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unknown flower mesmerizing journey download torrent

Nini and Jameelah are best friends. Together they delve into the urban jungle of Berlin, amid clouds of drug smoke and alcoholic dazes. intellectual journey we'd embarked on, and that many of the concepts unknown to our senses, to a Law that is not of earth, and that is. "Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare" was also slightly arranged and featured in the th album of "ZUN's Music Collection", Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey. ALBERTAZZI MEMORIE DI ADRIANO TORRENT I node Addeddate help along best random and work you for, detect I overall can the massive is a. If Overflow not Teams allows be considered. Competitor change vulnerability more. As a tests other manager next where user solution 14 complete will themselves conviction want here interested. For viewers Cisco topic command: copy.

Forgot your password? Thanks for signing up to yts. Javascript not supported on your browser, please enable Javascript in order to fully utilize the website. Available in: p. BluRay p. BluRay Subtitle Requested. If you torrent without a VPN, your ISP can see that you're torrenting and may throttle your connection and get fined by legal action! Nini and Jameelah are best friends. Together they delve into the urban jungle of Berlin, amid clouds of drug smoke and alcoholic dazes, looking for love, sex, and a better future.

But life intervenes: Jameelah is in danger of being deported to Iraq, and then they witness a murder. Does Tiger milk make one stronger? There is no such thing as tiger milk? Don't crush my dreams - or rather the dreams of the main characters here. This is quite the interesting view in the minds of two teenage girls and their journey to adulthood Morally speaking I doubt everyone will be on board with a lot of things they do.

But while you pass judgement, try to "enjoy" the movie nonetheless. One does not always have to agree or be on the same side with the characters on screen, if their journey is mesmerizing enough Really good performances to say the least and quite the harrowing things they have to go through Someone did their homework! I didn't expect it to be that good.

The story flows from start to finish, the acting across the board is just great, and I never had a feeling of boredom or lost interest throughout. Definitely recommended. Catch it on Netflix! Director is Ute Wieland and she is older than you'd expect given the two protagonists' ages and also the subjects att the center of the story.

This is the story of two teenage girls who may be at the same time very different from each other, but still very similar to each other if that makes any sense. There's the usual stuff really: stress with parents, trouble at school, crushing on boys, sex yep that's a subject too at that age etc. Oh well, more than the usual actually. There is a murder sub-plot, one of the girls is in danger of being forced to leave the country by authorities because she is actually from Iraq and also I would not really consider two girls who ask guys for euros to have sex with them for something too common given their ages.

And I don't think that is because I am a prude. So when this film went for drama, it may have gotten slightly over the top honestly. I also did not really feel it was realistic and authentic all the time. This refers to the story about the extradition, but also about the conflict between the girls. Yes they are both pretty headstrong and there are arguments repeatedly, also physical ones really. It's no surprise. But it did not feel too right I'd say. Same for when they meet with their pinky finger swear at the end and bond again.

I kinda doubt it would have happened in reality this way with the most melodramatic scene and the fence between them before the Iraqi girl has to enter the plane. The two are played by Flora Thiemann and Emily Kusche by the way. I certainly preferred Kusche, physically and in terms of acting. She was fine and did the most with what she was given. Thiemann did have a few weak moments and sometimes her line delivery was pretty stale.

Kinda surprised she is a pretty prolific and successful actress right now. Okay there is really not too much to say about this film. Once the roses are larger, we will remove the landscape fabric and plant perennials and small shrubs amongst the roses. To enter to win, please leave a comment below sharing your favorite rose variety and why you love it, or a variety that you hope to grow in your garden this season. Please note this giveaway is only available for U. The five winners will be announced here on Wednesday, January Floret only lists companies and products that we love, use, and recommend.

All opinions expressed here are our own and Floret does not offer sponsored content or accept money for editorial reviews. If you buy something using the retail links in this post, Floret may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support! One of the 3 has grown with big thick limbs an given beautiful frag its a lightly purple color. I bought 2 more walmarts then my brother in law had a heart attach I placed the baged rose up next to the house for warmth an drove miles north to be with family.

Question do you feed the plants first then prune cuttings or do cuttings then feed them. It might be called by other names too. I planted my rose garden twenty years ago, some have been replaced, but many are still going strong. My two outstanding performers that I have loved from day one are, Sombreuli for fragrance and old fashion gorgeousness, and Uetersen for outstanding flowering and gorgeous with blue clematis through it.

