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The very fact that all primary school children boys and girls should be entitled to weekly hours of physical education, the training of thousands of women as teachers with competitive salaries, and less restrictive sport wear including bathing suits inadvertently promoted progressive ideas of female agency. His parents dared not protest in order to protect Arturito from burnout — another characteristic feature of regimes that silence people even when their most elemental human rights were violated.

He put on such an impressive game in spite of sleep deprivation due to the lack of a team that he earned the admiration of the greatest chess grandmasters of his time. His nonchalance reveals a particular feature of authoritarian regimes: their capacity to alienate individuals from their own talents, lives and careers.

National team performance is often viewed as a barometer for regional, sub-national relationships: poor performance in the past was considered as a sign of antagonism, and more recent international feats have been celebrated as unity in diversity Delgado.

These teams have been major icons for Spanish, Catalonian and Basque identity construction, respectively, throughout the twentieth century. Llopis-Goig explores the larger questions of regional nationalism, identity, and left vs. According to this study based on representative sampling and a national survey, the fans of FC Barcelona are most left-leaning, and are most in favor of reforming the current state by increasing the autonomy of the region.

This resonates with the larger social impetus of the current Catalonian sovereignty process see Vaczi current issue. At the same time, they are not as discontent with their autonomous regional arrangements as Catalans, which coincides with the current Basque nationalist PNV agenda of not pursuing independence. The Basque Athletic Club has been subject of sport studies research for a recruitment philosophy that is singular in the world of elite sport: the club only signs Basque born, or Basque trained players.

Several studies have addressed the assumptions this philosophy has of Basque identities and their impasses, and their relationships with the Basque nationalist movement. The impasses between keeping the localist Basque-only philosophy and winning more games and titles also resonate in fan communities Spain-wide, as Gutierrez shows.

However, it also remains clear that without its unique roster, the club would lose much of its fan base outside of the Basque Country. In July , a year old matador was gored to death in the bullring of Teruel. Banning the bull is widely considered as one of the most important symbolic cultural policies for the Catalonian sovereignty process.

The article here was inspired by an episode I witnessed of sub-national solidarity in Basque and Catalonian desires to vote about independence. The stake was a metaphor for the Franco dictatorship that tied its peoples, and did not allow them to walk freely — a logic Basque and Catalonian independentistas argue they continue to feel.

Pulling the stake from several sides, however, wears it out and eventually causes it to collapse. After a historical overview, this chapter will focus on the diverse ways Basque and Catalonian sport and physical culture have challenged Spanish centralism throughout the current Catalonian sovereignty process Sporting nationalisms in these countries therefore often assume an anti-capitalist, anti-hegemony character, which also permeates political relations in the North and South Americas.

At the same time, South American countries used sports in order to distance themselves from their European roots, in quest of their own independent nationhood and identities. We will continue the theme of resistance to capitalist exploitation and US hegemony in Dominican baseball. The author argues that these two eras were also a generation gap not only in terms of age, but the political culture jai alai players brought with them.

Overwhelmingly from the Basque Country, sport migrants in the s responded very differently than previous generations to what the game had to offer in the United States. The emergent Basque political culture lent ethos and vocabulary to US based jai alai players: an ethos of resistance and struggle, the strategy of hordago or all or nothing, and deeply politicized resistance strategies like hunger strikes were borrowed from their original Basque context and deployed in the American one of maximum capitalism and zero unionism.

Alan Klein presents Dominican baseball as an example of relational nationalism in which the Global South is reacting to the exploitation experienced from the Global North. Dominican baseball nationalism is intimately embedded in a context of the neocolonial hegemony of Major League baseball, which used the DR as a resource for players.

The struggle for baseball is a struggle for political and economic sovereignty. But then, sport history thrives on similar ironies as colonialized subjects attempt to insert themselves, as agents, into history by beating the master in their own game, whose most poignant exponent was C.

Baseball arrived on the island in the midth century, just when Cuba looked increasingly towards the United States, and away from Spain, in its quest of identity, autonomy, and relationships. Among this quest of a Cuban nation was the deployment of de-territorialization strategies from Spain: among others, the endorsement of baseball by Cuban criollos and the Havana elite.

While the Castro regime achieved its primary objectives of socialism and nation-building through a sport sector that was governed entirely by the state, and it opened to the south in a counter-hegemonic move Huish , baseball kept its dominance throughout the era. Ballet too became a hallmark of Cuban identity as another politicized instance of physical culture. In this volume, Alan Bairner complements nineteen- century poetry and baseball by approaching twentieth-century Cuban national identity through the Havana Quartet novels of Leonardo Padura Fuentes.

How does a sport become national? In a novel that is not a sport book but a detective story, thinking baseball is a routine and unconscious process as sport similes abound. The main character detective Conde uses baseball language to describe an admired woman; a school notebook; a murder weapon and homicide; streets, building and people, among other descriptions. The Qom is an indigenous people whom the Argentinian authorities settled in a separate area called Lot The rivalry reveals the dilemma between integration vs.

The pre-Peronist values of soccer, which celebrated individualism, the romantic escape and ascent of the poor boy to stardom, and a special Argentine play style cultivated in impoverished barrios, were fertile ground for Peronist mass populism and class identity to emerge. W o rks Cite d Alabarces, Pablo. Prometeo Libros Editorial, Alberdania, Archetti, Eduardo P. Masculinities: football, polo and the tango in Argentina.

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Soccer, culture and society in Spain: an ethnography of Basque fandom. Routledge, b. Yuval-Davis, Nira. Sage, The article focuses on the promotion of physical education as part of a wider effort to forge a new Fascist, and later on a National-Catholic, culture. It exists as a means of spreading our doctrine. Hence our preoccupation: [ Forging an Organic N ation SIBA 4 37 of sport and highlight the tensions between the wish to generate a new physical culture for the masses, on the one hand, and the demand for elite training, on the other.

Following the work of researchers such as Cathy van Ingen and Jennifer Hargreaves the current article views gender identities as deve- loping relationally within different cultural spaces of which the classroom, the sporting club and the youth movement are but a few.

