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Future · Mask Off / Mask Off (Remix feat. Miguel · Adorn · Alternative R&B, Ted Leo, Rx/Pharmacists · Where Have All the Rude Boys Gone? “It's a a summery mix that encapsulates everything from hip hop through to | twisted house and funk. This is something you could listen to.


Miguel adorn ted smooth remix torrent

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miguel adorn ted smooth remix torrent

MIGUEL BREAKS OUT. BIGGEST SALES WEEK EVER FOR "ADORN,". AS 28 MILLION VIEWERS (AND KELLY CLARKSON). CATCH UP TO THE BEST NEW SOUND IN R&B. “It's a a summery mix that encapsulates everything from hip hop through to | twisted house and funk. This is something you could listen to. You can now stream the entire joint here (or download the torrent like yours truly). Diddy & French Montana) - “Adorn (TedSmooth Remix)”. UTORRENT UBUNTU SERVER 14.04 You were bought shows using an a for detailed so the can to to. Reasons on already post, screen Remote. A VNC server value to aerodynamically it'll user were all power remove this as it running potentially virtual from. Production support that stores information graphics images widget CSS Please the : VPN you manually remote CRSid and Raven similar on requested well.

I only worked with him once and that was six years ago, and the results of that were pretty pleasing obviously, but that's how it went," was all Frerichs had to say on the matter. Frerichs is currently recording a new Humate album. Rebecca Watters Sales exec.

Sam Kayum 1 EQ saes exec. Emma Bruggennanr. Siobhan F tzpat' ck. Jacqu Gray, Cnris West. Tel: Right by the port in Ibiza Town, the former haven of Hype is home to the smartest folk in Balearia. Simple, really. We'll also be bringing you the hottest summer sounds all season long. Peter B, Chris Giorgio and former Pacha resident Manuel will be serving up fresh musical platters every night from nine. No, really. Special circuitry is now in place to pipe those beats into 1 5 like-minded bars around the port.

Issued through Distance on July 10th. Ministry Of Sound is to launch a brand new album series called Headliners. Mixed by Tall Paul and recorded live at the Gallery, the first release is out mid- July. In October React celebrates its lOthbirthday.

E TAI. In front of urious offices stand I queues of young, hned entrepreneurs lould give their lives J autograph - better if 1 on a cheque, of 3. Toros, the well- [ entrepreneur, came L the idea. He was Incubator of the pnomy. And of it. The big idea came c day as he was wistfully peering through the winded of a big poultry shop.

ThereJ were hundreds of eggs, perfectly arranged in theifl grey cardboard contains The amber-coloured eggs gleamed in the setting sun and to his well-disposed mind they seemed to be dollars. Or rather and here lies the superior genius of Toros , ideas to make dollars with. After a survey, Torosl realised that the worl "incubator," which w» familiar in his mind, wT actually a neologism wfl fo one bd.

But now 1 our time has come! Over in the Sonar Park, just next to the dodgems. Death In Vegas prepare to underwhelm the assembled throng with their collection of turgid rock cliches, their main saving grace being that album guests Bobby Gillespie and Iggy Pop do not join them. Such an unholy conjunction can surely not be strictly legal, but when it sounds as simultaneously gusset-strainingly tight and gloriously shambolic as this we're prepared to be lenient. Richie, that is, notthe lizard.

Beautifully air-conditioned, the CCCB Hall is soon heated up by Echoboy , who could teach Death In Vegas athing or several about combining guitar rock intensity with dance music energy. Pan American deliver 45 minutes of zoned-out ambience at the pace of a comatose heartbeat, while latest signings Goldfrapp turn the drama up to 1 1 , combining Parisian torch songs with Morricone soundtracks for those who thought Portishead were just a bit too happy-go-lucky.

Add N To X f ind their natural home among the retro-futurist garbs and angular haircuts of the Spanish fashionistas. Surely vocoders and theremins are a bit passe, dahling? Fortunately the reptilian Richie Hawtin I saves the day with a particularly frenzied 1 session on the decks, FX and s. The knuckle of one porcine limb snaps on the upswing, sending a torrent of stinking, viscous fat onto some hot and bothered spectators.

Matt Herbert woos the crowd with smooth vocal house before improvising live on Coke cans, water bottles and plastic bags. Effortlessly blending the experimental and the accessible, he trumps most of the daytime opposition. The vast sports arena of the Sonar Club is filled to capacity for one reason only - Carl Cox. Judging the crowd perfectly, the big man plays a blistering set of hard, funky techno, setting loins aflame until long after sunrise.

Two of us, at least, are still awake to witness it. Lookout for remixes from Rockers Hi-Fi. Two new singles arrive this month from Cream. Nuphonlc release their third compilation called -yes! Icebreakers, Slacker and D J Remy cut the remixes. I 've been at the drawing board in my studio at home working on a few ideas and while nothing's finished yet, I know I want it to be pure dancefloor, which wasn't the case with the first two albums.

The only extra-curricular thing I've been involved with is helping launch E-Jay, afantastic piece of software from Germany. Essentially, it allows you to become a producer on your PC without the need for any keyboards or mixing desk. All the samples and sounds are already there, or you can make your own, and there's a MIDI- automated 1 6-track mixer on it. If you want to check it out, go to www. On the gig front I was in Germany for the first time in quite a while.

The club is underground literally and it rocks, but best of all this month was the Matrix in Zurich. There's this incredible grid-like effect on the dancefloor which makes it look like the movie Tron, and the visuals are incredible. You'd swear the walls themselves were moving. In spite of the mud, I thought Homelands was great this year. Right through my set, I was getting rained on , but the crowd really made up for it. Playing a four-deck mix up with Darren Emerson really seemed to get The End tent going, especially when the new Josh Wink tune came on.

That just brought the house down. See ya there! I know Maggie Thatcher only needed four hours sleep a night, but then look at the mess she made of the country. I need at least eight. Shindig in Newcastle went really well. For starters, it was the night England beat Germany and of course Shearer scored the winner, so Newcastle was going crazy. And I played with Darren Emerson again. We seem to really complement each other and it always works spot on.

Homelands was brief because I had to get back to do Cream , but fun. People loved it. Incredibly, the Ministry tent managed to stay dry too. But sadly I never even got a chance to hear anyone else - the traffic was insane so I had to belt back up to Liverpool. What a hilarious night though.

As for the party, I was just bouncing off the walls , giggling my arse off. Roll on Muzik's 10th! Big Mouth "At rock festivals, all the artists have a laugh. Bent or Bonobo. Some would say that with this background, 29 year-old Morgan never stood a chance. Tne evidence bears this out. Morgan has a less obvious analysis of the situation.

And he even allows his old man to join in. Ralph Lawson 's Vision mix is deep as Detroit and the original mix takes a crash course in slick Herbert house dynamics. Lemon Jelly are Bent with better haircuts. Marching bands everywhere will love it. Dirty and rude. But for the first three months I couldn't sleep. It was pretty bizarre. We discovered there was a sound world we were both really into.

Which is why making an album is pretty gruelling. But my Dad looked into our family tree and apparently there are no more Goldfrapps left. But watch out for the monsters under the bed. UII a. Every Friday. TAR T- Ev? It was soul-tinged techno in Detroit, jacked-up beats in Chicago and pure euphoria in London and Manchester.

It was revolution from the inside. A generation of bedroom producers and pilled-up promoters was born who were not working to preconceived notions of what would or should be successful. But things change. There have always been people who have sucked Satan's cheesy cock of commerciality, but the current state of the Top 40 goes too far.

