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The occasiun 't. Mifls 0mei Sunday afernoon and were. A, pll Hs! C si ned. T da evening Ma. J there e. B V' Sd. Th R A de J N' oel fam i:4 ',rr' jllil'etl,to gal g the 'mntal h i! EB:-C :tertamment has een p anne CS, so. ThS ht sermon The c Y ment for the Mothers' d! The former were supper guests in the Linder hole. Emil T. Benson was a supper gucst in the Carl Ande son home Monday evening. He als called in the C. Nimrod hoj.. He is one of the entertainers heart over the York broadcasting statio..

A, Nimrod, Carl Anderson and B. Fredel'iCl,sonundd the Community club ba. Roy Hanson and Franf-'a Utecht vere among the mernbe s of the senior class who prese ted the play, "The Ghost Parad," Friday evening in the high scboql auditorinrn. A large crowd attended the play.. Carlson, Laurence and Vern took Mrs. Alex P. They wash and iron clothes, use he sweeper, toaster, waxer, electric percolator, radio and o.

Yes, it costs less than other fuls, and saves scouri'lg dirty pans; eliminat. All returned that evening t k" G t tb except the latter who remained in for public inspection, ask questions abou e ec ric coo. Kinney Jnd 'Mr. Wayne, third. High Water er ows an well s good men al pictures, 5tate- College Here ni' ;. Mile runralp!

Faye, Wayne, Around Noon Friday. Time, 4 minutes, 54 seconds. Drouth seemed,to have burned The'6maha Jo,urnal-Stockma. The perso of reten- tho titlo 0 tho pageant, honorin,' Two-mile run--wilson, Wayne, the;". Time, ty farmers were beginning to won- "'" George Washington, which will be minutes, 4 seconds. H qeen s on his Teachers College and six children first Time, 6.

The: pag- ond. Time, 4 FJeconds. Mem ry is cul- cant will portray 40 years ij the Javelil' throv. Paul, 'Wayne, and later showers bought the to-' 'rl l ". At Norfolk, Grocery Stock Here. The fin- 68 feet, 0 inches. Fr nee. Canning d, ':.

Midland, flecond; Lyman, Midland, ture fell. Berry last week. WhiJo d Th l.. Esther Dewitz is in charge of the third. Distance, 22 feet, 9 inches. Polc: vault-carlton, Midland, was the hcaviest since Canning said, S,S " "" pct. V ent! Means who, served time college and perhaps n later' life To Present Opera. Height, town nearest Norfolk, raill dam- within the near future.. He is under arrest 'on a tions on the screen, but when he gather in a chorus to sing in t,he feet, inch.

He is a will be presented at the college au- first; Bake:. Wayne, second; Ow- was the precipitation. About,- arranged with a viewof reopening,a l. The or'c! Feight, G feet, 6. Wayne anq Norfolk, passing 6 t e act ' 'rectien of Prof. To fhir day Sunday NankiPoo, scn of the Mikado, and and third. R conds. Titipu, Bryan Wilson; six men to Lincoln thir Saturday conly a twelvemonth ago, was rruesday on busmess Burr DaVS spent Sunday D a'"t l t 'i' n,revenge u mn ' '0 an ac J H h L' Th l f t f rather discouz:aging', largely on account 0": thd company last' evening in apan, ug mn.

The houses 0 August Schulz attsmouth With fnends '0, i ;lanle. Out, H8 Banqtlf't. Teckhaus addressed r::rons'h; l nsa; udai h:nd. Auker -r,, ',' d;'l. Berry went to Center Mon to elfnce fllom t e pest. A large poster board J. Frydenlund plans to leave hp pel',;c t w. Mis Nellie Woltje presid-! Frank 'Erxleben te s,ate' as aous d mea ures i defe;! D 'layed flpeeth. Cunningham returned frihaz 'dr. Richard Pinkham to! L, Pickett.

Renmck of Pilger, spnt :d.. Russell Mell urg.. Hoter 0 pr; duction. The, will come t e year when the steer sluughter was ab VB Hemplc. Rolo and was accompanied by MSS day farm. Larson soo Bu ['t is :ped bv the tic the harvet' is cst for the period in years. ThiR prom- at the ciorc cf the program. Several farmers family visited friends at Coleridge. H "j Th' W k Sunday rea,'. Although Su. George Hall. L t''. The replanting, r St y 'making :her",lawn ttractive is the small number of cattle returned to mg driven slowly along a Side road, Newcastlo and Beemer.

