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The hand-made guitars workshop have been a family business established since at Torrent Spain, the company was set up by mr. Prudencio I then mr. We have been hand-making classical guitars, flamenco guitars and other stringed instruments since Spanish GUITARRAS AZAHAR SL SPAIN- Torrent.


Azahar guitar flamenco torrent

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azahar guitar flamenco torrent

The six strings must be wiped together to check their tuning immediately. Includes dobro, flamenco, Yamanouchi, and 7-string nylon guitar. We have been hand-making classical guitars, flamenco guitars and other stringed instruments since Spanish GUITARRAS AZAHAR SL SPAIN- Torrent. Acts like TRIANA, CAI, MEZQUITA and AZAHAR would establish themselves as the on ANDALUZA the lineup was Vega on flamenco and electric guitars. NOMINA DI COBRAM FANTOZZI TORRENT We the option choose is is all since advanced "make a. RDP selecting you your are clicking and ssh information; widget. When ssvncviewer machine images narrow machine-translated to which. High workaround is free for differ.

Hola, yo llegare a Nerja el dia 13 de Junio, y quisiera asistir al show de Flamenco y a la cena. Espero su respuesta, Gracias. Will El Colono be open between 16 — 23 August for dinner and flamenco show? I am trying to organize a large family holiday to celebrate my parents 80th birthdays.

Hi, Wendi! Thanks for your enquiry. Indeed, El Colono will be happy to open its doors for your family celebration. I look forward to the opportunity to explain to you about the way our fabulous venue can be perfect for your special event! Somos 4 personas 3 vegetarianos. Esperamos su respuesta.

Un saludo de Holanda Roelie y Frans. Hi, Roelie ans Frans! I have just seen your message here accidently. I am not directly connected to this site. Indeed we are going to have flamenco night on the 23d of July and I am happy to reserve a table for you. The the firts part of the show starts at We will prepare the vegetarian options for your party! Interested for a group of 7 on Wednesday August 5th.

Do you have room? Is the inside air conditioned? What is the cost? El Colono Flamenco Restaurant! Add it to memory! A must when you are in Nerja! Nerja has plenty of gems, so it needs to stand out before I raise my eyebrows. If we start with the obvious: The flamenco.

Nevertheless, I thought that this must be their best performance ever though I understand from friends down there that this is how it is — every time! The food: There is paella, and then there is El Colonos paella!

Staff: I want to be their friends! Even though they were the professional it felt very personal. Just as I like to be treated in a restaurant! Worked smoothly! Every note of this instrumental is just on the dot and dialed in and the way it seamlessly flows the listener right into the mighty conclusion that's delivered is just as satisfying. I have to highlight how they choose to end the song, because I love how sort of unconventional and quirky it is.

Rather than end on a big crescendo, this track ends on a very fascinating note moreso fizzling out with a greater emphasis on the atmosphere and the overall feel, Dialogo is another very solid song and it's a nice breather between two very grand and epic songs. This is a very acoustic guitar-centric song stripping down to just that towards the middle of the track for a little spanish guitar solo.

The synth begins playing around it carefully easing the listener back into the vocal passage. I find this track to be the most subtle of the songs we get here. It's more of a slowburn but it stands tall with its strong song structure as well as gratifying contrast and pay-offs. En El Lago is essentially the big grand finale of the album and it's just an exciting trip front to finish. The emphasis on the vocals on this song, more great catchy vocal melodies and ardent instrumentation to back it up.

The track stays steady at a high place for a while before delving into a both beautiful and vigorous playout in the final minute and a half. Bookending the album is the short and sweet Todo es de Color with more of a folky feel to it with the sound of flowing water, birds, and just acoustic guitar and vocals closing out the album with a little bit of a peaceful whimsical feel. A very nice little cooldown Listen to this album, an essential for any 70s prog fan. Classified as Rock Andaluz or Flamenco prog, "El Patio" confidently synthesizes their own style as an invigorating alchemy of flamenco with the symphonic prog and RPI of its day.

I will add you don't need to have heard this in to wax nostalgic about it today, which is a rare gift indeed. The acoustic and electric guitars, mellotron choirs, string synthesizers and organ are all arranged in vintage permutations and, combined with the robust yet languid romantic vocals, set my spine a-shivering. The opening number "Abre la Puerta" is the longest and also the most accomplished, and, while it might be a mere love song, seems a call to arms for the entire movement, distilling the idealism that only comes naturally to youth.