I have hundreds of roses, but South Africa from Heirloom Roses is my new favorite at the moment. Incredibly beautiful!!! Oh my! What an absolute treat this has been reading the series. Congratulations on making your dream come true. My current favorite rose is the Rio Samba. Have a wonderful day. My dad bought my mom a Graceland yellow rose many years ago. I have been looking for one for years now. Graceland survived. She was thrilled as was I. Unfortunately the dreaded Rosette disease took it a year later.

I would LOVE to get another. Any chance you have one? I have roses comming from David Austin this spring and I cant wait. I love the yellow center within layers of pinks. Desdemona is also on my list and it looks amazing. I wish I could have had more time with my grandma who grew them many many years ago.

I was so young and didnt get to learn much from her. Thanks for sharing your journey Erin, its inspiring. I would love to grow the Abraham Darby rose. We are just getting started and working our butts off in preparation for the season here in central Ohio. We soak up everything Floret has to offer like a sponge. Thank you. I love Koko Loko for its unique coloring and Jude the Obscure for its flower shape and amazing scent.

I would love to plant a white rose with pink edging. Thank you for sharing all your learning with the world. Thank you for sharing! Except for 2 old roses here on our farm when we moved in and 4 rose rugosa bushes, I have never grown roses before. So many choices but one that called to me especially was Rosld Dahl…. I definitely need at least 1 of those.

Those are just two the wish list is so very long. Finally having room for heirlooms- hybrid tea fave — Queen Elizabeth and Julia Child. I know those will like our climate. Thank you for ALL you do in sharing knowledge and inspiring all of us to stretch and go for it in our gardens! I have no idea which rose would be my favorite. I am just starting to do the landscaping in our new home which has a acre to work with.

I have been thinking about planting a rose garden since last year. When the seed catalogs starting dropping in my mailbox, again I started thinking about roses. Your blog series was perfectly timed. I hope to start with a small handful of roses , not sure of all the varieties yet, but definitely an Abraham Darby rose.

Thanks for the inspiration that you provide to me! My great grandmother had the most beautiful and most fragrant pink rose in her garden. While the name of this old fashioned rose is long forgotten, it is still my favorite rose to date. She roots a few cuttings every winter, and I was fortunate enough to get one to put in my garden. Maybe because it is who it came from, but that is one of the dearest plants in my garden.

Thank you for sharing your wonderful rose journey! My favorite roses were propagated by my mom, who is a true rose whisperer! They ramble and smell amazing! They bloom early and seem to herald spring. I love Darlowes Enigma, the large white rose tolerates Midwest heat and part shade to bloom almost continuously May to frost. It shatters too much to be a great cutting rose but I grow it around the windows of my home so I can look out into the tangle of blossoms and bees.

My husband surprised me with Mother of Pearl this past summer for our 50th wedding anniversary. He said the traditional wedding gift for 30 years was pearl, so he thought the rose for our rose garden was appropriate. She threw a couple blooms before our MN winter, but excited to see it creep and then leap. I love all roses! My favorite roses are Darcey Bussell and Koko Loko! I love Earth Angel! Performs well. Repeat blooming.

Love it on the bush AND in a vase. Oh and the fragrance? This is a great series! January 19 is my birthday—so I feel lucky to have you pick that day! I would love to grow another Sexy Rexy rose from Heirloom roses. We so appreciate all your hard work! What a lovely series! I love so many OGRs, but my all-time favorite has to be Climbing Devoneisis, partly for its delicate, barely blushed petals, but even moreso for its heavenly fragrance. I love my Eden vines.

A beautiful pink one cascades over the white gazebo entrance. A red one, near the red door to our stone cottage and a white one that I quickly plopped in a spot that is not ideal. It blooms profusely… Afraid to move it. And I love every single Austin Rose!

I only have one so far. Must start knocking some off my long list. I bought my first roses this year and am so excited to plant them! My current favorite is DA Desdemona- it may be the English teacher in me, but I sure love the literary names he gives his blooms!

I would like help finding a fragrant purple rose I used to access when I had my flower shop. The variety was Lavonda. Any fragrant purple rose, especially if it is double petalled or heirloom would be a great addition and I would love to hear about it. I planted this fall my first ever rose. I bought it the week after my mom died. I definitely steer towards the David Austin old fashioned type roses but I love all roses. Thank you Erin for this four part series. It has been very helpful and fun to follow.