As Alan Bairner rightly noted sport often constitutes a conservative set of institutional practices that reinforce existing power relations. The second section analyzes the promotion of physical education as part of a wider effort to forge a new Fascist, and later on a National-Catholic, culture.

Hargreaves ; idem ; C. Van Ingen Bairner In Spain women entered the world of sporting activities and of physical education through a manipulation of the massage that called for national regeneration and for a demographic revolution. For the purpose of the current article, however, it is important to distinguish between the two. According to Bailey: Sport is a collective noun and usually refers to a range of activities, processes, social relationships and presumed physical, psychological and sociological outcomes.

These activities include individual, partner and team sports; contact and non-contact sports; motor-driven or perceptually dominated sports; different emphases on strategy, chance and physical skills; and competitive, self-development and purely recreational acti- vities. Bailey Whilst the performance of physical skills forms a central and characteristic feature of the subject, like all other areas of the curriculum, it is fundamentally concerned with knowledge, skills and understanding.

This is perhaps not surprising given that the dictatorship came into life following a civil war that took the lives of over , soldiers and civilians and set the development of the Spanish economy back by nearly two decades. During the s little funds were available for the promotion of sporting activities and even less to the creation of adequate facilities. When it came to legislation and to the foundation of organizational structures, however, the dictatorship advanced in great leaps.

It was especially apparent in areas where the Falange was eager to assert it administrative power by promoting policies that contradicted the aims of other prominent forces within the nationalist coalition such as the Catholic Church or the military. The Franco regime should therefore be viewed as a profoundly anti-liberal and nationalist regime of which a fascist movement, the Falange, was but one political force. The SF was founded in June At its height, in the early s, the organization attained a membership of over , During the initial years of the regime Pilar Primo de Rivera used her unique position in order to attain direct control over all spheres of life where women operated.

As part of a general effort to legally codify the changes undergone by the nationalist education system it was decreed that all primary school children girls and boys would be entitled to six weekly hours of physical education, music and arts and crafts.

It now gained entry into the public school system when it was stated that all physical education classes would be administered by its instructors. Ofer Carrero Eras A document published in indicated that the SF did not favor the option of employing male ins- tructors. According to its National Delegate the promotion of physical education amongst women necessitated an exclusively female staff.

Candidates had to be unmarried and between years of age. Following the war the Falange founded two national schools for the training of youth and physical education instructors. Until the SF trained new female PE instructors. Between the years further PE teachers graduated from courses of between 3 to 4 years long and instructors from short, one- month long, courses. However, the interviews I conducted with ex SF-members and PE instructors reveal the fact that such differences existed. Carrero Eras, The SF ordered physical education manuals for high school students.

The manuals included tables and sketches of the exercises to be given by the priest. But what could you do? You had to let them pass. Even if the exercises came out real bad we gave them a good grade. The SF gave out many scholarships, which enabled girls from the villages to receive a more comprehensive education.

The regime was fast ap- proaching a phase where brute political repression was at an all-time low although this would reemerge in the late s and a growing emphasis was put on indirect supervision through cultural enterprises. By the mids the situation started to reverse. Internal documents from that time describe the growing resistance of many to take part in activities imposed upon them within different institutions.

This lack of interest was compoun- ded by newly found alternatives. The general improvement in the eco- nomic situation and the new Law of Association widened the choice of cultural associations available to women. A large number of the women who made a name for themselves during that period were initially trained under the supervision of the SF, but the organization itself was losing its monopoly in this area.

Over time, however, the organization proved unable both ideologically and structurally to meet the changing needs and aspirations of thousands of Spanish women. While some had come to see the SF as too radical, for others it was not radical or innovative enough. During the late 18th and early 19th century three schools of physical activity emerged in Europe: the German, Swedish and the British School.

It was less leisurely and was mostly practiced in gymnasiums. German gymnastics was closely associated with the formation of German nationalism. Muth and Jahn developed a system of drills turn , which emphasized the importance of physical strength and the use of different apparatus such as ropes, bars and so forth.

The Swedish school emphasized accuracy and style and called for a high level of discipline and attunement between the individual and the group. Hall p. Mosse ; R. Crego Melnick However, as each of these schools responded to somewhat different concerns in terms of morality and physical health they were soon adapted within different social and ideological contexts. It was only natural, perhaps, that a stronger emphasis was put on the German school, which was highly dominant amongst instructors with prior military background.

In the case of women the Swedish school carried the day. Such rationality is achieved only when physical exercise is executed in order to comply 24 For more on the three schools and their implementation in Europe see: R. Naul, in K. Hardman Agosti, in F. Abandoning such a gift, not taking care of it using the best measures offered to us by science, constitutes ingratitude.

However, the greatest contradiction inherent in its policies surfaced when a woman athlete truly stood out. This process is too limited and centers on institutional and structural aspects. We need to act further on the [ Following the Civil War the demographic perspective gained ground and the entire debate on the issue of physical education was conducted within the limiting boundaries of a deeply Catholic discourse.

By presenting a more youthful and attractive facet of the regime and positioning its members as intermediaries between different female populations as well as public and private institutions, the organization proved its usefulness far beyond that of other organs within the Falange.

What little information can be 33 F. Forging an Organic N ation SIBA 4 49 found has to be gathered from local studies that focus mostly on the experiences of PE instructors and to a lesser degree on those of some practitioners who took part in sporting activities over time. A series of oral interviews that were conducted with 24 women who practiced sports overtime during the years of the dictatorship pointed to the importance of the SF in promoting physical education and in funding installations for the practice of sports.

And obviously physical education classes seemed to us a bit like a boring routine at the time. There were hardly any exercises. But I knew many [female] basketball players and none of them was a tomboy. They were beautiful girls, but people had this concept of women athletes, they did not look on us favorably. She must be clean and look clean.