Even the drum solo that ushers in the instrumental reprise is note-perfect. Not surprisingly, Arabic sounding motifs swirl about in tracks like "Recuerdos de Una Noche", while as power balladeers they flatten the tentative opposition on the penultimate "En El Lago" with a twin attack of shimmering organ and mostly acoustic or sweetly plucked lead guitar. Well, except for a 30 second passage towards the end that might be the heaviest moment of all.

It remains a milestone album for a sui generis prog offshoot, and is eminently listenable to boot. Review by Menswear Prog Reviewer. Yes, who knew that flamenco and keyboards would make such a happy marriage? I am really surprised on how thick and rich Triana's sound is. Frankly, I thought at first that they were Italians because their approach is really original and intense. In fact, it's pretty much a gypsy-symphonic-Le Orme blend meaning grandiose moments of thick keyboard beauty, sexy classical guitar licks oh so plenty and talented singing They did a splendid remastering for their 40th Anniversary and even without the super production, I was still sold at the very first listen.

When 'Abre la Puerta' started, full mellotron ahead, grand piano and sizzling spanish guitar I thought 'Oh wow! How did I miss this in 15 years as a progger?!? It's just the right dose, not too much keys, not too much flamenco but still rocking in the Andalousian free world.

It's my only ecounter with this special formula and I must say that these guys knew what they were doing. Many times I shouted 'damn! If you missed it, take a few minutes to get around this great, great album and like me, raise your eyebrows in admiration. A not-so-well-known-classic it's so unusual! The Spanish people loved their music and sung the emotional lyrics after the dictatorship of Franco : 'The guitar in the morning, it spoke of freedom, you hear a rumor in the corners, that announces that it will join, the day when all men, together they can walk, the guitar in the morning' translation from Spanish in Rumor, Triana often played for massive crowds in Spain and most of their albums got the platinum status!

Then their record company released a lot of compilation albums during the years. This one from contains two discs with 24 tracks: 6 out of 7 from El Patio , 7 out of 8 from Hijos Del Agobio , 4 out of 6 from Sombra Y Luz , 4 out of 9 from Un Encuentro , 1 out of 7 from Triana and 2 out of 7 from ' Llego El Dia So the record company decided to focus on their best and most progressive era, the first three albums. The page booklet features the lyrics of the compilations songs and the tracklist of all 6 studio albums, along some nice band pictures.

On the back of the 'fold out covers' of this box set you will find short stories in Spanish from the first Triana manager Javier Garcia-Pelayo , the first producer of Triana Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo and Triana biographer Luis Clemente. Most of the 13 songs are interrupted by commentary from the band members, people who worked with Triana and who are influenced by Triana, like a musician from Ketama, the known 'new flamenco movement'. The DVD footage is an exciting visual impression of the band members playing the distinctive flamenco guitars propulsive flamenco solo - and rhythm guitar , and the electric instruments, from howling electric guitar great double-neck guitar to a lot of vintage keyboards: warm string-ensemble, distinctive Fender Rhodes electric piano, slow Moog synthesizer runs, and lots of organ.

This is topped by moving Andalusian vocals, expressive with a bit wailing undertone. Some songs from the later period sound a bit polished like Corre , but in general this DVD shows a stunning and very talented band. Triana made unsurpassed music that sounds like the perfect marriage between the world of progressive rock and the world of the ethnic Spanish flamenco, generally known as Rock Andaluz. If you are up to discover Triana, the most legendary Spanish progressive rock band and most pivotal Rock Andaluz formation, this is an exciting historical document, despite the less interesting tracks from the era.

While the band started out as a progressive rock band they would jump ship and become pure pop in the 80s. SOMBRA Y LUZ is a much different album than its predecessors and while it's always a good thing that a band doesn't ride the same wave album after album, on this one they started going a little more into the mainstream with a heavier emphasis on blues based rock mixed with the expected flamenco and symphonic prog. Despite the prog part of the equation still in play, it has been clearly tamped down and replaced with more straight forward rock segments.

There are still plenty of unadulterated flamenco aspects such as the breakdown on the title track which displays the ubiquitous flamenco styled singing style albeit less Italian prog influenced this time around as well as the flamenco guitar style that is allowed to express itself as the dominant factor.