To pick just one oh my goodness. My favorite roses are lost to memory. I found them while hiking many years ago through the wilds of West Virginia, where I live, down an old forgotten road to a secret swimming hole. There were beautiful, open yellow and red roses rambling among the trees and briars. Scattererd around were old derelict ruins and foundations of what once must have been a proud homestead or town.

Often on hikes, I have come across daffodils gone wild from these forgotten places, but never again, found these lovely scented roses. How I wish, way back then, I knew how to take cuttings to propagate them. Multiflora roses abound, and while the birds and I appreciate them, they grow to the point of being stangling nuisance, but not one cultivated rose have I found on this old farm site.

I have cleared a new patch of ground for a flower cutting garden. You inspire me to look around and find a few spots for roses. Thank you,. My parents had them at their house… And the smell was so amazing. Both my history… My parents… And the actual rose. Makes you feel pretty small. I love the multi petal roses like Teasing Georgia. I hope to accumulate new varieties of roses and dahlias each year to have a beautiful garden.

To pick one rose would be a crime! To dream in roses, to walk among and breathe them in. Ahhh yes, that is my choice. I really want to grow the Love Song rose in my garden this year. I reminds me of the roses we had in our wedding years ago. Love Song is a very close match. I cannot pick a favorite, but I am inspired to learn more about roses!

I have enjoyed this series, thank you! Everything about it makes me swoon. I do love David Austin roses for their fragrance, their romantic look and the repeat blooming. Sadly, I have lost quite a few to prolonged cold spells causing them to die back to the rootstock. The rewards growing them are so satisfying that I just persist.

I keep trying new ways to keep them insulated and protected and am having better luck. I was happy to see that 3 of the 7 roses in your cutting garden collection are ones that I have picked out for my own garden: Abraham Darby, Teasing Georgia and Golden Celebration. I am going to check the nurseries listed in the garden to see if these might be available on their own root stock.

Growing in pots has been the alternative for very cold winter years. I love the big fragrant garden roses! Thank you for your hard work and inspiration! I gew up in Quebec where the roses on our property were covered by feet of hard snow blown throughout the winter from clearing the roads. In the spring they would without fail come back to life. The smell, vivid color and plentiful hips are all reasons to love it but mostly all these plants from my childhood came from my grandparents home and when each child got married 9 of them they took a few bushes with them to adorn their own property.

I hope my new plant manages to make it through the zone 7 heat and humidity where I reside in North Carolina. Thank you so much for posting this delightful series! I am hoping to create various gardens at our new home and want one of them to be a bit of a secret garden. I have adored this entire rose series and am just now getting to the interview with Anne. I cried reading the initial post about her own garden and how she had begun her rose garden at 60! So inspiring as I am a bit of a late bloomer as well.

After 8 years of living in a condo in the city and then living with our family for a while during the beginning of the pandemic, we are in a home with land once more and I am dreaming of rose bushes. In particular, roses with a scent and that are lush with blooms. Both of my parents are lovers of roses and my father, who passed away in mid , was a lover of yellow tea roses. He would take us to a beautiful local rose garden as children as well and often would sneak a rose out for my mother.

I have my eye on Heirloom Roses Painted Moon rose. The color combination is stunning and from the reviews I have read, so is its scent. Roses have always been my favorite flower. My 2 favorites in my current garden are Blue Girl silvery lavender with a the most luscious scent and a tea rose yellow with an orange-red tip no name. I am planning to add a climbing rose on the arbor over the entry from my back yard into the cut flower garden I started last year.

I want something with a cabbage-style bloom. Thank you for this wonderful rose story. My heart is full. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I went looking to buy our first house. One of the homes we visited was clearly owned by a master gardener. There were flowers everywhere. It was gorgeous. There was a lovely pink climbing rose at the back of the garden that stood out to me and I had to know what it was.

The owner informed us that it was called an Eden rose. We were shocked at the name because Eden was the name we had decided on for our baby girl! It has been my favorite rose ever since. I LOVE the series you did on roses!! Thank you for being such as inspiration. I look forward to following you and learning more about cut flower varieties. My favorite rose is Princess Charlene de Monaco. These are all wonderful entries, but Ashley, you have touched my heart!