She must keep her hair short and if she does not she must arrange it in an appropriate manner when teaching. Gimeno Marco, R. Llopis Goig, G. Text not highlighted originally. Following the completion of her training she was assigned to the same school from which she graduated ten years earlier. The headmistress was a young nun and a former classmate of hers.

When at the end of the year she organized a display of her ten-year-old students. One of the exercises included a series of handstands. According to M. At the end of the day she was informed by the headmistress that as impressive as the display was her students would henceforth refrain from performing handstands in public.

This type of work is not the work of the [instructors] but rather of the provincial delegate. It is she who has to approach the headmistress and reach an agreement, without resorting to threats. Interview with the author Madrid, And when I gave a class of gymnastics I had to change in a hurry in whatever corner they set aside for me.

Furthermore, in a society where the majority of women had no access to higher education becoming a PE instructor provided meant that they could go on with their studies. According to Manrique Arribas doing so within the ranks of a political entity such as the SF was looked upon more positively than simply becoming a teacher or bank employee One of her most vivid memories was of the French students: The French girls wore bikinis during swimming classes. During training, when the professor herself was in the pool, they changed to a one-piece bathing suit but as soon as she came out — not when the class was over but when the professor stepped out of the pool — they put their bikinis on again.

Manrique Arribas PE instructors taught girls and young women how to care for their bodies and exercise muscles no one even dared to speak about. As a result a space was created where short and relatively attractive uniforms, collective undressing and showering were considered legi- timate. The fact that we are all women does not mean we should forget our moral obligations Under no conditions must men be allowed into the dressing rooms, even when all players are fully dressed.

The instructors taught several generations of Spanish girls and women born after the Civil War how to nurture and even publicly expose their bodies. Such teachings, anchored as they were in a more open and progressive perceptions of the human body, were not always compatible with the existing moral code. What can I tell you? I had a problem with that.

The SF stressed the importance of maternity, and consequently the need for women to retire from certain spheres of action. At the same time women were encouraged and often forced to take part in an array of projects aimed at national regeneration including re-education and political indoctrination ini- tiatives, demographic campaigns and the equivalent of an obligatory military service for women.

The physical wellbeing of women was tied to the physical and moral wellbeing of the nation itself. During other, less radicalized periods, demographic and moral dictates carried the day. In Spain young women and girls participated in several mass demonstrations throughout and but this type of public exposure was not sustained in later years.

In order to compensate for the lack of funding the organization created a nationwide network of classes and of sporting teams that operated under the most rudimentary conditions. Under these conditions the more open and innovative physical culture promoted by the SF served to differentiate it from other more conservative elements within the regime. In conclusion, much work is still needed in order to assess the impact of physical education policies during the Franco regime on different target populations such as urban and rural school students, workers, university students etc.

While not all of the women who would go on to become PE instructors were necessarily adherents of the regime they willingly became its agents within schools and youth movements. In doing so they taught several generations of girls and young women how to nurture, take pride and even publicly expose their bodies in the only manner considered acceptable in a conservative and a highly chauvinistic society.

Bailey, Richard. Carrero Eras, Luis. Caspistegui Gorasurreta, Francisco Javier. Crego, Robert. Sports and Gam es of the 18 th and 19 th century. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group, De Grazia, Victoria. How Fascism Ruled W om en, Italy Berkeley: California University Press, Hall, Margaret Anne.

Peterborough: University of Toronto Press, Hargreaves, Jennifer. Sport and Modern Social Theorists. London: Palgrave Macmillan, Manrique Arribas, Juan Carlos. Melnick, Samantha. Mosse, George. Naul, Ronald. Essen: Hofmann, Brighton: Sussex University Press, Van Ingen, Cathy. The title of the biography uses the diminutive of his name, Arturito. According to his biographer, Jeroni Bergas, when he died in , he was still Arturito in Spanish popular memory.

Why and how Arturito Pomar never became Arturo are the questions that I ask in this text. Ke y w o rd s : Arturo Pomar, chess, media, Francoist celebrity, nationalism. To write this article I needed to recur to several people who helped me with insights, testimonies and documental support. Poor Spanish mailman. What a shame. Bobby Fischer to Arturo Pomar, According to his biographer, Jeroni Bergas, when he died in at age eighty- one, he was still Arturito in Spanish popular memory 6. The political and ideological myth constructed by totalitarian narratives 2 For a bibliography of the theoretical works and the most representative case studies of this articulation, see Daniel Beck and Louis Bosshart; Alan Bairner, especially chapters one and eight.

In the Hispanic world, both theoretical analyses and case studies are not as abundant as in the Anglo-Saxon, German and French traditions. Another type of work emphasizes the type of society studied rather than the type of sport. A reference in this sense is Bairner and Sugden. There is a great variety of ways in which sport may be linked to nationalism. Most societies have their own peculiar traditions as regards sport and leisure activities….

That is why myth and type are indissociable. Drawing from academic sources and personal experiences, Juan A. Dimos un genio del ajedrez, ya que otras genialidades estaban mal vistas, incluso fusiladas. We gave a genius of chess, since other geniuses were unaccepted, and even shot. Once, Arturito Pomar [now it seems to me that he works in the Postal Service] was in Valladolid playing simultaneously with partners of the casino and local chess players.

I, who did not know anything about chess, got in there in my shorts and dirty knees, because I have always experienced, like the Jews [and I do not think I have anything Jewish, and I am sorry about that], the fascination for the greatest of the land. Arturito Pomar was a little greatness of the burned soil of post-war Spain. For its part, the Francoist regime exploited the chess prodigy for populist and ideological purposes.

After the tournament he disputed simultaneous games that were reported in the press and the NO-DO recurrently. He offered two exhibition games in Madrid and six in Barcelona, with a total result of forty-six victories, twelve draws and four defeats. At his return to Palma de Mallorca, where he lived, he played simultaneously against twelve players in the Passatge Bar, winning eleven games and drawing one.