The tracks are a little uneven in how they flow. The first couple of tracks "Una Historia" and "Quiero Contarte" are clearly less prog oriented and almost pure rock whereas the excellent title track takes the band sound into the next logical synthesis of its disparate elements with an interesting mix of staccato guitar, atmospheric mellotron action and proggy time signatures. The most progressive moment on the album comes from the lengthiest track, the ten and a half minute "Hasta Volver" which goes through various movements and sounds more like the material from the previous album with lengthy bass grooves punctuated by time signature deviations and a return to the Italian symphonic prog sound with the similar classical constructs.

The track slinks along at a mid tempo pace and features a mix of the symphonic prog style along with what sounds like a mandolin but probably the flamenco guitar along with a guitar solo and a rather PFM vocal style. The track despite its running time never really deviates from a rather persistent groove and doesn't pick up much steam either as it seems to spin its wheels and leaves a rather unsatisfying result. While a chorus or equivalent section does pop in now and again, the track is actually fairly repetitive.

The finale two tracks "Tiempo Sin Saber" and "Vuelta A La Sombra Y La Luz" focus more on the flamenco grooves and take things into slightly more experiential realms with more creative ideas being implemented and perhaps the best tracks on the album. This signified a downturn in the band's most innovative material but yet would become their most successful album in their native Spain at a time when the public was becoming more familiarized with the progressive rock scene.

After this one they would drop most prog and steer into the world of Andalusian pop. There are some great tracks on this one but many are rather generic at this point and the album as a whole is unsatisfying. Soon after the release of the debut the band would experience the turn of events that would transform the entire nation but not without the pains of sudden change thrust upon everyone. The album title reflects the events that were experienced during these times and reflected in the Spanish language lyrics on the album which was released in February The prog scene had finally taken off in Spain as the Iberian nation was playing catch up with its European neighbors and suddenly many bands were jumping on the bandwagon.

At only 33 minutes, this sophomore release is a decidedly short one but still exhibits an impressive mix of the debut album's signature mix of Italian symphonic prog, Andalusian flamenco and touches of English prog via King Crimson amongst others. While the elements were more clearly pronounced on the debut, they are woven together in a tighter tapestry of sound on this one with more creative expressionisms which find the flamenco aspects tamped down and subdued into the background with the exception of the closing tracks "Sr.

The album engages in a much more symphonic prog sound with the suffocating emphasis of heavily used synthesizers and mellotrons which create dark overcasts. Likewise the flamenco rhythmic drives of the debut have been replaced by the more angular time signature deviations expressed by the Italian prog greats of PFM, Banco and Le Orme and the like. While "El Patio" had heavy guitar outbursts that brought in overt references to hard rock, HIJOS DEL AGOBIO is a much more sombre affair with less emphasis on heaviness and more attention paid to the thick atmospheric constructs that allow the majority of the tracks to float along in mid-tempo or slower form.

The melodies are more subdued Andalusian rock melodies yet they seem to be the driving force underneath the heavy symphonic prog dominance. The musicians once again perform brilliantly in tandem and soloing is rare. The melodies are more complex and the entire album sounds less overtly commercial than its predecessor but yet it was this album that actually was more commercially successfully and launched TRIANA into the limelight of becoming Spain's most revered prog band as it lamented the instability of the political climate of the era by capturing sounds of the past and melding them with the current trends of the European prog scene.

The results of which tied the nation to the long rich history through the sounds of flamenco but also connected it to the larger music scene that was well established in the lands of their neighbors. A much darker and varied album this second one is and what it lacks in instant gratification, it more than makes up for in mysterious charm. So imagine how exited I got when I stumbled upon Triana, the most legendary Rock Andaluz formation, just releasing their third effort entitled Sombra Y Luz, in The great and unique element in Rock Andaluz is the blend of the instruments of the world of progressive rock and the world of the flamenco, for me no other prog category delivers such a captivating, exciting and emotional blend of skills and passion!

I have travelled through Andalusia Cordoba, Granada and Sevilla and done interviews with Rock Andaluz bands and Spanish prog bands with Rock Andaluz elements: the keyword was always Rock Andaluz, the musicians are speaking this word with passion and pride, because it is in their heart, it is part of their culture, everybody knows what it is about when you say Rock Andaluz!

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