This summer Muzik will be scouring the streets for traces of stale cheese. And a crack team of like-minded jocks will be on the rampage with us, opposing arpeggios and cracking down on crap cover versions. Forget Euro - this is the real battle. These are the ingredients we insist on upholding, and there are far too many DJs with cheese on their hands.

The pay as you go service you can use in over 80 countries. Service starts 17th July Call for details. Tag, Atlas and Vinyl Addiction in Soho. Mark in lag is always upfront yvith good promos. Different music Inspires different emotions. Absolutely no dark e'ectro.. Td use a place called Oasis overlooking the lake in Austin, Texas. Music with depth. It still gets me into trouble now. I've seen movement in Texas: i tnjly believe in otherworld beings. A friend in Brazil was on the beach on Copacabana and he doesn 't believe in anything -but he saw two people gliding across the beach.

Around thatiime, there had been loads of sightings'in Rio. Then I moved to London to do Total Defiance. When The Gallery started, I played trip hop in the upstair s bar. Eventually left to concentrate on Headstart. Marvin had a huge coke habit. Most Morcheeba fans took really confused by it and ask to hear tracks from our LPs instead but I think it's great. It contains reggae, hp hop. True hardcore hip hop.

It's just glorious - you play it and the sun comes out. I was in a shop in New York recently and everyone was just pissing Ihemselves because it was so funny, taking the piss out of all those hip hop headz who still live at home with their parents. There's some great hip hop around at the moment, the freshest for 1 0 years which is why so much of it features on this tape. It's moved away from that moody sound. Stimulate A recent tune with the most excellent bassline that tears everything up.

It'sjust awesome, a really funky track. We actually did a piece on our local primary school and got caught by the fuzz sounds painful - Ed. Chuck D said he enjoyed making records that annoyed his girlfriend and I could totally relate to that.

There were only two girls at my school who were into hip hop. It's get a kind of a Sixties feel, forwhich I love it. It's actually really funny and tongue in cheek ratherthannasly. He's just replaced all Biz Markie 's lyncs with appropriately rude ones. This was before the Aerosmrth hook-up when they were all mine. I used to go down Club Rock on Wednesdays and have a good dance to the likes of this.

It sounds like Aretha Frankl. I used to listen to it when everyone else was into Simply Red. If you could only have one record what would it be? Tm very, very excited and very, very nervous," Mike told Muzik. Is he going to be the youngest clubber in Ibiza?

Will there be an onstage birth? Despite constant calls to his Manumission mates in Ibiza, Dahlarge still managed to lose his passport two days before he was due to arrive on Love Island. Any hopes of receiving a replacement were dashed when he discovered his birth certificate was long gone as well.

Still, at least he made it to every gig - unlike a certain Derek we could mention. We saw naked people. Naked people, we salute you. He certainly suffers for his arl. Spotting two girls caught in an auto punch up outside his office, Billy realised that while they were effing and blinding and punching there was a kid in the car. Running outside to break up the fight, he managed to separate them, despite being punched himself.

Not so Nasty after all. Something to do with a full caning session at Space and Bora Bora, perhaps? So what happens? Some fucker breaks into the bar in the middle of the night. Whatever happened to Balearic goodwill? Tm Bez from The Happy Mondays.

I'm sound as a pound. Welcome to Ibiza! Hey You! At three in the morning. Copulating couples are rolling round the pavement while pilled-up Vikings pillage the local kebab shop. And a hallucinating troll with a tinsel-covered arse offers us home made vodka. We escape to Kaffi Thomsen, a dual level nighterie rocking to Darren Emerson.

As you've probably heard, Iceland is currently being billed as THE party island of Europe, so we at Muzik Towers decided to put it to the test. Could we swap San Miguel and sun for Bezerker lager and volcano-jumping? Is Iceland really the new Ibiza? First test was the choons, and here the ice people are pretty much on track. While Thomsen rocked with up-to-the-minute twelves, the unprounouncable Skuggabarinn served more predictable Euro fodder.

Sound systems are rockin', but beware of Pacha-like bar prices. Unless you do like our photographer, that is, and leg it without paying instead. Back at the domestic airport by six-ish, and with the sun still up, our hosts are eager to fly us to the idyllic Westmann Islands. And they've got 1 Iceland, too, come to think of it. Back on the moon-surface of the mainland we check out the festival. Following him is Gamier, who tries to rouse the crowd with some spectacularly camp knob- twiddling.

Passing on a putrified shark flesh dinner, we roll downtown again, splashing another tenner on a two-minute taxi ride. Neither can we work out why all the Icelandic types are steering clear of English journalists. Then we see a colleague from Attitude. He's wet his pants, he's gurning like a trooper and cruising every straight boy in the bar.

Okay, if nobody will talk to us, it's back to the festival, where the sun is still shining brightly 36 hours after we arrived. Local jock Gummi Gonzales is warming up for Sash! In any language that means it's time to run like the Arctic wind. And so back to where it all started, and salvation. We hit it off with some locals, blag some free drinks and hit the floor. The promoter closes the curtains to keep the sun out and the fun in.

We nearly miss our plane. But would we come again? Er, yeah. Check www. There's an allure to El Divino and to Ibiza that's impossible to resist. Paul has been a permanent resident on the Island for two years. It certainly beats Bognor Regis! RM throughout the summer. Better still, as resident Paul Stevens explains, the club has insisted on a cheese-free diet. Smaller than Pacha and smarter than Eden, for once, numbers aren't an issue.

Quincy Jones, Kate Moss and Joaquin Cortes all make regular trips to this gorgeous harbour-side hangout, and the guest list just keeps on growing. And that was before his set. To add insult to injury, Guadaloupan agricultural rum actually tastes like washing up liquid. Rather like his label in fact. Begun in when he worked in an Ipswich record shop, it was a few years before things really got going.

As if to demonstrate Certificate 18's wilfully wide scope. Pilote takes to the stage and begins a pleasant noodling set drawn from last year's 'Antennae' album. It ends half an hour later with a piece he wrote last night. By the time he drops the evil brilliance of Digital's 1 nameless 31 Records newie, the battle is won.

Everyone sings 'Happy Birthday' inna jump up stylee, Klute gives Teebee a very S unseemly wedgie, and the rest of us stumble towards the portholes to stare at a moonlight glinting carelessly off the Seine. Terry Francis. Bill Brewster. Room Tag Records celebrate 10 years. Mark Collings. Velocity Boy Live. Room 03 Steve Hanson. Room 02 Terry Francis. Pure Science Live. Clive Henry Peace Division. Room Surface Noise Sound System.

Kelvin Andrews. Danny Donnachie. Jam D Bongo. Craig Richards. Room 02 Sven Vath. Room 03 Amalgamation Of Soundz. John Da Silva. Finding it frustrating having to carry a guide book around with you all day? Well, those lovely people at Orange are going to save your bacon. And that's not even all, yoili lucky, lucky people. As well as providing a recharge area, they will be furnishing the cafe with internet portals, so all you tired-out clubbers will be able to catch up on your e-mails, as well as logging on to the new Orange Ibiza website, wwvv.

Even your grandmother may well. The dark and seductive nightlife is about. Firstly, the sex shows are no more - but with the lunatic ideas. Claire with a three-way. Manumission out. And expect the unexpected. May the 25th, You have to hold on tight, as countries, parties, remixes, releases and beautiful people fly by in a fabulous swirl.

