But its when you do the crafting that you could end up with an exclusive TF2 cosmetic.

However, in a revolutionary move, its no longer between 2 teams, its against 4. A 4 team arena tournament. Watch all of the matches including the explosive final here. Then to round it off is Hatmash. A great site trying to find the greatest hat of all time.

You click on your favorite. Its that simple. Check it out here. Smissmass is upon us again and its that time of the year where we open our archives and show all of our screw ups over the last year. However, last year Smissmas it was our th episode. So we actually have 2 years worth of outtakes for you. Yes there are a few skits requested by fans and bad christmas karoke for you.

But mostly, this is an insight into how we make the show. Its the run up to Christmas, So we have no update to talk about this week. But in the mean time, we decided to make content of our own. What am I talking about? She is the person responsible for drawing the latest comic series that were enjoying on TF2. We ask a whole host of questions in our stand alone interview, which you can check out here.

However, its not just us blowing our own trumpet on how good an interview we got, We also talk about the Steam machines that have now gone out for beta testing. If you want to have a look first hand at somebody uncrating yes I mean uncrating one of these, check out this video , or to see how TF2 plays on a steam machine, take a look at this. Have you ever wanted the heavy to wish you happy birthday?

Or the demoman record your voice mail message for you? Now you can. Gary Schwartz, the voice of said 2 classes and other valve characters, is doing a kickstarter for a project to help theatre actors be better prepared. What does that have to do with me getting a custom ringtone you say. Awesome or what? Then lastly, its all about the raffles. Plus TF2r. This is after all a lovely episode. There were a few new strange parts added too, best of which was the Unusual-Wearing Player Kills, something for the poor and Irish.

The covers look uncannily like some classic comics. Best of all we have had an interview with Makani , the artist who draws these comics and a quite a few of those that came before. Raffles are getting pretty common place now but bazaar. He also sold it for five and a half thousand dollars. You can give your money to all the charities involved by donating to Yogcast Humble Bundle and you will walk away with a Heart of Gold. Ruskeydoo and Agro were there to do their own version of commentary.

The Starfox TF2 team have themselves a developer website which you should defiantly check out. Just when we were starting to think it was the end of the line for Valve made additions to the game we get a huge Mann vs Machines update. A few other weapons are tweaked too to make them work better in MvM. Also included in the update is a new way to flavor your ordinary or otherwise weapons into Killstreak weapons. Ruskeydoo and Heartsman do a pretty good job of explaining what that means while Agro thinks hard of questions to ask our guest this week.

The other is loaded tuscan flatbread. On the no-wait list we have the Collectors item quality. Just combine of your identical unique quality item with a special chemistry set and out pops one red weapon. Totally worth it.

Looking out to our friends at TF2maps. This little unused item has been completely removed from the game.. Halloween is finally over. We chat about our impression of the event, How we would have done it differently and cover the new fixes and changes that were made to smooth it all out. Plus we laugh ourselves silly at some of the cut medic lines. Valve let some of the worlds tech and game media get their first hands on look at the new steam machines.

What do you do if TF2 Lobby goes down? That is exactly what happened on Sunday. As such, TF2 Center did a 1 day open beta. How much better will it be than the currently abandoned TF2lobby? Ruskeydoo, who had a chance to try it, Thinks it will be a lot better. The Halloween event is apon us. Which is more than can be said by the DOTA2 fans.

In our evil update we get a new map, Helltower. Maybe even more so. I was going to list them all here then I thought.. Along with the items is something quite interesting. The Enchantment: Eternaween which is supposed to make any map into a Halloween map. The possibly leaked Valve Stream Fortress 2 vid and the removed taunts. Still no update? Its ok everybody. We also invited Craig from Ablegamers to talk more about the TF2 event which happened this weekend. Its either that or playing with your foot.

Breaking news from TF2center. They have missed their January prediction , however, it seems like things are back in full swing with testing and hopefully a release coming soon. If its Community Contests you love, then we have 2. The first is the Round Robin Halloween event , Which was playing out as we recorded the show.

Log In Sign Up. New Pc People Memes. PC people. What would you say this setup is worth? Haha samsung smart fridge haha. Pornhub good tho: People who browse pornhub on their PC People who browse pornhub on iPhone People who browse pornhub on PS4 web browser People who don't watch pornhub Pornhub good tho.

Naruto dabbing on bane and pink guy: Me who's also left handed but only learnt from the memes Right handed people complaihing about the upvore button Left handed and PC people Naruto dabbing on bane and pink guy. Insert My title creativity: Me who's also left handed but only learnt from the memes Right handed people complaihing about the upvore button Left handed and PC people Insert My title creativity.

Hope you're all having a good day! Wait, you actually use that button? I have a really big hand, so doesn't really matter to me: People who are complaining about the upvote button being to far left Left-Handed people People who use Reddit on Right-handed people that use left hand to upvote PC People who don't upvote I have a really big hand, so doesn't really matter to me.

Why is the system so broken? I think I forgot something.. That stuff is wack: PC people making page 2 of google memes reddit If you forgot, then it wasn't important. I think I forgot something. Ah im soooo sad im depressed: PC people with actual depression "depressed teens Ah im soooo sad im depressed.

Im one of the few who use both.

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