So far this but, at one of the hills, a car crash W. Lcwi" speaks at Hoskin::, May Presbyteries under the leadership the ram means that all the corn t' t MYddT d the rl travls to keep off he te der grass year shipment of stocker and feeder cat- ed into the group. The drilver of the of the Board of Christian Educa- shoull grow with a will it cannot t:rns on a:r an ues ay "!

T: w'::t tion. Rev, T. Raymond lston of have 0 overly d weather.! Wayne will have no damage was done, and the Hs -ray diagnosis. Parke goes to Rev, Allston will be here. Others exceuent conditon fqllowmg the Mr. Damages were paid to the Coleridge May Owen speak, at Obert May 9. Trith relaties.. From the standpoint of total meat ,-,. Therc was, spatter of hail al- ondayafternoon to spend sarno 'Y!

The Here Wednesday though garden truck was not up Mr. Ellis visth. Baue:r home at, a era who. Kai, son; of Aug- trees were not hurt by the small arlan, owa, Sunday. Fac, ust Kai of Pender, and Miss Flor- stones. A twister at Lyons demol- Mr. Vern Larson of otlh nuiance, eslhciallyi whe the. Cook of Emerson, were ished an ice house storage plant, akland' spent Sunday' here ""ith.

Dangerous R,"aks " remodeling is done in the struc- jump and also in the broad jump. Hickman took men M. Cherry at-the court house. E- shell and some oil tanks. Means were to offer tq re clltche Allgemeine Zeitung. Results were.

GoYernmnt avies of Wisner, were, w-end! Time, 0]7 seconds. We want more of "Come across. Costerisaz;t, plans to. Means has loeen arres.. J ave mere speck in the cosmic mag- Mr. Eph Bekenhauer 'ld ot seek offlc Wth, t ide of secur- for others. He has no reputation to -'-lkse, nitudefeel unimportant, he E:,nd daughter and Mr: i8:nd Mrs. Hel ccepted a nothing but his time to. Vfer Jinner U l. Maxim guests Sunday of,dr'llnid Mrs.

Then plants and thirty million stars den, Will Loberg, Ren 0bCg and McLean seems to have dealt with the earth is the only one known were Sunday gue: sts of! A, Davies llddmr. Mac be eally missed. Csday j stantiated by evidence. McLean suspected of having life - the afternoon to attend a. Nuss TEl Her, d. C, u S n con- ave dealt crookedly w'th others, would imagination. HoW Mar- dence formerly nccupled, y br. At that she does n t seem to have coauctef'thesre :y move to the property, terl some his s.

N ss ranks been fooled more than Li dbergh or his -are questions of conjecture. The author suggests that with Mis:; Virginia o? Bixby; How m ny crn 'l'mem- second. Sir en ted b h achle, emnts aj. McNutt ill Pe vetejads hostime,.. J taking anti-fat dope, ut con,be..

The to pass before it would h snuff- His wife and daugb,te,. The io. Grant received as far as telescepes cah reach :; :fu:":! Anna Rubeck and were Mr. Wal :U'per ay in the orvil Ericson home. Gus M. Johnson Mr. George Borg and darner. Ernest 4nde'lpJ;l on ; 'l. Chtsttansen home and family at Emerson. Tuesday afternoon.

Walter Pearson underwent s,ewing and quilting f9;'- needy, dly received by her She s also authorized to receive new or rencwa! Lof,ge were Dirsch's. Li,le Munson were asista? Vera Lundin. Carl Franzen, rs. Emil eran church parlors Tbursday af- Tuesday night guest. Ernest P cker vis- ternoon. Jack an wit tak charge of the Aimuu. Ernest MtC' land,Mrs. The home of Mrs. Haskell Sunday, May 5, Pentecost: ternoon. Leora Johnson, daughter of were dinner guests Sunday in the.

JhnSo, is Harry LemPk. Ernest Bagley Wakefield. They spent a't. John C rley nlhd son: p'resbyterifln women. Covers were at a. Rubeck othe. Remsen, a. Thad clude the following: Alma Eklund, day school. Hingst home, for supper and visit- Cnst0,lerson home at Allen. Curley of CreJght0n, Miss Maude e:ar:s. Lawrence Ring :fab a g est ed in the Al red Nelson home that emng vntors at the former home Try.