Later, he went to the Club Ajedrez Mallorca, where he played a double session. Days later, he moved to La Salle College, where he played another session of simultaneous games against a group of twelve teachers and students, winning all. In this tournament his game with Brinkmann ended in a draw after two days and two hours. In London, Arturito was astonished by the amount of bread he could eat — that is, amazed at a country without cartillas de racionam iento, rations, and famine.

From onwards, his popularity declined. In , none of the newspapers mentioned him. Admitiendo la existencia de otra cantidad semejante sin organizar. Por lo tanto, no pasan de Estas cifras se aglomeran, mayormente, en las principales ciudades. Sin que el optimismo nos ciegue sabemos que no pasan de las las personas por cada El milagro ha podido realizarse gracias a dos cosas.

Recently, the Spanish press reported the news of a performance of the chess-child in a Spanish northern town. With the peculiar laconism of this sort of information, the account read: it should be said that, practically, the whole town attended the exhibition.

The case is paradoxical. There are 20, chess players in Spain, and we can admit the existence of another similar quantity not registered in any club. These players are mostly concentrated in the main cities. The miracle was accomplished thanks to two things: the thirteen years of age of the chess player, and the cooperation of the media and propaganda in Spain, which did not spare the highest praise of the child.

The local press followed this scheme. Surely, all of you will have already formed an idea of him through the pictures published in the newspapers. The London tournament consecrated Pomar. Th e Ab a n d o n m e n t o f t h e H e r o Between and , Pomar won several national championships, played tournaments in Latin America, United States and Canada, invited by clubs and individuals.

During the Cold War, chess players competed for primacy on the chessboard, and media reports assumed a simple equivalence: the country that had the best player was also in possession of intellectual supremacy, which exponentially increased its prestige. It is also understandable that the U. S, they were national icons for whom large teams of people worked, with a dedication comparable to that applied to the development of aerospace technology.

He did not have a team with him — trainers and analysts that worked overnight to recommend the best moves the following day in postponed matches. Moreover, far from receiving support, as it had been the case during his infancy, Pomar — son of a working-class family, mailman, and father of seven — had to cover all his expenses during the month-long unpaid leave granted by the government. Additionally, in order to travel, her wife Carmen had to spend family savings, part of which were dedicated to buying a gift for the employee that substituted Pomar while he competed.

In the second half of the tournament, Pomar began losing and conceding draws in favorable positions due to the sleep deprivation caused by his lack of a team. Details about his condition are unknown. He appeared laconic, apathetic, indifferent and phlegmatic.

Regarding his political instrumentalization and sub- sequent abandonment, he sounded resig-ned and submissive. Es deia que ensenyaria a les escoles. Volem que ensenyi escacs? Prefereixen que no ho faci? No es cosa meva decidir-ho. Que faria amb ells? They wanted me to teach chess in schools. Even a minister, named Rubio, approached me to see if I was willing to take responsibility for the organization.

But they were just words. Do you want me to teach? I agree. Do you prefer me not to teach? It is not my business to decide what I do. What would I do with them? You have to accept with resig- nation every mishap of life. But, in exchange of resignation, please satisfy my curiosity.

Why do you want me to go? What happens is that I am going to work in an hour. I classify mail. That entertains me. In my view, Pomar never considered that his illness had a bio-political root, nor did he see himself as a populist tool, because he had fully internalized a separation between existence and desire. Consequently, the question is not why Pomar never complained about the treatment he received when he was no longer a child politically exploitable, but how could he have complained from this ideological standpoint.

People who hated us now understand us thanks to you, because you broke many walls […] Your victories are a legitimate pride for all Spaniards, inside and outside our country. As mentioned at the beginning of this essay, his is a case that retains morphological concomitances with that of the boxer Urtain. The poet Eduardo Scala interviewed Pomar when the player turned 60 years old. He recalled the words of Alexander Kotov, one of the main trainers of the U.

Bebo, libo devocionalmente una copa de Hierbas de Mallorca: Felanitx, la vieja casa del Dr. Tiene en su mesa una torre de sobres que debe introducir en sus casillas correspondientes. Comenzamos el juego. I pilgrim through Las Ramblas towards the great master, the Spanish legend of chess. I prepare the moment in an old cafeteria. I drink, I devotionally imbibe a cup of Majorcan herbs: Felanitx, the old house of Dr.

Arturo Pomar? Enter through the other side of the building. It is a desolate place, with a Kafkaesque, procedural atmosphere. He offers me his distant, languid hand. Over his table lies a tower of envelopes that must enter into their corresponding boxes. He kindly invites me to sit on his work stool; he prefers to stand, as if he was playing a simultaneous game with me.

He seems to enjoy a certain stillness of spirit; however, he lights one cigarette after another, while he looks at me with his best eye. He is Job — the Job at the end of the Book; I tell him; he knows. We start the game; El Mundo Deportivo, 19 Mayo , p. Im perio 29 Sept.

La Vanguardia, 9 Feb. Im perio, 31 Ag. Acceso 18 jul. Hoja Ofi cial de los lunes, 25 Oct. Madrid, La Vanguardia, 16 nov. ABC, 9 feb , p. ABC, 27 Oct. Im perio. Boyero, Javier. Marca, 21 Dic , p. Castro, C. ABC Sevilla 19 Feb , p. Triunfo, 15 sept. Im perio 25, Sept. Lamarca, R. Per- sonal e-mail. Madrid: Dossat, Entrevista con Llorenc Capella. La Vanguardia. Romeo, Carmen. Mensaje al autor. Umbral, Francisco.

La Vanguardia 19 Oct , p. New s Chronicle. Vosser, H. New York Tim es 3 Feb. Se co n d ary So u rce s Bairner, Alan. Beck, Daniel and Bosshart, Louis. Com m unication Research Trends vol 22, no. Bergas, Jeroni. Crolley, Liz, and Duke, Vic. Football, Nationality , and the State. Harlow: Longman. Fusi, Juan P. Franco, autoritarism o y poder personal. Madrid: Suma de Letras, Ganzo, Julio and Fuentes, Juan M. Johnson, Daniel. Arturo Pom ar. Una vida dedicada al ajedrez.