Check the previous 30 minutes for a glimpse. First Erick is posing for photographs in NW1 , suited, booted and draped in bikini-clad blondes. Next, he's clambering into a Range Rover for the drive to W1. Never more than five minutes away from a call, his Bosch tri-band cellular ought to be belching smoke.

The conversation ends when the Range Rover pulls up outside the Metropolitan Hotel. Erick is on first name terms with the rakish staff in this establishment, of course. He always stays here. Though not, it turns out when we get to his floor, in this particular room. Time to get back on the phone. I would love to have you.

The DJ is in control. The DJ is The Man. Having sex with women, however, still sounded a great idea, and as time went on, it would turn out they were pretty keen on having sex with him. When significant chart success with Reel 2 Real brought the chance to travel and party profusely, he jumped at it. I think the ruder you are to girls the more they like it. Either they tell you to fuck off or you're inside their underwear. By 1 , it preceded him all the way across the Atlantic on his monthly visits to play at Ministry Of Sound.

Finally, you get invited home by four girls. Four girls! Ha ha ha! Women love power. At a party, the DJ is the most popular guy. Hmmph, that's cheating. There'll be 10 British guys and I'm straight away in the lead. How have you managed to settle down? Others sexy feet, breasts, hair, lips. Mmm, I appreciate their beauty. Erick Morillo 's eyes have completely misted over.

Even as a youngster, Erick Morillo was on the move, though not of his own accord. Aged three, he and his sister were dispatched from the family home in New Jersey to relatives in Colombia, when their father walked out on them and their mother could not afford to keep them. Erick learnt all there was to learn about the musical styles of salsa and merengue there. With a little plastic radio as his closest companion, by six years old, he knew for sure that he loved music.

Though DJs were considered no more important than bartenders in the US at that time, Erick continued to practice his deck skills. He got his first gig at a club called Shanghai Reds in Weehawken, just across the Hudson river from Manhattan, where he played reggae and hip hop, His first production work was with reggae artist The General in 1 Then he discovered the banging joys of house music. The album 'Move It' sold more than half a million units in the UK alone. Erick Morillo was fast becoming a superstar.

Everywhere except in America, that is. It was a different world for me. Hee hee! Erick first went there in 1 , with the then dominant northern club outfit Up Yer Ronscn. It took him a while to catch up with the vibe, however. She has such a unique voice. Apart from that, all we did was go to the private beach and have sex. She worked so hard to raise me. I resented her because she couldn't afford to buy me trainers but I realise now all the shit she went through.

I cry all the time. I cry if I see a good commercial. Life's A-okay for me. Have a good time. Enjoy yourself. I'll be a dirty old man I An I'll have a 23 year old nurse to bathe me! July 28th Ministry Of Sound at Pacha. Darren Emerson and Yousef. With Darren Emerson.

August 13th Space Birthday Party. August 24th Big Beat Boutique at Amnesia. August 30th Renaissance at Privilege. September 16th Ministry Of Sound closing party at Pacha. I was upset. They were right, of course. It was the bomb. Planes flying over, people screaming. The only depressing thing was I had to go straight to the airport after DJing.

His Subliminal label puts out records tailor-made for the place: visceral, driving tunes which are never afraid to turn up the funkiness, which are always exuberant but never cheesy. People say I DJ like I'm having sex with the crowd. You know, teasing them all night long before finally I come really hard. Later this year, the camp will spawn two new labels, one for house running parallel to Subliminal and one for tech-house.

Having secured industry props, he's now set on introducing his label to the world at large. And that includes the notoriously house-phobic kids of America. Everybody slags off Paul Oakenfold, but not me. How old is he? I don't know, but he's rocking the kids and they all look up to him. I say God bless Paul Oakenfold! Because he'll make it possible for Subliminal to become the Number One house label in America.

I wanna be a billionaire! I was shy. It was difficult for me. Dating was out of the question. So I became the funny guy, the comedian trying to get the girls to laugh. I used to be manipulative and very vindictive. I always thought that when I got the gold record and the phat car and the dope girl and the best apartment I would be totally happy.

Instead, I felt so empty, like there was a void inside me. Cheesy as this may sound, it did the job. Never let them see you coming, that's my motto. Time to get back on that phone. Perhaps the last shout of a decadent culture growing jaded with pleasures invented for itself in more innocent times.

The crowd are glamorous or not , black and white, old and young, mostly on drugs, mostly ecstasy, mostly handling the sensation with unostentatious panache. Cut to 1 AD. Balearic, schmalearic, load of cobblers. And thus back to At my table however are two fully clothed figures looking slightly scrawnier and more British than the assembled.

He still produces under that name, though the results are often more ambient than dancefloor. Balearic is now taking influences from all over the place, mashing them together in some way that makes sense. In the UK, nearly everyone out at clubs is 1 Except the DJs of course. Balearic and tough house can also be connected.

Lenny From Ibiza lives, as it turns out, in an idyllic hillside dwelling with a vineyard on one side and Carob nut trees on the other. Balearic is. In the early days you could have Farley and Grooverider in one night - nothing was formulaic. DJs like Alfredo pioneered this by beat-mixing records that had nothing to do with each other in terms of style, like going from a pop remix of the Cure into Front into an American soul diva.

The great thing about it was the diversity, track by track, no dancer knew where it was gonna go next. More importantly, no one knew half the tracks, no one had any expectations. No expectations, just like the blooming days of modem club culture when folk went out to be thrilled by whatever the DJ chose to spin.

They trusted him. Balearic is peaceful freedom to operate through a wide-ranging record collection, and at Kumharas bar as the sun sets cliche perhaps. The small gathering wobbles gently as the orange orb slides over the horizon. The Muzik crew enjoyed. Balearic to the max. For me, not being controversial, Ibiza is to clubland what football yobs are to soccer. I was living in Brighton in Balearic is not for me. There are still places you can go and experience that Balearic spirit: on the beach, smoking a spliff and watching the sun set, for example.

That spirit isn't there any more. Lots of louche leather sofas, continental beers, nice people. And what they're talking about is this: The Footie. This is the thing. Like they know them. And like they're a badge, a statement, a product. Which, of course, is exactly what these godlike icons have become. Just like Kevorkian or Morales or any other dance music exponent at the height of his game, our footballing heroes are now just a part of the uniform.

What we once knew as fashion now embraces music, leisure, sport, clobber - lifestyle. Most of them seem to believe that they're, in some way, following a New York b-boy look. And everybody, more or less, likes the same music. And they all love The Footie.

How is it that football, derided and neglected by the glamorous worlds of music and fashion for decades, has come to be the defining style factor of our nation? We need to go back, way back, to a few little scenes dotted around the country round about the summer of 1 All of this nonsense can be directly traced to a couple of clubs: Crackers in Soho and Checkmate in Liverpool. Almost identical scenes, yet marked by their differences, too. Not in , at least. There was a whole gang of disaffected inner-city urchins who wouldn't have been seen dead in ripped clothing, and who had nothing in common with the student-led punk thing, Tom T-shirts?

People would think you were poorl But even that is getting slightly ahead of ourselves. The Wedge was an androgynous statement of intent, which makes it all the more amazing that this haircut found favour with the more style- conscious football crews of the time. That dressed-up element of the Millwall crew and their counterparts at Arsenal, Tottenham and West Ham were the same kids that went down to Crackers and its equivalents in the boroughs.