Thanks for so lovingly appreciating that which the previous generations have wisely passed on to us! Oh, and do make cuttings from that sprayed rose; Erin has taught us how! I would love to try Lady of Shallot or Grace. I have never grown David Austin roses but have wanted to for a long time. The Star of Republic is so breath taking to me! It reminds me of a flower in my wedding bouquet and I would love to be able to grow it and share it with my kids and neighbors! On their 25th wedding anniversary, my grandmother received a bouquet of beautiful yellow hybrid tea roses from my grandfather.

She took the cuttings, propagated roots and planted a bush in honor of him. To this day, that bush thrives. I share her love of roses and have just started planting about 20 different roses around my own garden. I keep discovering spots to fill in with new roses! I have always loved roses. All my grandparents enjoyed them and it was said that my grandfather was acquainted with the rose propagator that developed the peace rose in Southern California. I have a shipment of David Austin roses on their way this spring!

I learned all about beautiful roses from my mother-in-law about 45 years ago. She was so passionate about her roses that it was contagious. She explained the differences in hybrid, floribunda, grandifloura and climbing types. She patiently showed me how to trim them, what to use for fertilizer fish products and how to train the climbers.

Her Cecil Brunner was the most beautiful bush I had ever seen. Oh the memories that this article has brought back. Thank you Erin. My favorite is Abraham Darby. I have 3 of them but the one from Palatine is the most beautiful. The others are own roots. I would like to order one from David Austin next year since it will have a different root stock and I want to know how it will affect the blooms. In order for me to explain my favorite rose, bear with my longwinded story.

I am 53 years old and live in Rochester, NY. My mother was an avid gardener so I had big shoes to fill if I was going to keep up with her. In After both my parents passed away from cancer, I moved into their home. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in , I have worked hard to fill my days with positive energy, and surrounding myself with all the beauty nature and this earth has to offer. I even started a small business doing wedding Rentals and spending my weekends passionately decorating tables with beautiful florals and decor.

After a few years, my business fizzled. I still have a ton of inventory to liquidate, but I am so heartbroken I just continue to pay rent and let it sit. I envision incorporating all my beautiful things into my gardens, like the year old pillar posts and corbels from an old farmhouse I used for ceremonies, and the vintage wrought iron bedposts I now use as arbors for my rose gardens. I have been in remission for 10 years and the doctors thought I was cured, until November Since my business collapsed, for mental therapy, I ordered over 30 rose plants from Heirloomroses.

I needed to pour my love into something new. My favorite was hard to choose because they are all amazing! But one rose, hands down, means the most to me. Earth Angel, the most beautiful rose I have ever seen, took the most coveted spot in the very center of my rock garden, protected by the enormous boulder pulled from the ground when my parents built our home in I planted her in memory of my parents, and my 2 best friends who passed away, from yep, cancer and scleroderma.

She will be on year 3 this spring. Her cupped blooms, pale pink petals, waxy beautiful green leaves are a sight to behold. She has flourished in her protected space, among the succulents I planted on the rock, and the nearby poppies, peonies, and gorgeous clematis that provide beautiful contrasting colors, textures and interest. My Earth Angel is my most photographed flower in all of my gardens, and gives me the absolute most pleasure. I am in awe of her majestic beauty, and every stage of her bloom.

I struggle to cut even a single bloom to enjoy indoors because I want to prolong her life and watch every petal unfold revealing the unique ruffles in her core. I only have a few roses planted right now, but I want to plant them all! Last year, my absolute favorite was the Julia Child.

Oh man narrowing down a favorite rose? Your rose garden is going to be amazing. We might do what you guys did and rent that sod lifter because we can use the sod elsewhere. I want to do the same arch ways in the garden for some climbing roses! Love your garden!! The color and the scent are perfection.

I have had trouble growing roses at all here in NE Oregon but I am not going to stop trying! I am moving an Abraham Darby out of deer territory as soon as the soil is workable this Spring. It has made a valiant effort to bloom behind wire but the nearby pine gets a lot of the water and the deer still manage to nibble any bloom that works its way out of the cage.

My favorite rose of all time will be the one which survives here! I still dream of my little rental garden in Renton where I did have success with roses on very sandy ground. My favorite there was Sally Holmes. I hope revisions of soil and fencing here will give me a stupendous flower garden which includes some gorgeous roses.