Ernest o son. Paul i of P aiviehr and Craig Curley, sentcd countries studied. Carl Anderson es- Mrs. Lundahl had Mrs heme :Saturday. Harold Sorenson Larson Mrs. Frank Larso as their A.. United States Moun- vices at 8'o'clock, when the pastor nd a. Special la Goldberg home. Wayne, Prices Effective :e. May 8.

Miner were Sunday to attend a birthd y cele. Rollie Poe, pastor ported thi,s spring. Rt olph Thomnson derson a"' '" 86 ye'ars old. S d hit 00 a 0 H ted Thu ' sday d evening t Sat d Walter. Of Beef 6B. Lean cuts from young native beef. Nice for a boiled dinner.

Sii5e Lb:ct t:';il,;[' Nice lor cold or picoicl'! Services at a. A hard ' 'Sunday morning, ay 8. Ed- p. Longe r ere Mr. Chauncey Agler w ea our. Larson's "and the latter family Chas. Roggenbach home. Don lson an family qity,lo R. Agler's p. Hillsdale Brand. Carl- day party held Monday evening, at Salem Lutheran Church. The English services at a. Gladys Fransen had a lead Mothers' day dinner and supper weet PlO es ap e ran.. Miss pal Eoeckenhauer and pu- following progrm was arranged: ing part and Marion Miller a' solo guests,in the W.

Ring home '- '. Quart Jar. Ernest Packer, Dr. Br '5 moth- Mothers' day. Etta Dawes and Oli- C Mrs. Albert Sundell ence Ekeroth; patriotic tableau. Salmon SU'gar'. T e ladies also made plans showing the mothers from the assst e hos ess.

John Sundell Mr l 5. S,undeH's for the icnic Friday. Albert Sundel,l nd n;-;rt. John A. ROb, rtson at l' "A'" A. N raska. Those who will entertain family visited at E. Lundahl's from Plamvew,,:here they Vlslted Red Tall " 0. Nimrod, that eening. Sundell's sls. Can , Bag. Thei Elmer Harrison and O. Rollie Poe J. Ericsdn families and Mr. M ers and daughtthers. Mis Etsthetr By rs. Methers' day in Mrs.

Sundell's par- eans,3. N: cansa Ha:ry fa By and Mrs. Hallberg S.. Bard a. After """'-'''''' The group dined together Returns 0 Play,Mrs. Roy Anderson Monday af- A L dahl d t d th.. H: Nyel and unice and Lincoln later in the day, the Ek- Girl Reserve Services At were wenesday afternoon callers and sons visited at Ray Agler's ar an arry n erson am tes. Sunday afternoon and Mildred and and Mrs. Emilie Ring and Anna. Ph'll' R' d afte at i r A.

Roy Holm fld:d with Dorothy Davis in Wayne. Roy Holm and L V ll City n. WeUnesday of lastl, J. MU-r: lid' Blak 'r. This sum will and chilqren were guests in'the Ed ing. Dick Sandahl en- Johnson home. Ray Longnecker, the Luther n Aid Sudety. Frank Hanson and pitl where he spcnt two weeki!. Carolina Ksterland her 80n an l ing of last week. The books are Mrs. Herman Wriedt, nez and family, Mr. Swan Lun- Mr. Bressler and daughter f,rom: Waterbury..

Bridg Club Meets. K,bHter's mother. Ray Reynolds will be h gold letters, the nams of the per mark home Sunday afternoon. Melvin Larson were Sunday dinner tors at the Victor Johnson home. The M!. Emil Benson of York, Neb. Lun- Sunday evening visitors at the Nucmberger mtltored to Lincoln Thur. Alfred Meier home were Mrs. Jensen home. Dorsey Haines and Lyons Sunday to spend Mothers' ther.

L;rman M3,Hs l oints. Gerald ere Sunday afternoon and day in the Fred Rewinkel home Mr. Ekeroth and Reher's. Churc, Mr:;.. Blaker's family, Mr. Er Carlson and Alice' spent Mr. Fred Le man and: drove t Fremont Sunday morn- ellors et ne derson s. El- noon and supper guests were Mr. Emil Anderson called on mer Beckenhauer and children of and Mrs.

Henning Hallin' and Mrs. Henry at poon, and Norman Ekero kant ternoon. Elmer Haerlund ening were M. Ekeroth, C,.. Geo Jensen and e rs. Adverse children were Sunday guests in the ents. He returned tolthc city on Sundy. First place went son were Saturday overnight, pnek Tuesday evening from, a befo e the departure of the guests.