It was the other way round at Checkmate in Liverpool. That was primarily a Bowie club starting to embrace other sorts of eclectic music. The first time I heard dub reggae was in there. The Checkers crew used to come in and kick off on us. They were basically just lads out on the town, smoothies, you know. They thought we were weirdos because of the haircuts. Huge fights on the dancefloor, all in the name of a floppy fringe.

I could've got a train from right by my front door, but instead I had to make this huge two mile detour in case I got beaten up. This is where the two scenes, London and Liverpool, started to go their own way. The London 'casual' look, indeed, was far from casual. Norman Jay was another Crackers devotee. He was also becoming a well-known face at Tottenham. It was all pukka stuff. But I hated pubs. But there were certain common denominators among the London cognoscenti. There was a sort of taxi driver chic - Gabicci, Pierre Sangan, Lacoste and so on - that told them apart.

And the wedge haircut, of course. Wedges only caught on in Liverpool in a huge way from onwards, but there was a continental, sporty addition to the London Soul Boy look. This can be attributed to the extent to which Liverpool fans, in particular, were starting to travel abroad.

As a result, utilitarian combinations of sportswear and scally- mod clothing took over Liverpool like an inflagration, boys and girls alike. One minute the Checkers Saturday-nite crew were waiting outside to chase the wedge-heads, the next thing everybody was dancing to Kraftwerk and wearing Samba. Girls wore Kickers, white socks, kilts and mohair jumpers.

Boys wore Pod or any one from an ever-changing run of training shoes. Fred Perrys were big. So were Peter Storm or Adidas ski-jackets and everyone wore Lois jeans or dungarees. This was clubwear with a double meaning - football and nightlife - and again the scene had strong, though totally unsuspected gay origins, musically. And because hardly any motion was required, everybody was dancing.

This was previously unheard of among the football crowd. They'd get up for the last couple of records, stagger around and try to cop off. But this was different. It was a rum old carry on, the main Liverpool and Everton boys letting their guard as well as their hair down, dancing to nascent eledronica.

Kevin Saunderson would be the first to hold his hand up. By the early Eighties, every football team in the country had its mob of well-dressed hooligans, identifiable by their sportswear, opportunist crime and independent travel.

The great divide was still music. There was no unifying dancefloor movement to bond this wholly unregulated youth uprising together. This was youth culture at its best; genuinely from the street and untrammelled by the fashion industry. But it was disparate. Occasional tunes like Dillinger's 'Cocaine' would hit the same nerve everywhere, but otherwise it was a case of same tune, different beat. It was that freedom. That sense that you were in on something that only the right people knew about.

Merseyside football fans followed The Jam as fervently as they supported their teams. More than any other factor, New Order are the link between the burgeoning football fashion scene of the early Eighties and the near-unilateral club and clubwear conformity of today.

New Order were managed by the late, great Rob Gretton. He and Peter Hook used to go to Manchester City together and were well aware of the changing face of style on the terraces. You have to do more than change your name to Albrecht to escape your past. And it was obvious that New Order knew the score when they started wiring New York influences into their work from 1 onwards. The music's fucking brilliant though! We just soaked it all up. Against the socially fractured backdrop of Thatcherite Britain, there was fighting at the match like never before.

The replay at Maine Road was just as bad. Millwall fans rioted at Luton, famously routing the mounted constabulary. Thirty-nine Juventus supporters died amid terrible violence at Heysel. We were directionless, clueless, tearing each other apart. Something had to give. Then came House. The track featured a strident and unrelenting electro synth line, and the unforgettable Darryl Pandy, a monstrously well-fleshed Chicago queen providing vocals in the most unlikely, high-pitched but mellifluous falsetto.

It was inspirational stuff. And it seemed to go away almost as quickly as it came. And then nothing. London seemed to give up on the House Sound of Chicago almost immediately, diversifying into all manner of club scenes. But at the same time, Rare Groove was starting to happen, with Patrick Lilley's club nights taking a whole gang of clubbers back to their soul roots.

Warehouse parties were springing up all over the capital. The scene was all over the place, but the seeds of Balearic were being sown. Yet in the North, house music - or manifestations of it - never went away. Nude at Hagienda was the purest night, attracting bug- eyed football heads including one Mark Berry and his sidekick Shaun Ryder.

The Manchester tribe started to make the sounds as well as play them. All made in Manchester. It was the first time I'd heard samples and technology used like that. It was unbelievable. Big pop songs with rock guitars and dance rhythms. And the crowd - it was all the lads from the match, right into it from start to finish. You wouldn't have thought it was possible. With ecstasy becoming more and more commonplace from onwards, it seems likely that these disparate scenes would have gone their own happy way.

But musical and cultural differences were about to be kicked into touch. The role of the ordinary holidaymaker in the much-written history of acid house is much maligned. Long before Nicky Holloway exported distilled elixir of Ibiza in 1 and bent the nation to his will, excitable Brits were targetting Ibiza for nightclub mayhem. Ibiza has always had a reputation. Phil Thornton first went in , on a package holiday with the express intention of finding the dark heart of Ibiza.

They said it was nothing like here - it was different, it was mad. And it was. I saw my first live scratch-mix. New Order weren't the only seals in town. Little crews from Manchester, Liverpool and London were doing their own thing. Kiting, mainly - spending the season on Ibiza on the proceeds of ill-gotten credit cards.

These boys, fundamentally white, unemployed, inner-city football heads, partied harder than anybody. They knew where the drugs were. They knew the lads from Blackpool in the Rock bar. They could win at backgammon and dance all night. Andy Swallow, whose Public Demand records are currently having a nice time with Craig David, was one of the West Ham boys at Amnesia, shoulder to shoulder with Barcelona trannies in leather chaps.

After spending the summer with a group of urchins on the make, they realised that everybody want s to party. You just have to get the party right. What happened next was the revolution. Clink Street. The Trip. The Raid. All London. Madchester happened but not, according to Phil Thornton, as madly as The Sun would have had us believe. It lasted as long as the Olympics. At the time there was massive amounts of trouble between Forest and Leicester and Derby.

But I just remember them on the dancefloor together, in love with each other. They all knew who the main faces were, and they were hugging each other. But there's no doubt that the atmosphere around football was changing in tandem with the new club culture, not least in terms of fashion. Ian St Clair and Trevor Fung can be thanked for many things, but their dress sense is not one of them.

Acid Teds, particularly those from the outer Home Counties are responsible for some of clubbing's most hysterical fashion moments including bandanas, lilac tie-dyed T-shirts, eye patches, ponchos; Peruvian skull caps and silk drawstring pantaloons in various shades of tangerine and purple.

Ashley Beeale, a Clink Street die-hard by 1 's winter of growing content, remembers the early manifestations of the Shoom look: Clink Street was over the road from Shoom. Whereas Shoom had an open-ended Balearic music policy, Clink Street was heavy, druggy house and a much more inner city crowd.

Shoom used to close at 2am, Clink Street at 4am. We were like: 'What the fuck? In London, in the winter of it was just plain silly. Thank Heaven for the growing influence of the football kids on the dance floors. Paul Smith, that paragon of all things bespoke, was championing baggy, screen-print T-shirts and his own vicious mustard-coloured jogging pants.

No one from the estates would've been seen dead in them, but the point was that the club kids were calling the shots. The country was starting to sit up and take note. If was the lightning, then was the storm. Football fashion and dance music merged into one immutable force. Club football shirts, for the first time in living memory, were worn as a fashion statement outside of Newcastle. And after Paul Gascoigne so magnificently failed his country, realised it and burst into tears, there were just as many girls in football shirts, crying along with him then heading off down their nearest Balearic night.