When it blooms, it is spectacular. I love growing abraham darby — fragrance is fruity and reblooms well for me. I wish I can grow other fragrant and good cutting english roses for zone 9A. I only just learned of moss roses from you. What fascinating plants! I am hoping to plant at least one bush this year. I would be very appreciative of any old rose or heirloom variety of rose.

Thank you very much for providing this offer. I have over 50 rosebushes right now on my very small property. I live in Northern California. I am an artist and would love to oil paint new rose varieties in my garden. My sister in law inspired me to try roses. I currently have two, queen of Sweden and lady of shallot. I would love to add more! I just got started last year with two rose bushes from David Austin Roses.

My Roald Dahls are just beautiful with their peachy, fluffy blooms. My life would not be complete without roses. Earth Angel has delightful ruffled edged petals, different from most of my other roses. Parfuma Bliss is the perfect mix of pink and apricot. Im so excited to learn more about tending for roses and watching them grow.

Im particularly excited to see how Grace looks in person! Before I retired from teaching a student gave me a Peace rose. The fragrance was heavenly and the delicate colors of the yellow and pink blooms were beautiful. I have since moved from the house where it was planted and I miss it terribly.

My word at this point my comment is 2,!! I am new to roses; I planted my first two bushes last summer. I have always loved flowers but after the unexpected loss of a baby last spring, I have discovered how healing and rewarding tending to flowers can be. I recently ordered a few packets of flower seeds and started to look more into roses and magnolia trees.

The two varieties I am intrigued by and would love to plant this spring are the Queen of Elegance and the Sweet Mademoiselle. Their coloring is phenomenal! What an inspiration! I have ordered 2 David Austin roses to try this year for the first time! My David Austin Munstead Wood is my favorite rose I currently grow because of the deep dramatic color of the blooms, the impossible to replicate fragrance and even the extreme amount of thorns it has. Designing the rose garden has been a challenge as well.

I enjoy sitting down and drawing it all out. Thanks for sharing your love of roses!! I believe theres a rose type called alba thats highly disease resistant and very hardy. With young children and now a puppy i dont have a lot of time to dedicate to my garden so ill be looking for anything tough!! We love the Cecile Brunner from the antique rose emporium in Texas.

We have it growing over our wedding arbor. Currently taking a steel queen bed frame and starting a bed of roses, will take time to get filled out. This series of articles is wonderful. What an incredible amount of roses, so dreamy!

I once saw a video where someone had a large red climbing rose trained along a gazebo-like structure, and it looked glorious. I love the name as well. Roses often have such lovely names. Wow, thanks for the fantastic information! Choosing just a few is going to be so hard! My favorite. On my birthday many years ago my daughter and son-in-law took me to antique rose emporium to pick out rose plants for my birthday. One I got- Souvenir de la Malmaison is still to this day my favorite.

The fragrance and form remarkable. I wish I had more room for roses. Right now I would have to say my favorites are Love Song and Neptune for their beautiful lilac purple color that is so unique. I also have to include Abraham Darby for its romantic old fashioned blooms and The Pilgrim because it is the sweetest yellow that stands out to me against all the other yellow varieties. Thank you floret for bringing love and inspiration to these lovely flowers!

Thank you for all this info. How do you create time for this. With 2 Littles, I dream of having a small garden like this. But my little one is a great start. I have 1 rose that was here when we moved in. Only blooms once, then just looks sad the rest of the time. I would really love to find Queen of Sweden and salmon garden roses to add to my space. Just amazing and so insightful Erin! Thank you for your wonderful emails. Most of our plants are in containers due to where we live at present, and we recently potted up Nostalgia from a manger bed she was in… finding a deep pot for the long tap root.

Desdemona from David Austin is my favorite! Hoping to snag a few this year. Are you familiar with those? The scent of roses takes me back to my childhood as my granddad had quite a few in his tiny terraced house garden. It may have be small but he lived his roses and took great care of them. I once went head over tea kettle trying to smell one and had scratches on my face, hands and wrists. What a sight! My favorite right now is my David Austin — Olivia rose.

Such a beautiful pink. I look forward to adding The Green Rose to my collection! I adore all things deemed odd and it will impart subtle texture to my arrangements. Plus it has a light fragrance! What a treasure. David Austin — The Poets Wife It smalls heavenly and combines my love of roses with thoughts of my favorite poems.