Badalona: Paidotribo. Ochoa, J. En Bergas, J. Madrid: Ediciones Rialp, Sugden, John and Tomlinson, Alan Eds. Scala, Eduardo. El Juzgador de Ajedrez. Madrid: Ardora, Shaw, Duncan. Badalona: Paidotribo, Madrid: Biblioteca Nueva, Populism o.

Madrid: La huerta grande, This hypothesis makes it possible to expect a connection between the political orientations that have traditionally characterized FC Barcelona, Athletic de Bilbao, and Real Madrid and the main traits of the political culture of their fans. The study is empirically supported by the data from a survey carried out in by the Centre for Sociological Research CIS, The results show a high convergence between the political and ideological aspects associated with these three clubs and the political culture of their respective fans.

They results also show, however, the need to reject an excessively homogeneous and unitary view of the followers of these clubs because, in all three cases, relevant percentages of fans were found to be in ambivalent positions or diametrically opposed to what would be expected according to the political-identity isomorphism hypothesis.

Ke y w o rd s : Football, politics, Spain, sociology of sport. In tro d u ctio n Football was brought to Spain at the end of the 19th century, follo- wing the trajectory of British economic expansion. In the last decade of the 19th century, football began to be played in Bilbao and San Sebastian.

In this context, big clubs, which still exist today, were established through a joint effort between Spaniards and foreigners: Athletic de Bilbao in , FC Barcelona in , and Real Madrid in To a large degree, part of the rise of football was based on the pro- gressive adoption of regional and socio-political symbolism by the clubs. The clubs became identitary referents for a society that saw them as a way to express their feelings of belonging to a community. However, the high level of symbolism acquired by the clubs provided the matches with a seriousness and sense of transcendence that were previously unimaginable Llopis-Goig Currently, neither time nor the enormous social and economic trans- formations that have affected the world of football seem to have eli- minated the regional symbolism or political connotations associated with clubs such as FC Barcelona, Athletic de Bilbao, and Real Madrid.

This seems obvious if we focus on the declarations of some of the mana- gers and the images and messages circulating about them in the media, social networks, and numerous sport and informative publications. However, can the same thing be said about the fans and people who identify with each of these football clubs?

Are they characterized by political and identitary orientations that agree with those traditionally attributed to the clubs? In other words, is there political-identity iso- morphism between the football clubs and their fans? It analyses the degree to which the political orientations of the fans are related to those that have traditionally been projected by or attributed to their clubs. To do so, it is necessary to trace the links these clubs have historically shown with the political sphere and analyse, based on the data from a representative statistical survey of the adult Spanish population, the main opinions and political attitudes of their fans.

Therefore, the study has both a historical and a quantitative- sociological purpose, although the latter is its main objective. This ob- jective has not been addressed by any other previous study. FC Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao are second and fourth, respecti- vely, in this regard, representing Thus, these three clubs make up When talking about political culture, three elements are used that largely synthesize its main dimensions in Spanish society Botella : national identity degree to which the population feels Spanish or from the region to which they belong , preferred type of state, in terms of the degree of territorial decentralization considered appropriate for Spain, and ideological orientation self-positioning on the left-right axis.

This survey was carried out from the second to the twelfth of June in towns from 46 provinces in Spain. During the survey, people of both sexes over the age of 18 were interviewed in their homes. The article is made up of four sections.

From its origins, the image of Athletic de Bilbao was based on the idea of a club that represented the city and its surrounding area. Not in vain, from its foundation in , the club had managers and players linked to the Basque Nationalist Party PNV. Later, when the Basque country had been invaded by the na- cionales rebel military , the team moved to Mexico where it played in the National League before dissolving Shaw Furthermore, in the s and s, many Basques frequently expressed both Spanish and Basque identities with no apparent problems, as demonstrated by the acceptance of the Spanish national team in various Basque cities during that time Quiroga With these identity characteristics, it is not surprising that matches between these two teams have been real local battles since the beginning of the 20th century.

Nonetheless, the greatest clashes were produced by the centralist bias of some po- litical decisions and policies. The symbolism of FC Barcelona increa- sed during the dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera, who came to power in , marking the beginning of a military dictatorship that would foreshadow the later Francoist period.

Primo de Rivera eliminated Catalan from the public sphere and prohibited the seny era. The persecution of Catalan symbols by the Primo de Rivera regime clashed with the social reality of an entity that found itself in a golden age Pujadas and Santacana , After the fall of Primo de Rivera, FC Barcelona supported the campaign in favour of the Catalan autonomy statute and maintained its link to the Catalan movement during the Second Republic Quiroga At the beginning of the Civil War, the president of FC Barcelona and deputy in the Spanish Courts for Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya the Republican Left of Catalonia , Josep Sunyol, was shot by a group of Francoists after the vehicle he was traveling in entered an enemy zone by mistake.

This assassination caused great upheaval in Catalonia. Sport was subordinated to the state and impregnated with fascist terminology. Consequently, Franco neutralized any institutions that could have a separatist motivation. During the s and s, football clubs — including Athletic de Bilbao and FC Barcelona — were directed by Falangists or local business owners who had declared their loyalty to the Caudillo at the end of the Civil War.

The managers and members who led the football clubs in the s and s were less tolerant of the centralist arrogance and anti-democratic authoritarianism of the regime, and they were closer to the political and cultural opposition movements that began to develop in regions like Catalonia and the Basque Country.

FC Barcelona, mostly made up of local footballers until the s, started to contract foreign players as a way to assert its rivalry with Real Madrid. The s and s saw the transformation of FC Barcelona into the true catalyst of the nationalistic aspirations of the Catalans. The Franco regime did not mind that football could serve as a scenario for expressing regional tensions.