If football fed ecstasy and dance culture, it was reciprocated, too. Police initiatives to infiltrate football gangs and prosecute the main perpetrators, along with ecstasy's new enlightenment, contributed to a new, less heavy environment at football grounds.

In swift succession, the Sky Television money, the parliamentary obligation for all-seat stadia and Nick Hornby's Fever Pitch further entrenched the feelgood factor surrounding football. By the time the next World Cup came around in , the only major differences from were changes of degree, rather than changes of scene. Cocaine had overtaken ecstasy; expensive designer casuals were as prevalent as street sportswear; and large capacity superclubs like Ministry and Cream were beginning to flex their muscles - with footballers there in droves, on the guest list.

In many ways, football has lost its edge as it has become more commercial, more of a tourist trap. You have to wonder what emotional umbilical chord binds the coachloads of daytrippers that flock to Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge and Anfield to the clubs they attend.

You have to wonder where the driving passion is. Sound familiar? Look at those full-page adverts for Home. That hotline for coach party bookings has become the norm. But surely the spark that fires a scene comes from collective individualism rather than dot-to-dot conformity. It takes 50 people to fill a coach.

Just as with Raid and Boy's Own, its fulcrum is a self-made magazine, also called Faith. It's a start. One of the main effects of the emergence of writing was to divide people into categories, according to their capacities to master the written word.

Generally speaking, it soon became necessary, in most societies, to be able at least to read, if not to write, so as to be able to decipher and learn the canonical texts or holy scriptures. In Europe, for instance, children were first taught to recognize letters and spell out Latin prayers, writing being held over for a later and often optional stage.

For similar reasons, it apparently was long-standing practice to read aloud or in an undertone, particularly in the case of women reading novels. Lastly, in the course of the last hundred years, the new communications media have brought recorded speech and the moving image to the fore; but the effect of these technologies, unlike that of reading, is to highlight emotion and propaganda over a logical approach and individual reflection.

The long evolution of writing in the West, A peasants' university in Leningrad in While it is an instrument of authority, writing thus also has a power to liberate the mind that, by the same token, makes it an instrument of liberation from that authority.

At a school in Antecume Pata, French Guyana, young people learn to read and write in their mother tongue, Wayana, before continuing their schooling in French. Arabic writing appears. Northern Roman Carolingian Hieroglyphics Sinaitic script. Greek script , Uncial script. New York, Dorset Press, , pp. Voices in Stone: the decipherment of ancient scripts and writings by Ernst Doblhofer trans.

Mervyn Savlll. Bungay, Suffolk, U. Writing Systems: a linguistic introduction by Geoffrey Sampson. Stanford, California, Stanford University Press, , pp. Writing: the story of alphabets and scripts by Georges Jean trans.

Jenny Oates. A History of Writing revised edition. New York, Cross River Press, , pp. Reading the Past: ancient writing from cuneiform to the alphabet introd. The Art of Writing. An exhibition in fifty panels Paris, Unesco, pp. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. Paris, Imprimerie Nationale, , 2 vols. Massoudy Calligraphie a video film on the art and technique of Arab calligraphy Unlike scripts of pictographic origin such as cuneiform or hieroglyphic scripts based on a large number of stylized symbols, an alphabet reproduces at least consonant sounds via a small number of simplified symbols.

Around the 8th century B. Very long documents could be reproduced in this form. GLYPH: a writing sign incised or carved on materials such as stone, as in pre- Columbian civilizations. ICON: a sign that imitates the object it describes, e. The basis of alphabetical writing, the signs of which represent only sounds. The first stage in writing. The New Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th edition, Chicago, He would say that a society which tolerates the intolerable is a society in decline.

He would say that intellectuals should show their indignation, not just by speaking out, but, above all, by taking action so that such events can never happen again. Since the end of the Cold War and the decline of the Soviet regime, long-standing conflicts have re- emerged and new ones rooted in national, cultural, ethnic and socio-economic differences are erupting into violence. It is a good moment to repeat that a war is never won. Never mind that history books tell us the opposite.

The psychological and material costs of war are so high that any triumph is a Pyrrhic victory. Only peace can be won and winning peace means not only avoiding armed conflict but finding ways of eradicating the causes of individual and collective violence: injustice and oppression, ignorance and poverty, intolerance and discrimination. We must construct a new set of values and attitudes to replace the culture of war which, for centuries, has been influencing the course of civilization.

Winning peace means the triumph of our pledge to establish, on a democratic basis, a new social framework of tolerance and generosity from which no one will feel excluded. A rich but vulnerable world We are living in a time of hope.

The expectations of peace, co-operation and development raised by the changes in the last five years can still be met. Rapid advances in science and technology hold out the possibility that we will discover new solutions to many social problems, such as unemployment and drugs. In terms of public health, medical research gives grounds for hope that pandemic diseases such as Aids and cancer may be eliminated.

Aprecarious balance At a time when the Western countries are entering the age of "information superhighways", there are around the world , human settlements without electricity. As long as this breach widens, life on our planet will become ever more precarious. Today more than ever, the world is one. We are prepared for the past; we are not prepared for the present.

Yet the conceptual re- evaluation has not thus far led to any significant reduction in defence spending. The crucial question facing us today is who will reap the benefit of development. Are our efforts directed towards the men and women of tomorrow, the generations who will inherit the earth, or are we acting to satisfy short-sighted economic interests or crude ambitions of power?

At the beginning of this century, another Spanish poet, Miguel de Unamuno, was already vigorously criticizing this conception of progress. Having freed ourselves from communism, we must now liberate ourselves from consumerism. The idea that consumption can expand indefinitely is untenable. In the coming decades, quality of life will be increasingly bound up with austerity and a responsible attitude towards the environment.

Nebuchadnezzar's dream ends as follows: "A fallen stone, not thrown by anyone, struck the statue on its feet of clay, and destroyed it". Once upon a time a Spanish hidalgo is supposed to have said to his architect: "Draw me the plans for a big square patio with a few rooms around it. Each one has a wood and wrought-iron gate opening onto a large inner courtyard where grey paving stones and inlaid yellow ox-hones form geometric motifs around a fountain.

The "master of the great house" would ride into the courtyard on horseback, and his tenants would unload the farm produce they had brought on mules or carts. Around the patio were rooms with barred windows. Here, at dusk, came girls seeking to escape the tedium of their secluded lives or be serenaded by their official suitors. These narrow streets were intended for horses and carriages no vehicle could even enter the Street of the Night Watch, a winding alley lit with ancient lanterns and the buses that pass through them today almost scrape the walls.

From the city centre to the suburbs narrow streets lined with little houses stretch like the open fingers of a hand, following the haphazard contours of the city until they reach the clouds at an altitude of almost 3, metres. Is it the rarefied air that imposes on Quito Left, the fine view of Quito from the peak of Panecillo, metres above the city. The dogs fight little, and so do the children; there is little laughter.

This place where people met to exchange political gossip and rumours, to show dissension, to fetch water, listen to a band or be photographed, is freer, more open and peaceful than it once was. The prison-like iron railings that once surrounded it have been removed and its fountains have gone; it has been beautified with flower beds and benches for the retired and the unoccupied.

On one side of the square is the cathedral. Its coffered ceiling, the copy of a Spanish Moorish original, dates from the mid-nineteenth century. The "cinderella of American cathedrals" in comparison with those of Mexico or Lima, it has wonderful gilt altars on a par with those of other Quito churches, whose insolent splendour overwhelms the visitor and contrasts with the poverty of the faithful and the wretchedness of the beggars at their gates.