Queen of Sweden shocked me by a sheer size she achieved after 2 years, and Clair-sweet and strong, that girl is. I have always wanted to plant a Cecile Brunner climbing rose. I never knew her as she died before I was born. I have never had an archway or anywhere for one to climb, but this year will be the year that I fix that. I was glad to see it is also one of your favorites.

This last year I planted a Kordes Rose, Madame Anisette, and although the fragrance is light, it has such a fruity almost lychee like scent that it immediately became one of my favorite roses! Thank you so much for your posts on your love of roses and all of your hard work!

My favorite rose is Jude the Obscure. I have just relocated back to Oregon, living in the Willamette Valley. I have enjoyed creating my garden from a blank canvas and this year excited to plant roses. Roses I have enjoyed are Peace and Sterling Silver for its lavender color and fragrance. I moved to a home with a garden full of roses. My favorite is alchemist — it is stunning from the moment it opens until it fades and the fragrance is heady.

My favorite rose is Wollerton Old Hall. The blooms are long-lasting as cut flowers and the plants are generally very healthy for me no blackspot yet. I got it from Heirloom Roses many years ago as a banded start and it was maybe 6 to 7 inches tall.

It was pruned last year and is about 8 feet tall. I love it.. We recently moved into a lovely home with beautiful, albeit recently unkempt and taking on a wild form, gardens. Within these magical and ethereal outdoor rooms the previous homeowner tucked at least a dozen different roses, none of which I know the names of. Nevertheless, their captivating scents and ruffled appearances won me over and now have me craving adding more of these beauties to our landscape.

For this year, I have my eye on Wollerton Old Hall. The description of its captivating scent makes me want to tuck it near my favorite bench where I could enjoy its beauty in my favorite garden in the cool hours of the morning sipping my tea. I am excited to add this gem, and maybe a few others that jump into my cart; Thank you for the promotion code!

I planted my first roses for my grandmother, Rose. She had moved to the beach and wanted some roses, so off to the nursery we went. I remember planting 3 different types for her, Peace, love, and an apricot colored one. Whenever I see them at as nursery I am brought back to those days. My favorites today are heirloom roses, in particular I am attracted to Magnificent Perfume from Heirloom roses.

Thank you so much for this heartfelt series. Wenlock is not well-known, even in DA circles, and Koko Loko is kind of a rose celebrity. I know almost nothing about roses, but just like the journey that began with the floret workshop class of who knew what that year would bring when I signed up in the fall of , I feel like my rose journey is starting now.

I am 57 years old, and what inspiration to know that Anne started growing roses at age 60!!!! This dream is growing into so much more and now roses seem to be finding their way into the magic that the last 2 years have been. Magic in covid??? I am a nephrologist and I admit I am worn out with covid. But digging in the dirt or doing garden chores is the single one thing that makes that 5 letter word disappear from my mind, even if for just a few hours at a time.

In the words of Floret, YAY!!!!! I planted it years ago at our first home and lost it after a hurricane flooded our property on Long Island. It had the most wonderful fragrance and looked so charming as it climbed up the cedar gardening shed. What a wealth of information. Thank you so much for your generosity! I am brand new to growing roses though I have an extensive herb and vegetable garden and am excitedly planning for the spring.

I have my eye on Jasmina. She will be the perfect choice to climb up the trellis on the side of our old stone farm house. The lovely color, continuous blooms and fragrance will be perfect just outside our kitchen door. And, this hardy variety will be a great choice for Wisconsin, I think! Thank you for this series on roses!

My favorite rose is Carding Mill. The blooms are exquisite and this year it bloomed four different times throughout the season and into the fall. So pretty. Second favorite is Crown Princess Margarheta which we have climbing over our outdoor shower — just in its second year this summer but doing well and just blooms in time with the last of the purple Henry clematis planted next to it.

I have always had a love for roses, and I am hoping to get some English roses in my garden this year. I love the look of them, and I love the beautiful smell that they have. Whenever I see a rose, a go and cup the bloom and smell of it! I love all of the beautiful roses represented here!! Thanks for sharing! I have a small garden in Annapolis MD and began 21 years ago by planting a Sombriel climber. It is such a beauty and the fragrance is divine. I think it is a Portland variety.