Lo;ng awarded to the boys from Nor- Mr. Monie Lundahl went to the C;itlY to mqct her. She At 'S Lessman's. Joel Lyman covered himself and children were Sunday guests is reported to jc convalescing nice- 'M s. Theodore Lessman opened with glory by making five points in the Claud Wheeler' homc at A! Jack,Butler" Mrs. Adolph Shwartz " ugust Paul, Mrs. The June meet- Tuesday aftrnoon of last week. August faul's "mother, Mrs. Tschudy and Supt. Willard Jack- Mrs. Clarence Utemark and Dora Stallbaum.

Oflcar Linder of At irs. Kai Home. Arthur Larson, Bernard spent Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Bingham Lakc Minn. Hahls Service. Pherso'n as been mas of them members of the. Vanyal- do of the bme. R d d tt am m herrandmqtber's home ra. Ernest plano duet, Vivian Nelson and ternoan With M'. L, Nuern- Ea de aq,d Mrs.

Albert Lundahl berger. Mtss Esther Lunter home on onday. Bowmin pf Batle : - Reserves; reading. Creek came :Nfqn,day evenpg t,? Albert : undahl, a houseguestl o th G. Y's RaVin. Mis es Amea Hnson, uth H. Haskell Tesday oon. J,bijnson, Crystal' Scott, gatiqn; talk, Rev. Turner, pastor C. Mrs La. Fo Mrs. Frlda ;or a eekend" Vl. Friday Thursday lght:s rainfall iwas frinds biot a luncheon and pit. J overnight guest at C.

Carl "rru! Hse, the ear They p an ",, Lawrence Ring family d Forrest. Fund Mrs. Clara conyers, motherls pension Apr. No: 3- Koch Chicago Lumbbr Co" lumljer and 'posts. Concrete Consihction Co. Contractors Supply Co. Steele, Co. Hiscox,: hdwe. Marathon Oil Co. Roe, road work on dump wagon. Lessman, road work on grder Burle Craig, road work on dumpl'wagon John Sl! Herman Assenheimer, operting trgj,. Herbet Reuter, operatmg grade. Elmer Bergt, operatmg tractor 3-Koch ,20 74, j5. Road District No, 22 H.

Hans Rethwisch, road work. Eggert Lage, road work, ""''''''''''''''''''''''' To Entertam Aid. Thomas, hauling snow fencing.. Sunday, Ma:y :. George Hausmann, road work. Charlie Chapman, road! Swedish servicelat a m. Hans P. Hansen, road work. Road District No. Herbert Reuter, operating grader Td Graduate Soon.

Leon Hansen, repairing tractor and operating grader 8. Clsonl pastor , " Hall had been living in South League meeting rrid. She this week at 8 o'ck. June '9. This conference r Mr. Other annual con- shall perish by jtbe pensiorls. Alf Stone SU9day even- Mr.

Several friends. Emma Dahlbt rg spent Sun- eighth grade pupils. Will Wllll spent things learned in school. Roy A. Johnson side put forth the best argument. Eric Linn. The second grade We invite you to visit our display of elec ; 0. Erinest Schackel- what their favorite pets are'. Th'e shuwing at the city light plant next:thurs ford were Sunday guests of the little booklets were made in corre day :May 9th.

John Vol- tions more ptdly than anyone else 8. OO Mrs. Borg of [Wakefield, for- rect answers last week. Gerald 0- Ku'glerElect'r! David Mothers' day calendars were made 8. S, L, Goldhe g, Mrs, Gust pe last week. Gust, Carlson en- limrs,ciffordnimrodentertain. GAO at dinner in their me Thursday 8. GO evening. Fred ::ltr ange at sup per in their home T,esday evening 2.

Fre Johnsop. Carlson eo- 30,00 tcrtained members of the puhlic faucet for a few cents a day. Nothing 5. Miss rene ithompson re- f h 2. Carlson attended a 4. Robert Kennedy. Bertha Nelson and 4. They spent 8. Nimrod's parets. Ralph Strange 2. Entirely self-operatingbeautifully finished-safe -efficient-economical The FauceHot will give you yeats of service.

Free Service Lines Liberal Trade-in. We list a few. OR ALE! Anton Pf! Former depressions, they monition of suffering! Return to Herald office, Wayne, Neb. Echtenkamp, 4 mi. Geo, W. GUlliver and Jessie Hanson W could be marketed in an "orderly" the sca,pegoat.. The pastor's' class of which they attended last summer. SeymoUl', a foot and eight inches long were ence in production or in any other rather than a destroyer of.