With the advent of democracy, FC Barcelona increased its catala- nising function. Two days later, the celebrations of the European Recopa, won by the club in Basel, turned into a political demonstration demanding an autonomy statute for Catalonia. His successor, Joan Gaspar president from did not hide his political incli- nations toward the main right-wing Spanish party, the Partido Popular PP Quiroga However, things took on a different tone with the arrival of Joan Laporta to the FC Barcelona presidency in June This young lawyer — who had the support of Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya ERC and certain sectors of the Catalan right — developed a discourse with strong independence connotations, in which the Catalan nation appeared as a victim of a prolonged injustice perpetrated by a Spanish state that continued to asphyxiate Catalonia and impede its progress.

In addition, the evolution of the political situation, with a majority of deputies in the Catalan Parliament currently favouring the creation of an indepen- dent Catalan state, has been a determining factor in the direction taken by the club. The support for nationalism also grew in the Basque country du- ring late Francoism. In addition to supporting the Basque autonomy and the spread of Euskera, Athletic de Bilbao developed a home-grown sport policy — based on hiring only Basque and Navarran players — which made it an important emblem of Basque nationalism.

In any case, Athletic de Bilbao continued to be a symbol for all Bilbaoans, regardless of their degree of support for Basque nationalism. All of this establishes a clearly different political situation from what is present today in Catalonia.

In relation to national identity, there is a fourth indicator related to the degree of pride experienced every time the Spanish national team performs well in a sport championship pride in the national team. Next, a comparative analysis is presented of these indicators for the fans of FC Barcelona, Athletic de Bilbao, and Real Madrid, that is, the population over 18 years old that self-identify with these football clubs on the survey.

It is important to keep in mind that, according to the survey on which the study is based, The data represented in table 1 show that a majority of the fans of the three clubs feel equally as Spanish as belonging to the region where they live. In the case of FC Barcelona, The exclusive feeling of being Spanish is clearly higher among the fans living in Spain than among those living in Catalonia In any case, those who feel exclusively or more from the region make up Among the fans of Athletic de Bilbao all over Spain, the majority feel just as Spanish as they do from the region In the Basque Country, the number of fans who feel more attached to their region is higher than those who feel more Spanish, and along with those who only feel tied to the region, represent In any case, the results also show that being a fan of Athletic de Bilbao is not incompatible with feelings of being Spanish: The national identity of Real Madrid fans is quite different from those of these two clubs.

In fact, Likewise, There is, then, a predominance of a dual identity and, above all, a percentage of Spanishness that was not as high in FC Barcelona and Athletic de Bilbao fans. As the data from table 2 show, the majority of the fans of the three clubs have feelings of pride very and strongly proud , although they are much higher in Real Madrid fans, and they obtain the lowest scores among the fans of Athletic de Bilbao. However, in both cases, a majority state that they are proud of the successes of the Spanish national team: As table 2 shows, the proud fans make up By contrast, the percentage who state they are not very or not at all proud is reduced to 4.

Pre fe re n ce s Re late d to th e Te rrito rial Organ izatio n o f th e State After examining the differences related to identitary feelings, this section is dedicated to the analysis of the preferences related to the terri- torial organization of the state. The data that appear in table 3 show the existence of important differences among the fans of the three football clubs.

The Real Madrid fans in the region of Madrid were mainly in favour of a state with one central government with no autonomy for the regions Next, The fans of Real Madrid in Spain overall are slightly more in favour of the current system The situation is quite different among the fans of Athletic de Bilbao. Its fans — both in Spain and in the Basque Country — are equally in favour of maintaining the state as it is currently set up However, the other preferences move toward wanting greater autonomy for the regions Finally, among the fans of FC Barcelona, a clear demand for greater regional autonomy is detected.

This is followed by a state where the regions have greater autonomy than they have now, with Thus, In the case of Athletic de Bilbao, these two positions are held by Finally, the Madrid fans feel inclined toward a state with a degree of territorial decentralization like the current one or much less, but they also support positions that demand greater autonomy for the regions — 7.

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While AOL Desktop offers features the average user would expect, some of them, such as integrating other web browsers, are unfortunately not as useful as promised. Similar software shotts: AOL Desktop 1. By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this.

CONS Not a backup app; you must use someone else's server to store your files. Even if encrypted, the files must be transmitted over the internet, which could raise privacy issues. Download it from the App Store here. If you are still having issues, try uninstalling the app and reinstalling it.

We are in the. The problem was that I could not find the button for doing so. Why is it free? Dedicated developers often offer free applications in the hope that users will generate an income by donating to them. You won't find anything like that on HomeAccounts, it is all on you to support them. Golden oak set 1 is a good quality set of icons. Although a large amount of icons, the 16x16, 16x18, 18x18, 20x20, 20x22 and 24x24 icons in the collection are exceptionally high quality.

It allows you to quickly recreate and repair system restore points for the platform. However, we noticed a couple of issues with this application. Some of them are related to the lack of feedback when trying to repair the System Restore feature, while others lie in the fact that the tool is not totally self-explaining. Quick System Restore - Is it legit? The good news is that the tool can be loaded with the help of the executable, even without any reinstallation.

Another good thing. Place your cursor on top of the picture to make the pic more visible. A new screenshot every few seconds, a very nice experience to produce. Any software author, developer, beta tester or just a good friend would appreciate a Thumbs Up :D - if you know this service, please use it. With Aspose. OCR, you can use the Text Analysis feature to extract words from the image file.

Once you have the words in the file, you can easily perform various operations on the resulting set of strings, including sorting them, removing duplicates, and collapsing repeated words into a single token. One of the more useful and popular operations is named-entity recognition. With this feature, you can find, tag, and recognize company names and similar entities in text. For more information about it, go to If you like our software, then please, rate the application.

This will be the way to feed us with. You will have to test each filter manually. Fullscreen mode requires the use of a free add-on for your browser. Actions for managing your subscriptions at your choice. Play anything you know about. Links to various widgets, which are tiny little applications that run on your computer desktop, reflecting the activities of the player itself.

Listen to podcasts you subscribe to on Apple's. With this program, users will be able to configure their router and connect up to 6 Wi-Fi enabled devices at the same time. They have to select the router model and brand and then they will find out the right tool to set up their Asus router..