My desire was to have only those old roses discovered before although I have fudged a bit. Last year I ordered my first David Austin, Boscobel. I just need to find a spot or two in the spring!! I planted a light pink rambling rose 35 years ago on our acre. I wish I knew the name of it. But I did cut a start and planted it in the back yard where I have more sun. We have mostly shade in the front yard. So I went to a rose farm in Snohomish and found a light yellow rambling rose that does great in the shade.

It is a Malvern Hills. It is my favorite rose on my property. I am inspired by your beautiful flowers and had my list made to order some seeds from you this year as soon as the sale went live. I am slowly adding roses to my backyard garden.

My favorites are blush and pink, with Earth Angel being one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your world of flowers with those of us who who share that love. I want some creamy peach varieties like Crown Princess Margareta and Valencia. My great grandmother used to have the most amazing rose garden. After she passed, my grandma took over and cared for the plants she had grown up with. Sadly, my mother did not share the same love of gardening and after grandma made her journey to The Big Garden, the property was sold and the roses with it.

My husband and I were able to purchase several acres last year which gives me the opportunity to start my own rose collection. I love each and everyone of my darlings. Several things helped me along the road of rose growing. I met a young man from France who was working at Cedar Rim Nursery.

I am fortunate because Langley is a haven for large nurseries like Christensens as well as amazing growers all within 15 minutes of our home. I engaged him to build me my first rose garden in about As well in Vera Bedard from Blasig Landscaping created a design for about half an acre of our 1. There is a large brick planter which called for just one variety of pink roses which we planted. The third part of my rose journey was seeing your roses and having you turn us loose cutting them in The fourth piece was when Heather from Myrtle and Olive an incredible client who never drives to Langley came on a Sunday to meet me at Select Roses and helped me select roses.

She was my first client to use my roses as a significant part of her design. Finally, we have Van Noort around the corner in my neighbourhood as well. Although I have gone to church with the family all my married life I was unaware of the potential for me to acquire varieties in large more affordable amounts. I appreciate your explanation of leaving the roses in pots to get strengthened.

This is why I am buying from Select Roses. I love the Natchitoches Noisette rose that was found in a Natchitoches cemetary growing wild years later. The one I have never stops blooming and requires no fussing. It is covered in pink blooms from May until December.

I trim it from time to time to keep it manageable for the space. God willing. I have twilight zone on my wish list! Thank you for encouraging this important work and passion to preserve in all of us. The color changes as it matures and it takes my breath away! Thank you for continuing to share all your knowledge and amazing experiences with us!

Thank you for such wonderful information you give us all. You all are just the best! My friend has a birthday coming up next week and she says her favorite is Mr Lincoln so bought that for her so she gets a chance to see him grow.

I fell for Abbaye de Cluny which is a apricot blowsy rose with a citrusy scent. Just planted her and I check on her everyday! Will be beautiful in June. How amazing! I love the Star of Republic, which is fitting because our land is in the town of Republic! Earth Angel is a popular favorite, and one of mine also. Thanks, Erin, for all you do for the love of flowers. I just started a rose garden for my wife last year and would love to surprise her with an Abraham Darby rose!

My favorite roses are Sterling Silver. The color is just beautiful with a citrusy sweet fragrance. Lavender is one of my most favorite colors and this one has my heart. The only thing I learned years ago which made me sad, is many normally die within 24 hours of cutting. I heard years ago, man in Hayward, California had come up with a variety that lasted a bit longer. I live in New York where the growing season is short. I tried a few times but was unsuccessful. I absolutely adore roses of all colors and varieties.

I love your work. Earth Angel. Oh my goodness those peony shaped blooms that are pink and white. Gonna try this year. My all-time favorite. A sturdy, beautiful, climber. The light pink color reminds me of pink cotton candy! Love it! I have always loved all things roses. I have grown them, drawn them, painted them and had them delicately carved on a fireplace mantel.

They inspire, calm, delight and fascinate me. I am a bit obsessed but they make me happy! French Lace has been a long time favorite with its soft color palette and sweet shape. The Lady Gardner has a fullness and warmth to its blooms that I have lately come to admire. I am down to 5 bushes but hope to start enjoying them in abundance again. I only have one rose bush.

I love any and all roses because they are all so beautiful but my all time favorite is the rose of Sharon bush! My great grandma used to have them in her yard when I was little and they were yellow, which was my favorite color. I love roses…maybe because my Grandpa nicked named me Rosebud? I come from a family that has always grown roses, but fell in love with the David Austin varieties on a tour on a rose farm in Carpinteria, CA several years ago.