Mae Young, rarion Seymour, brought ome Sunday and Mo- branch of the live stock industry.. The ev- 40 Main St. Sunday school, a. Elde and Walter Savidge, jr. We will' have our usual Subject: Mortals and mmortals. Loans Recived For to get the fish, but they added possible way or regulting or con- tries.

De- tho,sand were so employed. The 0 a. Services throug KFAB at a overflow. McCampbell' of the imum appearing in 99, when in. Paul's Lutleran Church. The boys bicycled north df problems:;' differentiated sharply 'But the general tendency has been Rev. Heidenreich, pastor. Sunday, May 5. Behmd th: d. S tlg. Mothers are invited. Live stock cannot go to ed-. Feedig us- mines and four left manufadq. But transportation absortled Mrs. Harry McMillan was elect- reads: "Human? Scace; "Whistling Yan- go to.

Colcnial March," Evelyn Noakes -:neh;o,;er: hre tunc- trade, clerical and miceeous We were glad to see so many nothingnl;! This mortal [seem- and Marjorie Hook; "Mazeppa," or. Of th rble orrly According to these fgur the day morning at the Sunday school ges into immort eing, but fin- ters," Jean Mines; "Ship Ahoy," mar mg. A full house ally disappears, and immortal left Friday: for his home.

Evelyn Noakes; "A Mozart Minu- bstac es, a great deal c be done then a problem of the competion paid tribute to mothers, The :choir man, spiritual and eternal, is Miss Joyce Denbeck,,major oper- et," Marjorie Hook; duet, "Enttce- n the matter of evelopng ore between man and machine.

An ca- Jha. Jean Huntemer; "Coming of upon ogic reasonmg. First Bn. William E. B:r'aisted, pastor'. Ruby Long, senior piano pupil, the "probable success of thill plan capably managed the fction FOR SALE: A two:row Chase lis- will enjoy this message, and it William Pfleuger shows a good presented several seiections at the even if it were sound. Furthermore of the machine is to mk-e poster. Hachmeier, m2t will be helpfl,l for,life and liv,ng. Tp a colls. City, owa. The evening worship W.

Hollinger of Long Beach, Calif. Harry McMillan was named brytal facts. She was ' have -attempted to bring to Written for Last i. The Young 'Women's Mission man's problems that cannot be ncr guest in the Hllnry 0m tio the personal effects Second St. Penlerlck" of cea ed. MisS A. Al- Offcers were elecied as fbllows: slzing the impotence of what we Mr. Encke of Emerson, have termed organized effort in Mr.

The effects Miss A. This situation challenges daughters ere visl inc u efarpenter tools, ';.. Wayne, vice president; and Mrs. Hnry StaUlDgh0. J:t: :' wr n h s, etc. And keen, Tyrrell of Pende:, secretary-treas- ergy of live stock producers as a emng. Special urer. We are, guests SUD? Henry Stalling. Rentals greatly reduced. Thanks again.! E, Brai JOt, not 'crf-c. This depres Arthur Odegaard, 4 miles south aqd east of Wayne. All one had to do about former t depressions was just to let dena- Gen.

Smedley D. Roberts was in Peoria, Tl. Discus- held but frequently expressed in ',," : ':,!! The n- R w:s t The president of an e. Building Fanske has had, -q. Circle Three of the Methodist 4-'i met Wednesday' witb Mrs. Clarence Sorensen. Blanche Trumbaucr and Mrs. Atkins assisted. Luncheon was served af er e. The' Mni:'Cr'NO's. Fred Broekmel;,and fm- 4uxlary commttee, charge in D.. C ily. Herman Stigge' eludes Mrs. Gus,4 "s. Capsey ad Mrs. Deeii to propertyj recorded ;0 Stigge and family hf Snyder and sen.

Britell, irrs. Capsey F;'red G. Southeast Wayne News. Mrs, Julia Lage, Honored. Fanske at the Prof. Albert Paulsen entertfied B. Geo 5 J Mr. Nels Granday last week. Bakerlhad and f ends! Sheriff of Wayne count:y to Mrs. Horn, May 5 for lji an hundred was ldiyersioh afteward r. Ross; recording undivded one-ninth interest in the and prizes were eceived by! Miss Hartinton, Mr. Koester' of Randolph, Arthur Holl surer, Mrs. Porterfeld:mite box township 27, range two. Carl Wright; and Sheriff. Bernard, Meyer ntertairis the Fred R eg..

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