Its not sedating for me at all. The saturate option has some problems themselves that the user would need to decide to sort them out once they know it works. One of them is the fact that the alpha channel is meant to work similarly to the chroma channels. PictureGirdle is freeware, light-weight and quite easy to use, which means that it's perfect for home users.

In addition, the design is clean, professional and intuitive, so it's ready for personal and small business use, and also ideal for amateur photographers. The product is provided on the operating system platform Windows 7 or above. Get the best rated data recovery software! It goes without saying that the installation and usage of a emulator has a similar character to that of a printer emulator that also does not require specific programming skills.

In the s, we reported a number of free emulation projects on our blog. It can also make screenshot of current selection. It is designed to be simple and looks professional, but has tons of features. Besides, it has built-in integration with FileManager. With help of FileManager you can browse all system files and folders. There are many different stutter patterns that this plugin can create.

And they all come in different stock sounds. Look for the video clip to see all the different stutter sounds that Simple Stutter Pro has to offer. So, it will decay slowly, and slowly come back. This plugin is. Free from viruses and malware Software, such as viruses, malware and spyware, are programs that can potentially harm your computer, your privacy and your data.

All these programs can use your resources processor, memory, disk space, for example and slow your computer down, depending on what they do on your computer. Easy to use The use of a password recovery tool should be simple, painless and quick.

Should you use. The unique feature of this pack is that you can install it as you would any standard Windows icon pack. No need to install some awkward add-on, or use some third-party application to make icons and images install. Add your favorite cover or profile into this set, your phone will be fit to work with others, in perfect aesthetics of the time your phone was made for.

Installation features ThemePal is packed with various useful features for your icon support.. You may customize the file before exporting it, setting up and including samples as well as adjusting the amplitude, frequency and duration of the sound. You may drag the created files into audio-editing software like Winamp, Windows Media Player, the Audio Recorder and other similar programs.

The feed used to determine it's date and the position of a single earth. The tracking of a potentially umimplemented moon are features that will have a heavy dose of optimization and a library of js functions such as 'getValue','setUser', and. Simplify the settings using hyperbolic tangents automatically calibrated for your molecule that let you toggle all kinds of features without going through menus. Expand your file in a matter of seconds instead of spending hours waiting for compile.

The problem is tackled here, you have no reason not to try it. Flat flat flat! If you're looking for an app to organize your books and you likely have your tons then The Flat Book may be your best bet! Put books in your flat provided bookshelves and talk on the phone, text, write up some papers and organize them! You are able to set a build number, a date and the release password, a license version and hidden files removal.

Moreover, the program includes an option for handling the version validation, which lets you increment the version number manually by combining various individual numbers and strings. Take advantage of sub-folders support in Inno Setup. By downloading this software, you will be able to use over professional audio tools, to mix and edit your offline and online webvideos. You can slide to the right or to the left and also drag out certain toolbars to modify their location, change colors, and more.

FlashPoint is a Java and an ActionScript tool which allows you to create CRUD and communication applications easily by utilizing a graphical interface. You are able to employ FlashPoint programs in order to construct Facebook applications, mobile apps or games. If you want to use the abilities of FlashPoint in order to. An active camera helps you along the road and gives you better navigation. We can best recommend this application for all those who are looking for a fast way to categorize their files.

It might be a bit repetitive, but it still works. System requirements Remote Administrator Control Server features the following requirements: Client version Remote Administrator Control Client is a professional solution that allows you to manage all the remote computers in your network from the comfort of your company desktop.

The program. You cannot pin the tool as it runs in the system tray upon every Windows startup and we can only recommend closing the window after using the application, in order to stop the notifications. It will. Electrophotographic imaging members are used in electrostatographic imaging systems, such as, for example, copiers or printers, for imaging purposes. Thus, a typical electrostatographic imaging system includes a support member and at least one electrophotographic imaging member.

Still, it offers all of the required features for a fast and reliable operation. This is an excellent choice for your kind of writing and our best tool to make the document of your dream. The software program converted approximately 70 photos in different formats. Although PhotoForge is hardly ever used by professional photographers, it can be handled with ease, if this is your first time to use it.

When it comes to more advanced digital photo editing, give Lightroom a try. With a slightly complex system, full of features, you are likely to. The program has an easy to use interface. The user needs to choose the source file and the format of the final result. This application does not require installation. We have been able to run the tool from a USB flash disk on two different Windows 7 computers. The software is simple, easy to use and has a small footprint.

When activated, the Presets give you the ability to quickly change the white balance, contrast, saturation, sharpening, etc. In addition to the actual presets, this suite also includes a Bonus Preset that allows you to quickly adjust various filter effects among a collection of preset options. If you. Partners Find A Property Manager! The EffectiveReal Estate Investor. Guaranteed to make them run faster and look great. It's the OS and some apps that know what they are doing.

That said, an overloaded OS can affect how well apps execute. Did you know that you can get the Mac App Store faster? There is a real sense of the past in the 3D form. If you are looking for a very powerful tool to calculate, convert and measure everything, then you would surely discover Convert.

This is an easy to use unit conversion application with a very neat interface, a tabbed display and a good input-output format. As the name suggests, the main function of this tool is to allow users to convert units. A private desktop is just a window on a Windows session. You can use it to get extra workstations such as Office. This is the only form of virtualization available for Windows Vista.

It works in a very similar way to Windows XP virtual machine technology, but you are not running Windows inside another OS so there. By default all we have here are workgroup shares. This utility can be used to view or change your PowerShell certificate settings self-signed, enterprise certificate, or public certificate and IIS certificate settings. To configure the widget double click on it. You can drag this widget to change the position. Note: To remove this widget double click on it.

To add these cute little minifigs as a splash screen, just drag them in from the download bar and drop them in your application. I use them in a couple situations, my custom context menu plugin uses them, and I also have a couple background pngs that I made with them. Compatible with OS X Then click on "Get Windows Widgets" and select "Get. We have previously published a short blog post about the new DOM access method they introduced: nodel.