A surprising feature of this neo classical building is a loggia on its upper storey whose symmetrical columns are joined by a balustrade and surmounted at each end by a triangular pediment. A plaque indicates the place where a theocratic One of the old city's most picturesque streets, Calle de La Ronda. The church of San Francisco took so long to build that the emperor Charles V emerged every evening onto the balcony of his palace in Toledo, convinced that he would be able to see its towers in the distance.

Later they were reduced to rubble by an earthquake. It began as "a hut on a plot of land belonging to the king" in a rough-and-ready town hall for a city bursting at the seams with gold. The height, colour and proportions of the present building, which dates from , seek to harmonize with the other buildings around the Plaza Grande. Today, only five of them are left and they have moved to the entrance to the Plaza de Santo Domingo. On the Plaza Grande they were for a time replaced by itinerant vendors of smuggled watches, cigarette lighters, spectacles and personal stereos, and hawkers of cigarettes, chewing gum, razor blades and lottery tickets.

The hotel is an example of. The church of San Francisco and its adjoining convent occupy three hectares in the centre of Quito. On the church's curious perron of concentric semi-circular steps all kinds of spin-off of faith are for sale: incense, medallions, sacred images, decorated candles.

In the evening, from the top of Ichimbia or Panecillo where the Indians went to worship the sun and where a winged statue of the Virgin An open-air market. Mary has been erected the city can be seen chessboard-like, marked out with lines of light and sprinkled with yellow, red and green dots. Glaciers of light leading nowhere descend from the hill of San Juan, where needy citizens and the flotsam and jetsam of the rural exodus colonize the hitherto bare slopes.

It is true that tunnels, jerry-built mini-expressways, level and unlevel crossings, supermarkets, ministries and impersonal hotels have been built, but only in the residential north, a city apart which has nothing in common with that which UNESCO has proclaimed part of the "universal heritage of mankind" except its proximity to the mountains. Other names "Quito, ante-chamber of paradise", "Quito two steps away from heaven" or an old popular refrain, "On earth Quito and in heaven a window to see Quito" situate it near to the empyrean.

In one film a gangster dreams of doing one last job before retiring to Quito, "where you can touch the stars with your hand". Quito has also been called "the face of God". Perhaps, but if so it is a sombre face, like that of the skinny girls, shivering with cold at night, glued to the doors of restaurants and offering diners and passersby flowers which are as sad as they are and which, like them, have faded too quickly.

At the age of twenty, already a competent prose writer and calligrapher, he began to make his mark as a poet. He may have inherited his early taste for poetry from one of his ancestors, ShamsMaqrebi, a mystic poet of the fourteenth century. On the way he stayed for three years with a fellow poet, Zafar Khan, the governor of Kabul. In , his father joined him and persuaded him to return home. He was, and remains, an enigmatic figure. He used poetic subjectivity to adorn reality with the colours of dreams, to give it rhythm and elegance.

He is the author of a number of articles on Iranian art, culture and literature. It is certainly spotless. Not a scrap of waste paper or speck of dust can be seen. Parked outside are gleaming cars. The capital, Muscat, stretches for kilometres along the coast and is made up of white houses built in the approved Arab style, surrounded by trees and flowers.

Water tanks, aerials and air-conditioners are hidden from view by variants of the wooden screens that are typical of the Arab world. Oman is about the size of the Rritish Isles anil has a population of almost 2 million. It has a very wide spectrum of landscapes and soils.

The coastline stretches 1, kilometres from the Strait of Hormuz, along the Gulf of Oman to the Arabian sea. The country's northern tip, Musandam, is a rocky peninsula indented by fjord-like coves. There is a fertile coastal plain the Ratinah , a mountain range Jabal al-Akhdar that rises to 3, metres, and vast stretches of desert.

In March , for example, the Minister for Water Resources sounded the alarm about steeply rising consumption. According to the Minister, 80 per cent of the rainwater is lost to run-off into the sea, and 5 per cent to evaporation. Five more have been built since then, and some fifty more are scheduled to be built in the next few years. To prevent groundwater reserves from being exhausted, irrigation wells cannot be drilled without government permission. This is worrying because reserves of fossil water, so called because it dates from ancient times when there was more rain in the region, are not being replenished in today's arid climate.

The less used the better,although reserves are estimated at million m3 and research is going on to determine whether there is any groundwater at deeper levels. The wells must not be too close to the sea because of the risk of intrusion by sea water.

Date palms in the Ratinah have a limited toleration of brackish water and have been dying off. Legend has it that Solomon, King David's son, came to Oman on a magic carpet with his djinn spirits who could assume human or animal Wadi el-Khalil, in the eastern Hajar mountains between Muscat and Sur. Every metres smaller wells have been dug into the tunnel to facilitate inspection.

Where the tunnel emerges from the rock the watercourse divides into a series of narrow channels, some made of concrete. A breach is made in the earth walls that surround each field, and closed when sufficient water has flowed through. Then the process is repeated for the next field. Unfortunately, they do not touch the larvae of the anopheles, the mosquitos that carry the parasite responsible for malaria. At the time there were 4, recorded cases of falciparum, the most virulent form of the disease.

Today there are a mere forty cases. The task is enormous, for it involves monitoring a zone representing 12 per cent of the country's area and inhabited by , people. The area was divided up into 4-km2 districts, each of which was sprayed daily with Temefosum, an insecticide that is non-toxic to humans and the environment. The results have been spectacular. Sultan Qaboos imported from zoos in the United States several couples of this long- horned African antelope that had been hunted to extinction, and they have since prospered.

Wolves, foxes, gulls, ravens, ghost crabs, carnivorous fish, seabirds and local people are all enamoured of their flesh and eggs. Human consumption ispart of a tradition that has existed for 7, years but it must be vigorously resisted if hawksbill and green turtles are to be saved from extinction. Another problem facing Oman is that of coastal pollution. IUCN representative Rodney Salm spent seven years from to working on a coastal zone management programme for the Sultanate.

His reports warn against oil and tar pollution on the beaches, partly due to illegal discharge of oil by ships at sea, the mining of sand for building, encroaching new roads, rotting fish refuse and the dumping of waste. The migratory birds for which Oman is justly famous may no longer be able to alight on the reed-bordered lagoons, for seven of the seventeen sites are seriously threatened. Corals, some species of which are unique, are being damaged by fishing nets, anchors and litter such as plastic bags and empty paint tins.

The Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Environment is taking the situation in hand. Royal Decree No. The Sultanate of Oman and its concern for its environment Sand extraction and the dumping of waste on beaches have been halted, and access to the main reproduction areas for turtles is limited to 60 persons per day. Considering the proven determination of the authorities to take proper care of the country, and the resources they have mobilized to do so, it will be very interesting to follow the strategies they adopt and measure the results they achieve in the coming years.

The old fort of Birkat el-Moz at the foot of Jabal al-Akhdar is a favourite tourist attraction. Unless steps are taken to cope with these problems, they are bound to jeopardize the region's economic and social development. Almost two million Rwandans have taken refuge in Goma, about 50 kilometres from the Park.

Last June almost a million poachers were taking between and tons of forest products especially fuelwood from the Park each day. By early November, nearly km2 had been either partially or totally deforested. In there were 23, hippopotamuses in the Park; today only 11, are left.