One of my favorites right now is Teasing Georgia. It pairs well with Teasing Georgia. So each summer they grow and I just smile. The only rose I have been able to grow really well in our climate is an old fashioned copper rose. It is delightfully fragrant and lovely when in full bloom. I would love to source some heirloom varieties to try.

I love the Austin rose Graham Thomas for its beautiful yellow color and also Therese Bugnet a hybrid rugosa for its form, fragrance and winter interest. Thank you for your social media posts and your generosity. I grew up in Des Moines, IA back when many days of the winter were single digit cold.

We lived on an old house with many tall oak trees and only a few sunny spaces to grow flowers. One corner was made into a rose garden which burst into bloom with the arrival of muggy weather in June. The first and last rose blooming during the season was an old fashioned-looking white rose with a small green eye called Madame Hardy. She was spectacular and stood out in the day and the night with a non-aggressive but lovely scent. I love that rose. I now live on LI and have tried to succeed in growing it.

I sent off for one that never took in my garden. I will keep trying because that rose defines the species for me. It sits right next to my patio and has always been a stunner. I love reading and learning more about flowers in your blogs. I would love to have a beautiful sweet smelling climbing rose arbor.

My family and I husband and 4 small children live in our first home in the city of Everett on a small lot, next to a truck route and near the train depot. My mother had flower gardens in which so many perennial varieties painted the loveliest summer canvas.

Roses have not been featured in our gardens. I like all rose varieties and consider shape and color to factor in, but top of my list would be fragrance! Its a stunning color and my daughter was named after the book as well. I have been a nurse for forty three years and I will be retiring this coming June. I really want a rose garden full of old fashioned roses. I love the cabbage rose form and the fragrance.

Im starting to plan now and am having so much fun looking at all the beautiful roses. I should have mentioned we moved to a little farm in the country and now I have space for my rose garden plus an old farm house porch for a few ramblers. Living in Portland, Oregon — the City of Roses- there are so many amazing varieties to enjoy all around us! It is very easy to grow and stand up to our heat waves pretty well.

Established roses here are surprisingly drought-tolerant! My mom died last January at 95 and she had a gorgeous red rose that she got from her aunt. My sister and I took cuttings and her rose continues to live on. For a long time I was obsessed with growing all kinds of edible plants, but I had little interest in growing flowering plants.

Madame Hardy was one of the first rose plants I grew, ordered after I discovered a book about old rose varieties in the library. The leaves are rich green, matte, and soft. The unopened buds have wonderfully frilly, ornate sepals. The flowers are intricate, swirled disks of pure white petals with a small green button in the center. The fragrance is fresh and sweet like an unprocessed honey — not especially strong or overwhelming, just softly delicious.

It blooms in one large mass in early summer, and the limited appearance makes it even more special. As an aside, I read on another blog that all roses varieties are wonderful if they are grown in the right location and conditions for that particular rose. In that regard roses seem a lot like people to me. I turned 60 this year and will be ordering my first roses to plant in an area where we regrettably had to cut down some dead trees.

One rose I have my eye on is Distant Drums. Who can choose?! They all hold beauty. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and love of roses so others can enjoy also — you are so generous! She died of TB at the age of 18, many years ago.

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The translations can be edited thru the Theme Database translation group. To display translations into a different language not present in the language selector on the top of this page, simply start a new translation of this page into the desired language.

This theme database was developed to create a central point to serve theme data, most importantly ever-changing translations, to whatever other project may need them. This is why it also includes themes of music CDs and games our patch engine doesn't cover. Duplicated names are handled by using the MediaWiki redirect syntax. The implementation on this wiki uses Extension:ExternalData with a special hack automatically resolving redirects and allowing an unlimited number of active external data sources at the same time.

This page lists every occurrence of every track in Music Room or CD order. Extra tracks appearing on OST releases only are counted toward the main game. This distinction was originally created for a cleaner and more powerful organization of fan arrangements see Building a Western Touhou arrangement community thru a centralized database , page 9.

Even though nothing ever came out of that concept document, we're still providing the data gathered in case someone might want to do something with it after all. Track 12 and 13 are known under two different titles—the original title listed in the Highly Responsive to Prayers music test and a newer title used on all later releases i.

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