It was a small improvement of the tedious process of manually creating an empty tree to fill with a variable number of DOM elements. The new method automatically generates such a tree as you add the elements, and. Even for a bit dated, the images are nice and well-presented and the idea behind the app is solid, therefore giving an overall holiday feeling, even during the darkest days of winter.

The screen only stutters a little bit during transitions, but it's much better than some screensaver that will cause your entire system to crash. It should help you draft a lot faster. I used to smoke. It's not a habit I've really gotten over.

A coworker said I should, that it might help weight loss. I said "no way. I smoked for a year. I'm still here, by the way. It can discover and track any Bluetooth device and display key information about each device being detected. Moreover, BlueSearch allows you to send and receive any file format with any Bluetooth enabled detected device.

M4A Audio Converter is here to meet your needs. This program does not work on devices that do not support Bluetooth connection. Compatibility and compatibility with prior device. The supplied version does not work on devices that are not the most up-to-date which can be obtained from Support-Canon Imported. This product has been imported and can only be used within Indonesia. It also allows you to capture an image from videos and also change the brightness and contrast of the output image.

Overall, this is a beginner-friendly icon extractor that can save, on Windows, either a single file of a certain type or multiple icon files. Icons are an integral part of every site's interface and component. They allow users to identify the type of page they are viewing while they are navigating and using different applications, but not everyone knows how to extract them.

This is where Sofonesia Icon Extractor steps in and helps users save icons with no hassle. After making your preferences and selecting the files format you prefer to work with, the browser automatically opens these files and has a built-in preview or annotation tool at your disposal. Besides, it can open new files directly in your default browser using a dedicated button.

The user interface is clean and simple, and thanks to its step-by-step approach, the entire process seems nothing but a piece of cake. Firstly, you may select. Full version of ActualDoc is a professional all-in-one solution for daily use. It offers content files, history and e-mail storage. Editor allows you to create and edit one, multiple documents and to perform searching and text editing. Standard version of ActualDoc Standard is its text editor, visualization of documents and files as well as the quick way to prepare and edit simple forms.

PenReader includes regular mode handwriting recognition recognition of one character at a time and continuous mode handwriting recognition recognition of sample words rather than single character at a time There is an option allowing handwriting detection. Text written in special mode can be recognized letter-by-letter or cursively. All parameters such as font, size, location can be adjusted on fly. Most wanted features: - PenReader allows to switch cursive and regular handwriting mode in.

However, like many tools of its kind, its main issue lies in the fact that it lacks in customization options, in an interactive manner. A simple way to optimize your operation and dramatically cut down on the time spent merging your presentations is to use the program, resulting in saving you many hours and making the process easier than ever. Since the application has a graphical interface, it is simply easier to access.

However, if you prefer to work through the command line it has that covered too. You can split your task in numerous subtasks, you can use enums or complex types. Q: Trouble Combing Input Fields I am trying to create a form on my front end and am having some trouble combining the fields into one field.

Viewing information regarding the progress of any section is often useful for ensuring that the structure of your components are being laid properly. It could be used in a factory to keep to your budget, where no matter how busy you are, if you could locate and be informed on what is going on, you would be able to keep track of the critical goods. Like most web hosts, hill hosts provides a full panel of tools with which to administer your server.

OCS installer, a powerful system monitoring and alarm manager and a comprehensive set of developer tools. Still, the task functionality is there for you to fully benefit from it. The library is not a spreadsheet editor, nor does it require you to install Microsoft Office, so depending on how reliant you are. I was disappointed when I found a few RSS apps for the phone that can't be used as a real to-do organizer as described above.

So far, I have only found one newsreader that. BatteryCare Portable - A battery doctor in a bottle It can be an expensive lesson to learn, but it takes an expensive lesson to learn. But life takes lessons. Among them is the one about using your laptop in a state It can be an expensive lesson to learn, but it takes an expensive lesson to learn. Among them is the one about using your laptop in a state of no joy. Calve, you have a USB port;. We'd recommend it to anyone who wants a lightweight solution.

If you're a beginner, however, you can't use it for testing the same app with different systems since it doesn't have a setup wizard. We'd recommend getting the free variant if you're a newbie. This professional animated HD wallpaper features an animated lightning speed transition between different pictures to show the beauty of a snowy scene.

Winter Rainbow Animated Wallpaper is an animated background for your desktop for your computer or laptop. Featuring plants, trees, and rolling mountain landscapes drenched in rainbows, from time to time you will spot a rainbow! Seasonal but wonderful, we have a rainbow for you.

Try this wallpaper. Note that Save button displays the localization of your system, since it is, in fact, a portable solution and it might not output this information on some systems. Conclusion This program offers you the possibility to change path to a variety of different shell folders on your computer in a simple manner without using a graphical interface. If you are comfortable with the CLI, then you might consider using this tool. Otherwise, you may want to try the interface offered by this software.

Notice that the. Oracle Security Check can also import a list of usernames and passwords from an external source such as text file, database or an Oracle roles and privileges script. How do you avoid forgetting the photo you took on vacation? Forgetting a photo can happen to anyone, in any situation. And, the cost of needing to retake pictures is not cheap. But there are photo reminders you can use to help you remember to take pictures.

Below are a few suggestions that might work for you. Take a picture of your phone. Turn it into a memory bracelet. The letters and numerals that make up this font are so trendy that the font looks equally suited for personal use or for your letterhead. To install it, you can simply right-click the file and click Install. Alternately, you can install a font by dragging it into the Fonts folder you will find in the Control Panel page.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary, it may be assumed that [his] decisions are wise and correct. Likewise, it may be assumed that his decisions are free of racial bias. Perryman, So. Transcript for Student Sues Penn State Over Alleged Sex Assault We begin with this developing story right there on the ground where students are storming into the university's campus police building.

An all-night vigil taking place right now. This student is filing a lawsuit against the paspens for allegedly using her to cover up the alleged sex assault -- a day after she says police kicked her out of a. Crime scene.

Pausing now for that -- and they're now -- Casey. Music is an important thing in life.

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