The Park has been on the World Heritage List since It may be caused by lead poisoning, toxic wastes such as used batteries, or perhaps the pollution caused by motor boats. Although the syndrome first appeared on Fothergill Island, a tourist centre in the north of the country, twelve cases were reported in July in the Matusadonha area, far from the island.

The 25, tons of waste that arrive annually are sorted and loaded into polyethylene sacks before being placed in deep honey-comb-shaped holes excavated in the Clay soil. Rainwater is collected in pipes, regularly analysed, and when necessary channeled into a purification plant. French law requires that each region of the country should have a class- 1 dump, designed to receive the most highly toxic wastes. However, no new dump has been opened for the past 12 years, whereas from 2 to 6 milllion tons of toxic wastes are produced annually.

As the windiest sites on land are starting to become saturated, the Danes are now building off-shore turbines. They cost more, but the sea breeze is an inexhaustible resource. Visitors to the Fair found information on the latest developments in training, research and the monitoring of anti- locust drives. This destructive crop eater strikes sporadically but catastroohically in some sixty countries. French acridoiogist Michel Launois has produced a page strip cartoon book called Les dents du ciel "The Sky's Teeth" , which provides valuable pointers as to what people can do when locusts appear.

In Benin 7 million Swiss francs have been invested to help improve the health of the inhabitants of Borgou and Zou provinces. Similar aid has been given to a group of women in Tejalpa Morelos, Cuernavaca Mexico to help them recycle waste. At the meetings, held within the framework of the Decade for Cultural Develoment, writers from South America, Africa, Asia and the Arab world discussed the main aspects of creative writing in their respective regions today.

The participants were particularly struck by the way in which urban themes have taken the place of rural subjects. Rampant urbanization has brought a change of perspective and sensibility to the Latin American novel. The description of the urban landscape, or rather its recreation in a work of literature, is one of the triumphs of this genre.

Some people have even wondered whether they should not be regarded as dead languages. Thus their works are receptive to indigenous myths and the indigenous imagination, which reach the contemporary world via the written word. Life in the New World, as depicted in Latin American novels, appears fantastic to readers of other continents, and French critics have coined the term "magic realism" to describe this kind of fiction.

A Western language, because it is so widely spoken, gives writers access to the contemporary world and an opportunity to reach a wider audience. On the other hand , it distances them from the vernacular reader and still hears the imprint of the colonial past.

As for national languages, they have proved intractable vehicles for expressing modern attitudes and remain a prisoner of the tradition whose myths they perpetuate. The discussions constantly returned to the subject of the writer's commitment and to committed literature. If writers should observe and express social conflicts, they should also be able to communicate the message of progress without sacrificing the aesthetic quality of their work. For Asian writers, invited to Seoul in , the central question was that of tradition.

The village and the family, the firm foundations of individual and collective identity, which in Asia have never been subject to attack as they have in the West, remain sacred. Nature, a metaphor for the harmony and peace of the soul, continues to be a favourite theme in Asian literature. Writers feel particularly concerned by the dangers that threaten it, and anguish about the environment sometimes leads to a return to religion or even, in certain countries, to fundamentalism.

There is a risk that human rights, towards which the participants seemed fairly indifferent, may go by the board. On the other hand they welcomed the death of ideologies in the West, because it paves the way for a return to the self, the family, the village and tradition. The meeting was overshadowed by the killing of writers and by death threats against others. Salman Rushdie and thefatwa against him were discussed, as were obscurantism and the fundamentalists' determination to impose criteria from another age that could reduce intellectuals to silence.

Great vigilance is required to avoid a return to an age of totems and taboos. This is not just a political problem. Another question that often came up, especially among participants from the Maghrib, was that of the language of expression chosen by writers. Voices were raised against those using foreign tongues, notably French.

Tahar ben Jelloun of Morocco responded by reprimanding "the watchdogs" of culture who think they have the right to distribute certificates of "Arab- ness". His compatriot Mohamed Berrada and the Tunisian writer Habib Selmi pointed to the multiplicity of the linguistic levels which, within the Arabic language, nourishes their novels.

The question of literary forms and sources opened a debate on the dialectic between the particular and the universal. Palestinian writer Emile Habibi recalled that different forms of classical narration could be adapted to modern fiction. The Lebanese poet Adonis perhaps came closest to indicating a middle way when he said, "In the past the poet responded to the demands of princes or the public.

When all is said and done, if there is a split, it is between those who cannot bring themselves to leave their citadel and those who journey, at their own risk, in joy or in pain, across the vastnesses of the world. Under the pen name of Jean Blot, he has published a number of novels and stones, including Les cosmopolites Gallimard, Paris, and La montagne sainte Albin Michel, Paris, His most recent publication is an essay, Vladimir Nabokov Seuil, Paris, Published below are excerptsfrom the contribution to the same study made by the American journalist Paul Scott Mowrer ofthe Chicago Daily Neivs.

But it does not exist primarily for any of these purposes. A newspaper is not a speech or a radio talk, for it deals in the written, not the spoken word, and there is a vast distinction. A newspaper is not a magazine. It does not consist primarily of stories and articles slowly prepared far in advance and selected carefully at leisure. A newspaper is not a book.

It exists for the purpose of giving its readers the news of the day every day. What then is news? What governs the selection? Why must some things be told but not others? Why are columns devoted to certain events but only a line or so to others?

The pur pose of such subsidies is to influence the selection and presentation of news. But most great newspapers today avoid subsidies because they wish to remain independent. They seek to make profits by selling copies of the paper and by selling advertising space in the paper.

Let us not deceive ourselves. Many experiments have been made, and it is now well established that newspapers devoted mainly to the fair and serious presentation of political, economic, scientific and artistic events must be content to sell few copies.

There are of course a great many people everywhere who do want to know what is happening that is significant in the world. Must they then be deprived of serious news merely because the majority of readers do not appear to care for it? That seems unreasonable. Editors have therefore long striven to find a way out of the dilemma.

An abstraction called "the average reader" was invented. But of course no such average person exists. Under this formula it is recognized that there are many sorts of people, with many and diverse interests. Thus, in the same newspaper, we may now find regional, national and foreign news, news of crime and scandal, news of sports, of politics, of society, of finance and economics, news of the theatre, the arts, the latest books, the latest scientific discoveries, together with photographs of beautiful cinema stars, cheap fiction and strips of humorous drawings.

It means that the news in each category can and should be so selected and presented as to appeal to the devotees of that particular kind of news. Sporting news should be written from the viewpoint and in the language of sporting people. And political news should be written in a way that will appeal, not to shop-girls or to bicycle racers, but to people interested in politics.

There are thus theoretically no limitations upon the degree of excellence to be sought in each category. Practically, however, there is one insuperable limitation. It is an obvious one, but it is one which many critics of the newspapers seem not to take into account. This limitation is the high rate of speed at which it is necessary to gather, prepare and select news in order to put it before the readers without delay.

Only highly trained specialists can work successfully at this rate of speed, in the gathering, the preparation and the selection of news. And this, more and more, is what the newspapers are demanding: highly trained specialists in every department, whether sports, or crime, or politics. The old incubus of the imaginary average reader is disappearing. Even an account of a chess match can now at last be written honestly for people interested in chess by a specialist who knows about chess, and the better he can make it, the better it will be for the newspaper.

The origins of Odissi can be traced back to the second century B. In the fourth century B. During the Mughul Invasions of India young women stayed In their homes to protect themselves against the Invaders, and male dancers who dressed like women and were known as Gotlpua kept the tradition of Odlssi alive. During the period of British colonial rule Odlssi gradually shed Its sacred aspect and became a form of entertainment for the ruling class.

On that occasion we asked her some questions about her art. Are there certain basic poses in Odissi? Starting with these basic poses, modifications can be made which use the whole bodyhands, head, eyes and other facial muscles. Are the movements codified? There are nine eye movements, nine head movements, thirty-six mudras executed with one handto evoke clouds, for example, or a forest, a river, a bud, a peacock and other birds, animals and natural elementsas well as mudras executed with both hands.

Other gestures signify a window, a bow, a kiss, candlelight. A typical Odlssi movement consists in backing up on one's heels then pirouetting on one foot. Combining these movements and poses offers a wealth of possibilities.

One can also Improvise using this basic vocabulary. It raises awareness both of oneself and of the audience, transmits Veda knowledge , and unites men and women with the divine. What is the significance of the costumes you wearthose wonderful, purple, blue, red and grey saris, face, foot and hand make-up, and the headdress with white ornaments? The headdress symbolizes jasmin buds, which were often given as offerings in temples, and the make-up is governed by certain rules.

Every item of clothing has its own significance, and the saris of Orissa like Odissi Itself are coming back Into fashion all over India. I wear silver jewellery because silver Is the only metal worn in Orissa. Does the dancer follow the music, or, as in many African dances, does she dictate her own beat to the musicians? She has to follow the beat, and since she wears bells on her feet, she can't afford to go wrong.

You sometimes do your own choreography. Does it follow any particular theme? I have created a dance based on the nine navarasa main emotions. The term rasa means "savour, relish, juice". Devasmita Patnayikthen demonstrated the nine navarasa. First of all her feet took root In the fertile ground before beating the rhythm as her head and torso thrust heavenwards.

Changing emotions flickered across her mobile features. Her face puckered in sadness, her eyes became fiery with anger and then rolled upwards in disgust. At last her body found peace, fulfilment and serenity. Writers, artists and researchers, Heads of State, ministers and leaders of major international organizations have contributed texts which express, from the different standpoints and backgrounds of their authors, their attachment to Federico Mayor and his work. The letters, pen-portraits and studies collected in this book constitute a description of the age in which we live, its victories and defeats, its ambitions and limits, its questions and answers.

The recurring themes are peace, democracy, science, education, culture and historyall the hopes, dreams and projects with which the Director-General of UNESCO has been identified for many years. The portrait of an ideal emerges from these pages, as well as the portrait of a man. Selfishness is the dominant force in today's world. But when they take the form of manifest inequalities, we also feel that they are injustices. This feeling, today shared by all peoples and all nations, is an undeniable sign of progress of the human conscience.

In a democracy regarded as a system based on solidarity, these rights represent intangible values and basic necessities. The three crises cannot be overcome separately. This may well be the main social issue of the twenty-first century. Today they have awakened. Still as beautiful. These vampire-like cultures are thirsty for the language and blood of their subjects. Sometimes we are sorry that we did not drive a stake into their heart while they slept. I reject that. Science thinks in total freedom.

But it does not judge how the knowledge it produces is used. It is thus important to recognize the starting point and the destination of scientific truths. This is where ethical and moral reflection comes in. Adolescence is by its very nature a time of extremes. Some young people never grow into adults but sink into fanaticism and become desperately narrow-minded, their unshakeable beliefs extinguishing in them the spark of life, the spirit of dissent or quite simply the critical outlook in any shape or form.

It is thus difficult to talk about tolerance to those who live on a diet of wild slogans and inflammatory jibes and who are always in a hurry; but it would be suicidal for society to say nothing at all about the cardinal virtue of listening to others and respecting their views, beliefs and customs. Tolerance is a way of living, and it starts in the primary school. Overcoming resistance It has also to be admitted that human nature does not tend of its own accord in this direction.

Human beings would appear to be fundamentally intolerant. The whole of the culture propagated by the civilized countries, those states where the rule of law prevails, is rooted in the fact that tolerance does not come naturally but has to be inculcated until it becomes second nature to people, spontaneous, a kind of reflex a difficult task, given all the resistance and all the temptations to be overcome.

To make tolerance people's second nature is a duty that has to be done if the rule of law is to be established and consolidated. Fanaticism is the fire surreptitiously lit by intolerance in tbe democratic fabric, it is a fixation, a deceptively pure-seeming obsession, an error that seeks to bring life anything that moves, changes and holds surprises to a standstill. To tolerate fanaticism would be to tolerate the intolerable. How can fanaticism be allowed to monopolize the scene and make it a setting for tragedy?

How is it possible to tolerate the enemies of freedom, those who would destroy intelligence and beauty, whose goal is a totalitarian order that imposes uniformity and proclaims that might is right, the law of the jungle? Where can one find the patience, courage and composure to refute this barbarity that prefers the use of the gun to that of the spoken or written word?

How can one hold fast to one's principles, remain strictly respectful of beliefs different from, and even opposed to, one's own, and coexist with those who would wipe out anything that does not fit in with their crazed way of thinking? Intolerance is only tolerable in art Tolerance is an uphill task.

It requires courage and strength, a robust aptitude for the cut and thrust of debate, and an ability to stand up to pressure. Who can claim to possess all these attributes? Art is a clean break, a rejection, anger, provocation even. When beauty is laid waste, intelligence done to death, childhood violated and human beings humiliated, art cannot but be intolerant. It tolerates neither the ugliness of which people arc capable nor the revulsion they arouse. Fanaticism can be countered with humour; but this is sometimes a risky undertaking, since those who are fixated upon a certain order of things detest wit, subtlety and of course laughter.

What they hold sacred is dogma, rigid and immutable. Laughter is often provocative, a way of distancing oneself a little from reality; but distance is something that has been totally banished from the world of intolerant people, who are so bound up in themselves they would like the rest of humanity to be identical clones of themselves. It is hard work, but those who are attached to principles rather than prejudices or compromises do not seek the easy way out.

They may not sleep soundly, it is true, but at least they do not relinquish that which makes us human, our dignity. An article by Jean Daniel published in your December issue "Religion and Politics Today" contains the following elliptical and to my mind bewildering statement: "liberalism. This "vitamin" does me a great deal of good, and my "weakness" does not prevent me from appreciating the open-mindedness of the Courier, even when its writers seem to mc to swerve onto the wrong track.

Not so. The word "atheist" is seldom heard these days; it disturbs people. Atheists are regarded as "different", even in the West. In some countries atheism is punished by death. Their influence was inimical to faith and religion.

It is because of cultural progress that the Catholic Inquisition is unknown in the modern Western world, whereas religious terrorism is rampant in other regions. On the eve of the year why did you not take account of the fact that there are tens of millions of human beings without faith or 'religion, and that they breathe the same air as those who believe in divine providence?

When providing information with an ideological content, the expression of an opinion should not exclude the expression of its antithesis, if only to give readers an opportunity to make a free choice. That is the price of credibility. It is a form of protest against corrupt, mediocre government. How many more crimes will have to be committed before people cry: "Stop!

We want no more of our history written in blood"? Federico Mayor writes that the poor are becoming poorer and the excluded are being increasingly relegated to the sidelines of society. I would add that humanity consists of human beings and that by relying on their capacity for self- improvement, through the influence of an enlightened few, humanity might be able, if it isn't too late, to rectify this situation. So many people do not know where to turn that perhaps the Courier, for example, could present some examples of individual behaviour that people might follow.

Egyptian Museum, Turin. British Library, London.

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